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Last updated on September 26, 2023

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Drag and drop to convert Microsoft Excel to Word document online in 2 seconds with PDFgear. Completely free, no registration, no limit, safe and easy to use, no watermark, no need for further conversions.

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Convert Excel to Word Online

Convert Excel to Word Online

Microsoft Excel is the most-liked spreadsheet format, preferable for business data collection in the form of tables, and converting Excel to Word may be needed in various scenarios. This page covers 2 methods to convert Excel (365, 2007-2021) to Word (97-2021) online without losing formatting, they are both free and no software installation is needed.

But it’s worth mentioning that general online converter tools don’t allow you to directly convert Excel to Word without formatting issues, so we’ll be using a practical workaround: first, convert Excel to PDF, and then PDF to Word.

How to Convert Excel to Word Online

To help you get started, I’d like to introduce the best free Excel to Word online converter: PDFgear. PDFgear is an all-in-one toolbox for PDF conversions, PDF compressions, PDF editing, PDF reading, PDF signing, PDF markup, etc. And if you ever need to insert PDF into Excel, PDFgear is also helpful with that.

PDFgear is completely free, there’s no sign-up, and no email needed. It works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and more, now let’s get started.

Step 1. Upload Excel to PDFgear

Navigate to PDFgear Excel to PDF Converter, then drag and drop the Excel file into the converter box.

Convert Excel to PDF Online with PDFgear

Convert Excel to PDF Online with PDFgear

Step 2. Convert Excel to PDF

Then PDFgear will automatically process the uploaded Excel file and convert it to PDF. When the conversion is done, hit the blue button to download the converted PDF file.

Download PDF Converted from Excel

Download PDF Converted from Excel

Step 3. Convert PDF to Word

Navigate to PDFgear PDF to Word converter. Drag and drop the downloaded PDF file into the converter box in the likewise manner, and wait 1 second for the PDF to Microsoft Word conversion.

Convert PDF to Word Online in PDFgear

Convert PDF to Word Online in PDFgear

Step 4. Download the Converted Word Document

When the conversion process is complete, the blue Download button will appear. Hit on it to download the converted MS Word Document.

Download Word Converted from PDF

Download Word Converted from PDF

Excel to Word Converter Free Download

Aside from converting Excel to Word online, using an offline Excel to Word converter is also recommended, as it offers other benefits.

Our free PDF converter PDFgear Desktop allows you to convert Excel to Word in batches and without losing formatting. The best part is, that PDFgear Desktop is completely free to use, just as the PDFgear online service.

PDFgear Desktop is a desktop PDF converter tool for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac. The installation is fast and safe, the program is clean, and no additional installation is required.

With PDFgear Desktop, you can enjoy all PDFgear online tool features plus the support for batch conversion and batch compression. So hit the Download button below to get PDFgear desktop for your computer right away!

Free Excel to Word Converter

Free convert Excel to Microsoft Word with original formatting preserved, batch conversion is also supported.

How to Convert Excel to Word in Word

Another useful trick to change Excel to Word with formatting is by using Microsoft Word.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all data in the Excel, then press Ctrl + C to copy the selected data.

2. Create and open a new Word document, press Ctrl + V to paste the copied data into Word, and press Ctrl + S to save the Word Document.

Alternatively, you can also copy Excel data to Notepad, while clearing the text formatting, save the Notepad, and then open the Notepad in Microsoft Word.

However, you could still face formatting loss if you’re working with Excel spreadsheets containing complex text formatting.

Edit the PDF in MS Word

Edit the PDF in MS Word


What is the Best Excel to Word Converter?

PDFgear is the best Excel to Word converter on Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Android, iOS, etc. PDFgear is a free, practical, and powerful Excel to Word converter that combines and changes Excel to Word in a few clicks, and it doesn’t have watermarks.

How to Convert Excel to Word on Mobile for Free?

PDFgear is a great online PDF converter tool that allows you to change Excel to Word on Android and iOS mobile phones. It’s a free and cross-platform service that works on any device.

How to Convert Excel to Word on Mac for Free?

To change Excel to Word on Mac for free, the best tool is PDFgear. PDFgear is a safe and free Excel to Word converter that allows you to change .xls files to .docx files in a simple drag-and-drop manner.

Can I Convert Excel to Word with Formating?

Yes, you can change Excel to Word with formatting. To do so, you need to copy and paste the Excel spreadsheet into a new Word document.

How to Convert Excel to Word Below 100 KB?

Apart from being a practical Excel to Word online converter, PDFgear also has a powerful compression feature that helps to convert Excel to Word under 100 KB.

Which Operating Systems are Supported?

PDFgear is a cross-platform PDF converter that allows you to convert image and PDF files on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebooks, laptops, Android phones, and iOS devices. Yes, PDFgear works with mobile phones as well!

Is PDFgear Safe?

PDFgear is a completely safe and clean service. PDFgear is TSL encrypted and PDFgear does not save your files. Uploaded files will be permanently deleted once the browser is shut down.

Do I Keep the Original File?

Yes, when converting Excel to Word with PDFgear, your original files stay intact.

In Conclusion

The process of converting an Excel spreadsheet to Microsoft Word doesn’t fully maintain the formatting of the original Excel file but will keep the majority of visual effects as possible. If you intend to change Excel to Word with formatting, the FAQs section above has the answer to your question.

That’ll be all about how to convert Excel to Word, is the information helpful? Please leave us a message in the comment section below to let us know!

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