13 Best Writing Apps for Android Phones in 2024

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Are you till searching for the best writing apps for Android phones? Here, you can get the top 13 best apps for writing. Go on reading and pick one to install.

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Best Writing Apps for Android Phones

Best Writing Apps for Android Phones

Recently, there has been a growing preference for crafting new written content on mobile phones as opposed to laptops. This shift is primarily attributed to the greater portability of mobile phones, enabling users to write anytime, anywhere.

This post highlights the top 13 writing apps for Android, offering a curated list for those contemplating the best application for mobile writing.

Explore these options and choose the one that best suits your needs if you’re seeking an optimal writing experience on your mobile device.

Comparison of the 13 Best Writing Apps for Android

App Best for Price Compatibility Google Play Rating
Google Docs Write and back up automatically Free Web/ Android 4.1
Novelist A specific app for novel and short story writing Free Web/ Android 4.1
Grammarly Correct grammar while writing Free version available Web/ Android 4.0
JotterPad A split-screen mode to edit two documents simultaneously Free Web/ Android 4.0

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best online document editors for text editing and creating. It proves to be an excellent choice for those seeking to write and read free books online. The platform is not only free but also seamlessly integrates with your Android phone, allowing you to compose content effortlessly.

A compelling reason to endorse Google Docs is its automatic backup feature to Google Drive, which provides a safeguard against accidental loss of your written content.

Additionally, the platform offers a plethora of file templates, streamlining the process of creating new documents. With its user-friendly interface, you can navigate the tool with ease, ensuring a smooth writing experience without any confusion.

When you share documents, you can define permission levels for recipients, such as view only or edit access.

Google Docs Writing App for Android

Google Docs Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Automatically save the written content
  • Back up the document in the cloud
  • View and edit many office files


  • Occasionally random capitalization, incorrect positioning, or auto-correction of words occurs
  • Renaming documents is not convenient

Download Google Docs from Google Play

2. Novelist

As its name indicates, Novelist is a specific app for novel and short story writing. It is compatible with the Android system. Therefore, Android users can utilize it to write novels and stories at any time. It has an excellent timeline feature, helping you to regular your writing better.

With its innovative user interface, you can write down all your inspiration with no effort. The Novelist App is now free to use, with various text editing features provided.

The dark mode setting is a friendlier feature that allows you to enjoy your creative work without straining your eyes at night.

Novelist Writing App for Android

Novelist Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Share to Google Drive
  • Timeline feature
  • Multiple text editing tools


  • Lack of direct document import function
  • When your writing exceeds 3,000 words, it occasionally freezes

Download Novelist from Google Play

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is deemed one of the best grammar checker tools in the industry. Well, it is also an amazing tool for content writing. You may use it on a computer before.

Fortunately, it also has an Android counterpart, allowing you to create any kind of content on your phone and correct the grammar at the same time.

Except for checking grammar, Grammarly also offers other outstanding features when you write with it. For instance, it will give you several pro pieces of advice to help you modify your content. Also, it enables you to write in various languages.

Grammarly Writing App for Android

Grammarly Writing App for Android

Key features

  • Correct grammar when writing
  • Provide writing advice
  • Write in many languages


  • The icons are sometimes a bit annoying and affect normal writing
  • Device power consumption increases during use

Download Grammarly from Google Play

4. JotterPad

JotterPad is another brilliant writing app for Android. It allows you to write anything on your mobile phone, like novels, stories, notes, etc. Along with its fresh green user interface, you will feel comfortable when creating new stories.

Meanwhile, it allows you to customize the user interface mode, giving you a better writing experience as much possible as it can.

Another outstanding feature of it is that you can access split-screen mode and cope with two documents at the same time. Other features like cloud backup, word counting, and text editing are also provided in it.

JotterPad Writing App for Android

JotterPad Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Split-screen mode
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Customized user interface


  • There are still many in-app purchases
  • Sometimes manuscripts are lost and cannot be retrieved

Download JotterPad from Google Play

5. iA Writer

iA Writer is a powerful writing app that Android users can access. It is endowed with multiple amazing features when you need to write content on your mobile phone.

For example, it provides a focus mode, in which you must focus on the current writing without being disturbed by other applications on your phone.

Moreover, it can also help you mark up some grammar errors, inappropriate words, etc. For technical experts, it is also a good option. It allows you to write HTML code and other professional content.

iA Writing App for Android

iA Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • A great focus mode provided
  • Correct grammar and inappropriate words
  • Sync to the cloud, like Dropbox


  • Lacks some convenient features of the desktop version
  • The save function sometimes fails and causes content loss

Download iA Writer from Google Play

6. LivingWriter

LivingWriter is an app available on Android that helps you read and write books with ease. It has a visually pleasing user interface so that you can write anything without effort.

Apart from creating new content, it also allows you to organize a book, like layout the chapters, outlines, and other key contents.

Another amazing feature is that it can store your elements, like the names of characters. It is indeed suitable for writing novels with numerous characters. Also, it provides several basic features, like customizing application themes, backing up in the cloud, etc.

Livingwriter Writing App for Android

LivingWriter Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Drag and drop chapters
  • Store story elements
  • Back up in the cloud


  • There may be formatting issues when you want to sync content on your phone to your desktop
  • The navigation bar function is unclear

Download LivingWriter from Google Play

7. NotePad

NotePad is a great app for note-taking and other kinds of writing on Android phones. It owns a simple dashboard and operations, allowing you to start to write without any baffle.

It is worth mentioning that this app protects your data. You can use it when you need to note sensitive information. Another point to pick is that it allows you to add other files, like images, for better noting.

Like Google Docs, NotePad will auto-save your content as well. This feature will appeal extremely to users who always lose their created content. You can also download free ebooks and read and annotate them with NotePad.

