The 11 Best AI Resume Builders to Write and Generate Resumes

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We’ve gathered the 11 best AI resume builders in 2023 to write and generate your resume automatically. Use AI to improve your resume and CV easily!

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Best AI Resume Builders

Best AI Resume Builders

Resume writing is always hard, even if you might feel awkward. Do you ponder how to construct the content on your resume to make it stand out for the exact job that you want to apply for? How many pages the resume should be? How to tell your objective? Or how to explain the reason that you are applying for a job that you don’t have related working experience?

Many resume questions appear in your head when writing and you just feel nervous, and even want to give up. You are not alone. Creating a resume is not an easy task for most people and even a professional writer.

AI resume builders utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to help you build a professional resume with ease. Check out the current most popular online resume builders to start a new career. Comparison Table of the Best AI Resume Builders

Comparing the Best AI Resume Generators

AI Resume Builders generates a well-structured resume to match industry standards. Some not only provide suggestions for improving your resume but also recommend keywords to make your resume more easily searched by recruiters and stand out from the crowd.

Based on the features, services they provided, and the feedback they received, we put together 11 currently best AI resume builders for you to create a professional resume.

AI Resume Builder Verdict Pricing
Rezi The best AI-powered resume builder Pro version for $29 monthly

One-Time purchase for $129

Kickresume An innovative online AI resume builder Monthly plan for $19
Yearly plan for $60
Resume Worded Both resume and LinkedIn profile maker $49 per month

$99 every three months

$299 per year All-in-one platform to make your career 7-day trial subscription for $4.70

6 months for $44.95

12 months for $74.95

Enhancv The ATS-friendly resume builder Pro monthly for $24.99

Pro quarterly for $49.97

Pro semi-annual for $79.94

MyPerfectResume A valuable tool for creating professional resumes 3 months for $5.95

Annual plan for $71.40

Skillroads A resume builder using its native AI One-time payment of $9.99
ResumA.I. An innovative platform that uses AI to create a well-polished CV Pro plan for $29 monthly
Jobscan A valuable asset for job seekers Monthly plan for $49.95
ResyMatch An AI-powered tool helps advance career $19.99 per month. More than an AI resume builder, but also an AI designer A basic plan for $19/mo


When you try to find one AI resume builder by inputting the keyword in Google, you will find Rezi is the first search result for you.

Rezi is the top-rated online AI-based resume platform with an easy-to-use interface to generate a well-polished resume by automating writing, editing, and improvement.

Go to the Rezi Website

Rezi AI Resume Builder

Rezi AI Resume Builder

Key features:

  • Embedded with resumes, cover Letters and resignation letters
  • A library of cloneable templates
  • AI-generated content, but also allows you to customize options
  • AI resume summary generator
  • Focus more on content optimization than formatting


Kickresume lets you get a professional CV with the help of its wide range of customizable templates, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Kickresume can assist you in crafting a standout resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments.

It is more than an AI resume builder, it is also a job-seeking platform that after uploading a resume, it will scan the job market and commend jobs tailed to your expertise.

Go to the Kickresume Website

Kickresume AI Resume Builder

Kickresume AI Resume Builder

Key Features:

  • Cover Letter Builder
  • Provides a collection of professionally designed templates
    Detailed guides on how to cover letter writing
  • AI resume checker compares your resume with others to help your resume score higher

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an online platform that provides tools and resources to

help you create a standout resume. It offers various features such as resume templates, keyword optimization, and a resume review service. With Resume Worded, you can craft a professional and tailored resume that increases your chances of landing your dream job.

Go to Resume Worded Website

Resume Worded Official Site

Resume Worded Official Site

Key Features:

  • Scores your resume free and instantly
  • Provides networking Email templates
  • Also helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Kindly provides career advice to teach you how to sell yourself is another online resume builder software designed to help individuals explore, develop, and advance in their professional lives. It offers a range of interactive tools, such as resume builder, cover letter builder, and CV builder to guide you through various aspects of your career journey.

Besides serving as a resume builder, it enables you to search for jobs and keep track of jobs.

Go to Website

Key Features:

  • Quite a user-friendly interface
  • Auto checks spelling mistakes
  • Provides customizable skills to add to your resume
  • Has different genres of templates
  • Its interview pres to help you better cope with interviews


Enhancv offers a variety of customizable resume templates that cater to different industries and job roles. One of the standout features of is its “Content Analyzer,” which provides real-time feedback on your resume’s content, highlighting areas that can be improved for better impact. This helps ensure that your resume captures the attention of employers and showcases your skills effectively.

Go to Enhancv Website

Enhancv Official Site

Enhancv Official Site

Key Features:

  • Check resume automatically
  • Offers cover letter templates and multiple resume formats
  • Interview preparation tips
  • ATS-friendly resume
  • Over 20 well-designed resume sections, such as skills, certificates


A good resume makes you stand out and lets you have a higher chance of being hired. MyPerfectResume, a popular AI-powered tool that offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help you create a professional and polished resume.

