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Handle PDF Tasks with the Free Generative AI-Powered PDF Editor

Streamline PDF Workflow with the Free Generative AI PDF Tool

Integrated with artificial intelligence technology, PDFgear has evolved into the best free AI PDF editor. Whether you read, convert, or edit PDF files, simply send your needs, PDFgear will complete the rest.

A Free AI PDF Summarizer

PDFgear can quickly analyze and extract important sentences, key phrases, or significant sections from PDF files. 

One of its significant features is to sophisticatedly generate concise summaries that capture the essence of your PDF documents.

Smartly Proofread PDF Content

Nice content generating is made easy as PDFgear now supports proofreading your PDF files with the AI assistant's help.

Grammar issues or typos are avoided as revising features are working as well.

Translate the PDF Content

Powered by GPT 3.5, PDFgear, the AI PDF editor can translate the PDF file content into any language you need.

You can also chat with your PDF file in any language.

The Very First PDF Copilot

PDFgear allows you to chat with your PDF files in natural language.

Anything you need to convert PDF, compress it, or delete pages can be done efficiently via a simple conversation.

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Text Rewrite Made Easy

Automatically rephrases or rewrites PDF text while preserving its original formatting.

PDFgear makes it handy when you need to express ideas in different ways or improve the clarity of your content.

Edit PDF Text Like in Word

PDFgear, as the best free AI PDF editing software, supports changing and deleting text in PDF files in the way you were in Microsoft Word files.

With the power of AI, PDFgear has made the editing feature more powerful.

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PDFgear AI PDF Editor Video Tutorial

Learn the detailed steps to summarize, rewrite, proofread, and revise your PDF files with PDFgear AI PDF editor for free. No sign-up, no ads, or watermark at all.

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Your Questions
Are All Covered

Your Questions Are All Covered

Is PDF AI free?

PDFgear is a free AI PDF editor for all to use. There is purchase-in-app or any annoying ads in PDFgear software.

What is the AI tool for editing PDF files?

The AI tool for editing PDF files is an AI PDF editor that can make PDF documents much more efficient with the help of an AI assistant. PDFgear is one of the best free AI PDF editors on macOS and Windows.

Can AI edit a PDF?

No, AI can’t edit PDFs as AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. However, with the integration with AI, PDFgear could make PDF presentations, contracts, reports, or proposals, easier and more efficient.

How can I edit a PDF file for free?

Download PDFgear Desktop software, and install it on your computer. Open any PDF file via PDFgear, you can edit a PDF file for free. Chat with your PDF file to make the PDF work much easier than before.

Why PDFgear is free?

Unlike the premium PDF software, Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, PDFexpert, etc., we PDFgear team is trying to make a good but not expensive PDF tool for all, especially students and low-income groups.

So far, PDFgear is free to use just because we want to earn more users who would appreciate the work we are doing and accept that PDFgear is one of the best PDF editors and readers.

Enjoy your PDF work with our free AI PDF editor, PDFgear.