How to Translate a PDF with Smallpdf

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How can you use Smallpdf for document translation? Is there a more convenient PDF translator? Find the answers to your questions below.

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How to Translate a PDF with Smallpdf

How to Translate a PDF with Smallpdf

Being a comprehensive PDF management tool, Smallpdf has gained many users. It meets your basic PDF editing needs with text adding, highlighting, and other features.

However, it seems like there’s no proper feature to translate a PDF with its powerful suite. Hence, you may wonder, can Smallpdf really translate a PDF? Let’s find out in this post.

Short Answer

❓ Can Smallpdf Translate a PDF file?

🙋 Unfortunately, up to now, Smallpdf does not support PDF file translation.

How to Translate a PDF in Smallpdf by Converting the PDF to Word

Given that Smallpdf cannot translate PDF files, if you insist on using this PDF tool, there is a relatively practical method: converting a PDF to Word with Smallpdf. This way, you can obtain the text from the PDF and paste it into a professional translator for translation:

Step 1. Convert a PDF to Word with Smallpdf Online

Visit the Smallpdf PDF-to-Word converter on your browser. Click “CHOOSE FILES” to upload the PDF to the converter.

Choose whether to use OCR for file conversion, and click “Convert.” After conversion, you can download the Word file.

The maximum size for PDF uploads is 40 MB. For larger files or OCR-applied conversions, this tool requires a subscription to its Pro version, priced at $108 per year.

Step 2. Extract and Translate Text from the Word File

Now, open the Word file and copy the text within. Paste the text to any translator you prefer and obtain a translation.

Convert PDF to Word in Smallpdf

Convert PDF to Word in Smallpdf

Translating a PDF with Smallpdf may not be the most efficient solution. In today’s rapidly advancing AI landscape, what you really require is more than just basic PDF conversion but an all-around assistant to help comprehend your files.

What we recommend to you is using the ChatGPT-powered PDF translator – PDFgear. It’s free, full-featured, and smart.

The Free Option: Translate a PDF with an AI-powered PDF Editor

Different from many other PDF tools, PDFgear does not ask for a PDF conversion before translating the file.

You can extract text straightforwardly from the PDF, and ask PDFgear Copilot for accurate translation on the same window. It supports over 30 languages, covering most of the files you receive. Besides, there’s no limitation on file size and using times in PDFgear, providing you the real freedom to translate a PDF with AI.

Step 1. Upload a PDF to PDFgear

Install and launch PDFgear on your Windows, macOS, and iOS. Click the “Upload File” button and select the PDF to open.

Step 2. Paste the Text to PDFgear Copilot

When the PDF is open in PDFgear, click the robot icon in the bottom-right corner. Then paste the text you want to translate into the chatbox:

  • For a searchable PDF: select the text of the PDF and paste it to the chatbox.
  • For a scanned PDF: Click the “OCR” feature in the “Home” tab, and choose the area for text extraction. In the “Extract Text” window, click “Copy text to clipboard,” then paste the text to the chatbox.
Extract Text from a PDF with OCR in PDFgear

Extract Text from a PDF with OCR in PDFgear

Step 3. Translate the PDF

In the chatbox, add a prompt like “translate the text to French” and click “Send.” There will soon be a response to the translated text.

Translate the PDF Text in PDFgear

Translate the PDF Text in PDFgear

Meanwhile, it offers a set of PDF editing tools that allow you to handle diverse PDF tasks like noting a PDF, changing the PDF text, and signing to a PDF. All can be done on this platform without switching to other apps.


How can I translate an entire PDF?

You can translate an entire PDF with a Translator like Google Translate:

Get into Google Translate on your browser, and select the target language. Then, click “Document” to upload the PDF you want to translate. When the translation is finished, click “Download translation” and save the translated file.

Can ChatGPT translate a PDF?

Yes, the GPT-4 and GPT-4o both support PDF translation. You can upload a PDF file to ChatGPT and give a prompt for file translation. The translated text will soon be generated.

What is the free PDF editor translate?

As mentioned in this post, PDFgear is a free PDF editor for file translation. It is integrated with ChatGPT for more accurate and efficient text translation.


Smallpdf doesn’t provide an in-app feature for translating PDF files. However, you can convert your PDF to a Word document and use other translation tools for the text.

Alternatively, you can use AI-powered PDFgear to translate text while viewing the PDF. This tool, integrated with ChatGPT, offers accurate translations in various languages. It’s completely free and demands no registration.

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