With hundreds of pre-written examples and dozens of auto-adjusting templates, you don’t need to manually format your resume.

Go to MyPerfectResume Website

MyPerfectResume Official Site

MyPerfectResume Official Site

Key Features:

  • Available on Apple Store
  • Picks the right keywords for you
  • Highlights important sections and skills
  • Equipped with customizable resume templates, catering to different industries
  • Interview advice


Skillroads walks you through the whole process of finding a suitable job with artificial intelligence. Skillroads provides a user-friendly resume builder tool that allows you to directly choose from various templates, input your information, and customize the layout and design to suit your needs.

In addition to resume building, Skillroads also offers a cover letter builder that helps you craft a compelling cover letter.

Go to Skillroads Website

Skillroads Official Site

Skillroads Official Site

Key Features:

  • Offers a wealth of career advice and professional consultation
  • AI resume checker helps you avoid common resume-mistake
  • LinkedIn profile makeover tool polishes LinkedIn profile


As its name implies, resumA.I. automatically edits and builds an impressive resume with AI technology. It leverages advanced algorithms to analyze job descriptions and tailor your resume to match the specific keywords and skills employers are seeking. ResumA.I. can provide you with personalized recommendations and suggestions to make your resume shine. What is best is that resumA.I.crafts the content more naturally than you could imagine.

Go to ResumA.I.Website



Key Features:

  • One-click to generate a cover letter
  • Both free and premium templates are provided, over 300 templates now
  • Finds the right keywords used for your resume based on a job description


Jobscan is another AI-powered resume builder, it scans your resume and compares it to job descriptions, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring that your resume aligns with the specific keywords and skills sought by recruiters.

JobScan also provides valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your resume, such as keyword optimization, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatibility, and formatting tips.

Go to Jobscan Website

Jobscan Official Site

Jobscan Official Site

Key Features

  • Useful interview tips
  • Tone and grammar checker
  • Scan and optimize LinkedIn profiles
  • A wealth of resources, including resume examples, cover letter samples


ResyMatch is a fantastic website that offers a wealth of resources and guidance to help individuals advance their careers and land their dream jobs. It is packed with informative articles, guides, and resources that cover a wide range of topics, from resume writing to interview preparation.

A variety of premium courses and coaching programs allow individuals to receive expert guidance and support.

Go to ResyMatch Website

ResyMatch Official Site

ResyMatch Official Site

Key Features:

  • Resume scanner, resume builder, resume bullet analyzer
  • Cover letter builder and LinkedIn headline analyzer
  • 1V1 coaching program
  • A email finder help find anyone’s email In seconds. utilizes artificial intelligence to build professional resumes effortlessly. It also generates creative ideas, assists in logo design, and even creates professional presentations.

Additionally, the videomaker can easily convert text to video with an AI-powered video editor.

Go to Website Official Site Official Site

Key Features:

  • Dynamic design templates
  • A diverse collection of stock photos, illustrations, icons, and fonts.
  • AI writer helps empower SEO-friendly content
  • I. logo generator and brand builder

Among these AI resume builders, some also write a resume summary as a cover letter, such as Rezi. If there are some situations in that you want to summarize an article, you can also use an AI tool to make it within seconds, you might be interested in the 7 best AI summarizers to summarize PDFs, articles, research papers, books, and more. For students or teachers who have an academic purpose, the 13 best free AI tools for education are also introduced here.


What Are the Best AI Resume Builders?

In this post, we have filtered the 11 best AI resume builders to help you optimize your resume and finally let you land a good job.

After trying by ourselves and collecting feedback from thousands of users, we also curated the top 5 best AI resume builders, allowing you to lead a career quickly.Rezi

  • Enhancv
  • MyPerfectResume
  • Zety
  • ResyMatch

What Is the AI That Writes Resumes For Free?

While there are AI-powered resume builders available that offer free features and templates. It’s important to note that fully automated AI resume-writing services come at a cost.

The listed 11 AI resume makers in this post do provide free basic plans that allow you to create and download your resume without any charges. While these free options may not provide the same level of AI-generated content as paid services.

How to Write a Good Resume Using AI?

To quickly write a good resume using AI, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Choose one of the recommended AI resume builders above. Select a customizable template that you think is best for your resume.

Step 2. Input your related information, such as your contact information, work history, education, skills, and achievements.

Step 3. Optimize content using AI suggestions. These suggestions can help enhance your content by providing industry-specific keywords and highlighting achievements that may grab the attention of employers.

Step 4. Tailor your resume to the job description. Use AI-powered tools to align your skills and experiences with the employer’s needs. This customization will make your resume more relevant and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Step 5. While AI can assist with the content, it’s crucial to proofread the content yourself.

Most AI resume builders work in the same way. You can always refer to this guidance when using one AI tool to create a resume.

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