Notepad Writing App for Android

Notepad Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Write anything in high-security
  • Auto-save your content
  • Add images to your writing


  • Sometimes the space code “& nbsp;” appears randomly in the text
  • Cannot add images

Download NotePad from Google Play

8. Scrittor

Scrittor is one of the best writing apps for Android, which is simple to use with an intuitive user interface. It has a dark background, making your note outstanding.

This note-taking application is more suitable for those who want to take quick notes rather than those who are looking forward to more file editing features.

Scrittor Writing App for Android

Scrittor Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Easy to take notes
  • Supports various languages
  • Manage your notes as you like


  • When creating a note, you cannot change the writing direction
  • Currently only supports English as the language

Download Scrittor from its official website

9. Write Plus

Write Plus is another recommended writing app available on Google Play. It is a handy and lightweight app for creating and editing writing. You can easily open, edit, and save plain text files, and also, you can also use them to outline your writing with those provided text formatting tools.

Other basic features, like word and character counting, customizing application style, and sharing with others are also accessible in Write Plus. This writing app is free to use right now and with its simple design, new users can start writing without paying any effort.

Write Plus Writing App for Android

Write Plus Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Create writings with formatting
  • Word and character count
  • Customize application mode


  • Lack of advanced features like text alignment, highlighting, or collaboration tools
  • Lack a personalized writing experience

Download Write Plus from Google Play

10. Black Note

Black Note is also a good option for taking quick notes. As its name suggests, it is a note-taking tool that has a dark mode. Using this simple app, you can write anything on your mobile phone with ease.

In this app, you can immediately organize your notes, create plain text content, make a task list, etc. Moreover, you can add a password to your writing to increase the security and privacy of your writing.

Black Note Writing App for Android

Black Note Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Organize notes
  • Add a password to your notes
  • Make a task list


  • If you forget your password, you will not be able to log in again
  • Contents deleted by mistake cannot be restored

Download Black Note from Google Play

11. Microsoft Word

It is highly believed that Microsoft Word is the most traditional way to create new writing. No matter what kind of genre, many users prefer to write with it directly.

Except for its well-known desktop version, its mobile version for Android is also pretty practical. The mobile version does not lack key features when creating new writing.

It allows you to open and edit texts and other files and share your writing with others directly. Also, Microsoft provides online storage space, OneDrive, to help you save critical documents in the cloud.

Microsoft Word Writing App for Android

Microsoft Word Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Sync your writing to OneDrive
  • Open and edit other files, like PDFs and images
  • Share your documents with others easily


  • The free trial period is too short, subscription fee is too high
  • Autocorrect function frequently fails

Download Microsoft Word from Google Play

12. Evernote

Evernote has a good reputation as a dedicated writing app for Android. It provides a wide variety of features when you write and edit texts.

For instance, it allows you to organize your notes and make a to-do list, insert files to your notes, like docs, PDFs, photos, etc., sync your notes automatically, and take notes on different devices under one account without missing the content.

In a word, it can be said to be the most comprehensive writing app on the Android system. You can try its free trial in the first place.

Evernote Writing App for Android

Evernote Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Organize your notes
  • Insert other files into the current note
  • Sync your notes to the cloud


  • Subscription pop-ups are annoying
  • Notes are limited, notes take a long time to load and sometimes end up blank

Download Evernote from Google Play

13. Google Keep

Google Keep is a helpful note-taking app that Android users can access. Using it, you can take notes, create to-do lists, record audio memos, capture images, and store various types of information in one place.

There are various audio books online and Goole Keep can change that audio into text with ease. The recording feature makes it outstanding among those traditional note-taking applications.

Utilizing this feature, you can just say what is in your mind, and then it will transfer those contents into texts. What’s more, Google Keep is also an app that supports collaboration. You can share your notes with others and co-edit them in real time.

Google Keep Writing App for Android

Google Keep Writing App for Android

Key Features

  • Create and organize notes
  • Record audio memos
  • Collaborate notes with others


  • The search function is useless
  • It is a bit cumbersome to use

Download Google Keep from Google Play

How Did We Choose These Writing Apps?

Admittedly, there are plentiful writing apps for Android in the field. It is pretty tricky to select a really practical one, especially for those novices with little knowledge about mobile apps. We test over 30 writing apps for Android and eventually pick the top 13 ones for you to download and install directly. 、

Our testing numbers mainly appraise those apps from the following aspects: writing features, price, and plan, whether the user interface is friendly or not, other pro functions when writing Google Play rating, and application security.

In the end, we picked the 13 best writing apps for Android that perform indeed well in the above aspects.

FAQs on Best Writing Apps for Android

What’s the benefit of writing books on Android?

Writing books on Android is more convenient. Unlike a clumsy computer or laptop, a mobile phone allows you to write down your novel and story anytime and anywhere. Moreover, writing on phones is easier for sharing and checking files.

What is the best writing app for Android smartphones?

For Android phones, the best writing apps right now are:

  • Novelist
  • JotterPad
  • iA Writer
  • Write Plus
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Keep

What is the best handwriting app for Android tablets?

Many handwriting apps for Android are practical and efficient. For instance, you can select Grammarly, JotterPad, and LivingWriter, which have an intuitive and concise user interface.

How are the Android writing apps ranked?

Our testing group ranked these best writing apps for Android in the following critical angles: app features for writing, customer reviews in Google Play, Google Play rating, price, and the application update frequency. The whole testing process lasts weeks, and the statistics here are authentic and reliable. You can refer to the rank here without a doubt.

The Final Words

This article focuses on the best writing apps for Android. You can refer to the above-detailed description of the selected best applications for writing and select one to start writing according to your real needs.

A comparison table is also provided at the top of the post, and suppose you still don’t know how to select it, you can refer to it.

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