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Manifest der Kommunistischen

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Free PDF Cropper

PDFgear supports free changing PDF canvas size and cropping white margins to adjust PDF page size. No registration, ads, or watermarks at all.

For any problems during use, or insights to help us improve the service, please contact us.

Guaranteed security

Guaranteed security

Your PDF files safety is our priority, PDFgear doesn’t save the PDF files whatsoever. The uploaded PDF files will be deleted from our server once you leave the website. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

A free PDF cropper without a limit

A free PDF cropper without a limit

PDFgear is totally free to use, with no installation, or sign-up. The output files are of high quality without watermarks. Change as many/large files as you want with no limitations in the number or size of the uploaded PDF files.

Accurately crop PDF gapes

Accurately crop PDF gapes

With PDFgear, you are offered an adjustable cropping rectangle to calibrate the desired cropping area, with which you get to trim the white margins of your documents to fit the PDF pages to A4 paper size.

Uniform cropping of pages

Uniform cropping of pages

There is no need to adjust the PDF page size one by one anymore. It’s easy to apply your selected and cropped PDF area to all pages in the PDF document. And it can also be undone when you want to restore the original content.

Easy for beginners

Easy for beginners

PDFgear online PDF cropping tool offers a user-friendly and intuitive PDF editor screen for beginners to effortlessly crop PDF documents with simple dragging and dropping.

Works on any device

Works on any device

PDFgear online PDF cropper is a cloud-based and cross-platform PDF cropper that works on all mainstream devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., which means you can crop PDFs on both computer and mobile!

How to crop PDF pages online

Drag and drop your PDF file (.pdf) into the PDFgear online cropper tool, then your PDF pages will be automatically uploaded.

Click, drag, and drop from an individual PDF page with your mouse to adjust the cropping rectangle. When you’re ready, hit the Apply and Download button to crop out the unselected areas.

When the cropping process finishes, the Download button will appear. Hit it to download the cropped PDF document.

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Your Questions Are Answered

Can I crop a single page in a PDF?

With PDFgear, you can crop a single page. After the file is uploaded successfully, only apply the cropping rectangle to the exact page you want. Then you can get the single page cropped.

Can I crop multiple pages in a PDF?

PDFgear supports cropping multiple pages in a PDF file with great ease. There are 3 options when you crop the PDF file. Select All Pages to apply your cropping area to all PDF pages, or choose the file page number to apply your trims to the selected pages.

How can I crop PDFs without losing quality?

PDFgear online cropping tool will adjust the content within the cropped area without losing any resolution or detail.

This is achieved by adjusting the PDF's bounding box without altering the underlying content. As a result, the cropped PDF retains the same quality and resolution as the original document.

Will my file size change when I crop a PDF?

The file size of a cropped PDF may or may not change, depending on the amount of content removed. Lossless cropping software, like PDFgear, is less likely to significantly change the file size.

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