10 Accurate Translators to Translate Norwegian PDFs to English

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We reviewed 10 quick and accurate Norwegian-to-English translators in this post. Pick the one for you!

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10 Accurate Translators to Translate Norwegian PDFs to English

10 Accurate Translators to Translate Norwegian PDFs to English

Doing business with Norwegians, or studying Norwegian often demands translating contracts, research papers, or textbooks in PDF from Norwegian to English. In such cases, an efficient and accurate translator is essential.

To have an accurate one, however, becomes challenging since there are numerous automated Norwegian-to-English PDF translation services available.

No need to bother, as we have listed the 10 most accurate Norwegian-to-English PDF translators for you. Languages, sign-up requirements, and pricing are regarded to help you make the best choice!

Comparison Table of the Top 5 PDF Translators

Name Pricing Supported Language Sign-up Requirement
PDFgear Free 95+ No sign-up
DeepL Translate Free/


30+ Sign-up required
Google Translate Free 130 Start without sign-up
Google Docs Free/ 100+ Login required
DocTranslator Free /
100+ Login required


PDFgear is a free, no-sign-up PDF translator with comprehensive PDF features. The standout feature of this software is its integration with GPT-3.5, which supports at least 95 languages and enables you to translate accurately the content into English.

So how does PDFgear translate PDF content? Simply enter your demands in the PDFgear Copilot chatbox, such as “translate this PDF to English”, and get the result in a blink.

Besides text-based PDFs, PDFgear can handle scanned PDFs with OCR. This feature will simply grab text from your file for editing or translation.

Translate PDF in PDFgear

Translate PDF in PDFgear

DeepL Translate

Advertised as The world’s most accurate translator, DeepL Translate has gained many users. The new neural networks enhance DeepL in capturing intricate details or nuances when translating Norwegian to English and providing natural translation.

Both the DeepL web translator and desktop software are suitable for translating Norwegian PDFs to English. The software is cross-platform, making it more accessible for file translation.

Well, DeepL Translate also provides some extra features to get PPT or Doc translated. However, to start with its web translator, it requires sign-in and subscription for file size exceeding 5MB, or non-editable file translations more than 3 times per month.

Upload PDF to DeepL

Upload PDF to DeepL

Google Translate

Google Translate, the most widely used machine translation service by Google, supports over 130 languages. It is a free and powerful translator for everyone to translate PDF files.

The Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) enhances translation quality. Some users comment that it offers fairly accurate translation but still depends highly on the provided context and specific language pairs.

While Google Translate doesn’t support direct scanned PDF translation, you can opt for its image translation feature as an alternative.

And if you just want to read or check the translated content, Google Translate lets you open it in Chrome without downloading files.

Upload PDF to Google Translate

Upload PDF to Google Translate

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online document editor, which has a built-in translating tool to translate documents. Though Google Docs does not allow users to directly insert PDFs, together with Google Drive, it is still an efficient tool to translate Norwegian to English.

When opening and translating a PDF in Google Docs, the file will be scanned and transformed into docx. Therefore, this option is better suited for people who don’t have specific requirements for file types.

Translate PDF in Google Docs

Translate PDF in Google Docs


DocTranslator supports 7 popular file types and over 100 languages. Integrated with AI, this translator makes translation more human-like.

Scanning a PDF with OCR, DocTranslator keeps the original format and layout during translation, without text being garbled.

For large file translating needs, DocTranslator can perfectly deal with PDFs up to 1 GB. To make it feasible, however, you must join its subscription plan. The AI translation fee is $0.004 per word with its premium plan.

Add PDF in DocTranslator

Add PDF in DocTranslator


Canva is an online graphic design tool and an AI-powered document translator. When a PDF is uploaded, Canva will automatically detect the source language and prepare to turn it into 134 languages. With the assistance of NMT, the translation sounds more natural and coherent.

Two translation modes are provided for your option: translating pages or translating selected text from a page.

Sounds considerate. However, the free use is limited to up to 50 pages. To obtain more features or use them without limit, you need to subscribe to Canva Pro.

Translate PDF in Canva

Translate PDF in Canva


Smartcat is a robust AI translation Platform that covers over 50 file types and over 280 languages. 

Here, you can utilize AI translation, human translation, or a combination of the two, which will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the translation.

The OCR used during Smartcat PDF translating can keep the original format, letting you free from layout adjustment.

A special point of Smartcat is the translation memory. Whether you’re collaborating in a group or working as a freelance translator, this function enhances efficiency and ensures consistency.

Translate PDF in Smartcat

Translate PDF in Smartcat


PDFT.AI is an AI service that allows you to translate PDFs with effortless navigation. Simply upload the Norwegian PDF and choose the target language as English, this AI translator processes and ensures an efficient and precise translation.

It is compatible with all available file resolutions, so even a scanned PDF can be detected and translated well.

PDFT.AI is free to use, but payment is required for PDFs over 1 page or 350 words. So you can try with a small PDF first.

Upload PDF to PDFT.AI Translator

Upload PDF to PDFT.AI Translator


DeftPDF is a PDF toolkit with comprehensive features and supports 130+ languages to translate. Besides PDF, you can translate DOCX, SRT, and TXT files in DeftPDF. The upload is flexible and allows you to add documents from Google Drive or Dropbox. But documents over 5 pages will be charged by words.

With DeftPDF, you don’t have to be concerned about file privacy when translating contracts or legal files. Files will be private and permanently erased after 5 hours. In a few seconds, you can get a well-translated PDF on your device.

Upload PDF to DeftPDF Translator

Upload PDF to DeftPDF Translator


Matecat is a free and open-source online CAT tool handling over 70 file types and 200 languages.

It’s accessible for everyone to use Matecat translator and upload up to 150 files for batch translation. The clear UI design allows users to easily understand the operation as well.

When uploading a Norwegian PDF, Matecat can extract the content and provide accurate translation to users. The default file download format is Word, so if you want to make it back to PDF, a high-quality Word-to-PDF converter is needed.

Translate PDF in Matecat

Translate PDF in Matecat

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I translate a Norwegian PDF document to English?

To translate a Norwegian PDF to English, you can use the PDFgear AI-powered PDF translator.

Open your PDF documents to PDFgear software, enter “translate this PDF to English” in the PDFgear Copilot chatbox, and you can get the translated content in the chatbox.

Are there any online services that offer Norwegian to English PDF translation?

Yes, services like Google Translate and DeepL provide online services to translate Norwegian PDFs into English while keeping the original file formatting. You can upload the file to any of them and start translation.

Can I translate scanned Norwegian PDFs to English with OCR technology?

Yes, as mentioned earlier in this article, you can use PDFgear OCR PDF software to scan a PDF and translate it into English with AI. This tool can extract the content of the scanned PDF in a few seconds and keep the accuracy when translating files to English.


In this post, we explored the 10 best Norwegian-to-English PDF translators. All of them offer accurate translations. Based on pricing and translation performance, the most recommended one is PDFgear. It is a completely free-to-use, AI-powered translator with efficient translation output.

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