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Easily read, edit, convert, rearrange, annotate, fill, OCR, and sign PDF across Windows and Mac without cost.

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Trusted Company PDFgear is trusted by millions of users and media globally.

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Read and edit PDF files - view and make free PDF edits to your documents.

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The PDFgear PDF viewing and editing features are available without cost.


PDFgear Desktop is your best PDF editor for Mac and Windows.

Efficient PDF Reader & Editor

The PDF productivity solution PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor empowers you to read, view, and edit your PDF documents offline efficiently. Easily navigate through your document pages, read PDF pages in customizable views, and add annotations and comments to the document.

Effortless PDF Reading

PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader offers a clean and intuitive PDF reader UI from which users can easily find and jump to their desired pages using page thumbnails, and smoothly pan across pages in the PDF document.

Read and Annotate PDF

Not just read and view your PDF documents, let us express our ideas. Use PDFgear Desktop PDF Editor to comment, fill out, and sign on PDF documents to make changes and make the thoughts and insights clearly deliver.

Read and Edit PDF Anywhere

PDFgear PDF Reader is available on Windows 10, Windows 11, Macintosh, and the web, enabling you to read, view, and edit your PDF documents with your computer or laptop, no matter where you are.

Print for Sharing

Not just read and modify the documents, print them for the love of sharing. Distribute vital information to other people by using PDFgear PDF Reader to print the imported PDF documents to Microsoft OneNote (Desktop or Windows), Microsoft XPS, Microsoft Print to PDF, Fax, etc.

Read & Edit PDF without Internet Connection

Even if you’re flying an airplane without Wi-Fi, PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor makes it possible for you to view your work documents and add notes on your standard-sized laptop, all you need is PDFgear Desktop installed on which.

Extensive PDF Management Features

Aside from practical PDF viewing, editing, and annotating features, there’re plenty of other things that PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor is capable of. It’s also integrated with tools for you to convert, compress, edit, split, and rearrange PDF documents.

Transform Uneditable Documents Using OCR

Convert and transform your scanned documents or unsearchable PDF using PDFgear Desktop offline OCR to facilitate further editing. Easily make searchable, fillable, editable PDF documents in seconds.

System Requirements

For Windows

  • Operating System:

    Windows 10 or above, supports the latest Windows 11.

  • Disk Space:

    file size 50 MB, 200 MB space recommended.

Free Download

For Mac

  • Operating System:

    Mac OS X 10.9 or above, supports the latest macOS Catalina.

  • Disk Space:

    file size 36.4 MB, 200 MB space recommended.

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What People Talks about PDFgear

by Blacy Buty

I needed to edit a PDF so I downloaded pdfgear yesterday to see if it would work. It did work so good!!! You guys are doing a wonderful job!

by Jaloner Gan

I’m so happy with this pdf editor helps me a lot. Especially pdf content highlight and comments-adding. Quite useful.

by Todd Desiry

For some reason the newest version does not allow any hyperlinks to work as they used to in previous versions. But other features work well still.

Frequently Asked Questions About PDFgear Desktop

Is PDFgear Desktop PDF Really Free?

You can use PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor to read, view, and edit PDF documents without cost. Moreover, users with advanced PDF management needs can opt for the paid premium version for pro features such as batch PDF annotating.

Is PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor Safe?

PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor is 100% safe to use, the program is certified by ISO 27001 certified and it falls under GDPR regulation. The online service and desktop software do not save private files unpermitted. Moreover, PDFgear Desktop is strong and secure enough to fend off potential security breaches from various types of attacks.

Does PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor Need Internet Connection?

No, you can use PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor without an internet connection. PDFgear Desktop is developed to meet PDF reading needs on devices that are unconnected to the internet.

What is the Best PDF Reader Software?

The best PDF reader software for Windows and Mac computers is PDFgear Desktop PDF Reader & Editor, a full-featured desktop PDF reader tool that helps to read and annotate PDF documents. And it works without an internet connection.

How to Read PDF Documents Offline?

To read PDF documents offline, you need to first download and install the best PDF Reader & Editor software PDFgear Desktop. Then import the PDF document to PDFgear, and it should be good to read.