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Handle PDF tasks with the free generative AI-powered PDF editor

free ai pdf editor

Streamline PDF Workflow with the Free AI-enabled PDF Editor

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, PDFgear elevates your experience as the best free AI PDF editor.
Whether you read, convert, or edit PDF files, simply text your requirements and PDFgear will effortlessly handle the rest.

A Free AI PDF Summarizer

PDFgear expertly extracts crucial sentences, key phrases and significant sections from PDFs.

It's distinctive for efficiently creating concise summaries that highlight the essence of your PDF documents.

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pdf editor ai
ai pdf editor free
Smart PDF Proofreader

PDFgear, now enhanced with an AI-powered proofreading assistant, simplifies the creation of excellent content and superior school assignments.

Our robust revision features effectively guard against unoptimized phrasing, grammatical errors, and typos, ensuring your work always stands out in quality.

Translate PDF Content

Powered by chatGPT, PDFgear, the AI PDF editor can translate the PDF file content into any language you need. You can also chat with your PDF file in any language.

You can also chat with your PDF file in any language.

pdf editor ai free
edit pdf ai
The Very First PDF Copilot

Inspired by Microsoft, PDFgear now lets you interact with PDF files using natural language, bypassing the need for software UI.

Whether you need to convert, compress, or delete pages from PDF, they can be done efficiently via a simple conversation.

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Handy Text Rewriter

Harnessing the power of AI, PDFgear refines PDF text, subtly tweaking the wording while keeping the tone and essence of the content.

Your PDFs will be more engaging, informative, and reader-friendly.

pdf edit ai
pdf ai editor
Edit PDF Text Like in Word

PDFgear, as the best free AI PDF editing software, supports changing and deleting text in PDF files in the way you were in Microsoft Word files.

With the power of AI, PDFgear has made the editing feature more powerful.

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 PDFgear AI Video Tutorial

Discover how to summarize, translate, rewrite, analyze data, and proofread PDF files with PDFgear for free. Enjoy these features with no sign-up, ads, or watermarks to interrupt your experience.

ai pdf editor

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Your Questions
Are All Covered

Your Questions Are All Covered

Is PDFgear AI free?

PDFgear AI is free for everyone to use in the current stage. With no in-app purchases or intrusive ads, PDFgear provides a seamless user experience.

Can AI edit a PDF?

While AI itself can't directly edit PDFs as it simulates human intelligence processes through machines, its integration into PDFgear revolutionizes the way we handle PDF presentations, contracts, reports, or proposals, making these tasks easier and more efficient.

How to edit a PDF for free?

Download and install PDFgear Desktop software on your computer. Open any PDF file using PDFgear and you can edit it for free. Giving commands to PDFgear AI to unlock a smoother workflow and interact with your PDF file.

Why PDFgear is free?

Distinct from premium PDF software, PDFgear aims to provide an exceptional yet affordable solution to make PDF processing accessible to everyone.

Currently, offering PDFgear for free enables us to gather valuable feedback from a wider user base, contributing to the growth and improvement of PDFgear.

Experience a smoother PDF workflow with PDFgear, our free AI PDF editor.