How to Use ChatTGPT/GPT-4o to Analyze a PDF

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How to Boost Your PDF Reading Productivity with ChatGPT: Follow the steps below to quickly utilize the latest GPT-4 for PDF file analysis. Additionally, explore PDFgear, a free ChatGPT-powered PDF analyzer, as the best alternative!

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Use GPT-4o to Analyze a PDF

Use GPT-4o to Analyze a PDF

Ever since the launch of GPT-4 in 2023, users have been able to upload and ask ChatGPT to read and summarize their PDF files. But with the rollout of the GPT-4o model, what improvements can ChatGPT offer?

With faster response and better integration with text, audio, and vision in real-time, the GPT-4o is indeed the newest and most advanced model of ChatGPT.

Whether you’re using the GPT-4o or not, one thing is sure – users can benefit more from this upgrade. More interesting and inspirational will be given by this AI PDF analyzer to help you understand the PDF books, research, and reports.

Let’s see how to use the more “human-like” ChatGPT to analyze a PDF.

How to Analyze a PDF with the Most Advanced Model – GPT-4o

So far, GPT-4o is only available for Plus and Team users. To take advantage of the newest model, you need to upgrade to Plus. If you are already a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can now switch to the 4o model in the chatting interface.

Step 1. Upload a PDF to GPT-4o

In the GPT-4o chatting interface, locate and click/tap the paperclip icon on the bottom of the page / the file fold icon on the ChatGPT app on iPhone. Then choose the PDF files to add.

Upload a PDF to GPT-4o

Upload a PDF to GPT-4o

Step 2. Insert Prompt to Ask GPT-4o to Read PDF

Now, you can type a prompt or use Voice Mode to talk and ask GPT-4o to analyze the uploaded PDF.

Normally, the prompts you give should be well-crafted and specific. Otherwise, it may lead to an inaccurate result.

Here’s an example of clear prompt creation “I’m going to write a review of this PDF. You need to analyze it from the aspects of language style, logic, arguments, and sentiment, the analysis should be within 200 words”

Analyze a PDF File in GPT-4o

Analyze a PDF File in GPT-4o

Step 3. Review the Response

GPT-4o will soon generate an answer for you in text or voice. It is still crucial to check if the response meets your requirements. If not, you can ask for re-generation of the answer.

Regarding response speed and file type compatibility, GPT-4o is undoubtedly a breakthrough in AI technology. However, is the $20 per month subscription really worth it for PDF analysis? Is there a more cost-effective option available now? PDFgear is the answer.

How to Analyze a PDF with PDFgear – the Best ChatGPT Alternative

For some users, ChatGPT-3.5 may be sufficient for PDF reading. The only problem is that they have to copy and paste the lengthy PDF text. Fortunately, the AI-powered PDF analyzer PDFgear complements this well.

It is integrated with ChatGPT-3.5 and allows you to chat with your PDF for free. Whether for PDF summarization or PDF translation, all is done with a few steps:

Step 1. Get PDFgear

Download and install PDFgear on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. It is lightweight software with no sign-up or credit card requirement.

Step 2. Open and Analyze a PDF in PDFgear

Click “Open File” to select and upload a PDF to PDFgear. Then, in the file viewing window, navigate the little robot icon to launch PDFgear Copilot.

Type your prompt in the chatbox for PDF analysis and click “Send.” The response in natural language is generated efficiently.

Except for the AI file analysis function. PDFgear also allows you to create annotations, edit text and images, and make interactive PDFs, which can not be achieved in ChatGPT.

Analyze a PDF with PDFgear Copilot

Analyze a PDF with PDFgear Copilot


Can GPT4 read PDFs?

Yes, GPT-4 can read PDFs analyzing the files you upload to it. Simply click the paperclip icon in GPT-4 and choose the PDF from your device to add. Then, you can ask it to read the PDF.

Is it possible for ChatGPT to extract specific information from a PDF?

Yes, ChatGPT can extract specific information from a PDF. To achieve it, you need to upload the PDF file to GPT-4 or GPT-4o model, and send a prompt for information extraction.

Can ChatGPT compare two PDF documents?

Yes, GPT-4 and GPT-4o can compare two PDF documents. You can do this by uploading both PDF files to either of these models and sending a prompt to compare the files

Does ChatGPT support analyzing images within PDFs?

The newest GPT-4o model support analyzing images within PDFs. You can upload the PDF to GPT-4 and require it to analyze the images in by sending a prompt.


ChatGPT Plus users can now analyze PDFs with GPT-4o’s advanced capabilities and faster response times. As a free and effective alternative, the ChatGPT-3.5-powered PDFgear allows you to view, read, annotate, and create interactive PDFs.

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