How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 Online for Free

Piers Zoew Thursday May 5, 2022 2:26 AM

Fast convert PDF to JPG on Windows for free, online or offline, no registration, and easy to use. Get the job done in seconds and no need for any further conversion.

It’s quite customary that your teacher, associates, or business partner always send you a PDF document file for assignments or remote collaborations. However, a JPG file format seems more ideal for further working and reviewing, without the need for a PDF reader.

Given that Windows 10 is the most used operating system for PC and laptops, the demand for converting PDF to JPG on Windows 10 for free has become stronger than ever.

And here in this post, I’ll walk you through how to convert PDF to JPG on Windows for free with the best tool. No cost, fast conversion, and completely safe.

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How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 Online for Free with PDFgear

PDFgear is a completely free online PDF converter that helps you convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc., and compress PDF files if needed. PDFgear works on any device including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

It’s 100% clean and safe, and it doesn’t have watermarks. Check out the following tutorial to see how easy to use it actually is.

Meanwhile, do not miss out on the desktop PDFgear to convert PDF files offline! For support for more file numbers, larger file size, faster conversions, and steadier performance.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Upload PDF Files

Go to PDFgear PDF to JPG converter. Drap and drop the PDF files into the middle box, or hit the Choose files button to upload PDF files to PDFgear.

Upload PDF files

Upload PDF files

Step 2. Convert PDF to JPG with PDFgear

Then PDFgear automatically processes and converts the uploaded PDF file, PDFgear will convert your PDF files to high-quality JPG images on Windows 10 before you know it!

Convert PDF to JPG

Convert PDF to JPG

Step 3. Download the JPG File

When the blue Download button becomes visible, hit the Download button to download the converted JPG file. It’s simple as that.

Download the Converted JPG

Download the Converted JPG

Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10: FAQs

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 for Free

To convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 for free, you need the best PDF converter PDFgear. With it, you can easily convert PDF to JPG by dragging and dropping the PDF files into the web-based converter, and it’s completely free.

Which Operating Systems are Supported?

PDFgear is a cross-platform PDF converter that allows you to convert PDF files on Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and laptops.

Does PDFgear Work on Mobile Phones?

Yes, PDFgear is a cross-platform service that works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, laptops, Android phones, and iPhones. On your mobile phone, you can access PDFgear from: and convert/compress your PDF documents with ease!

What’s the Best PDF to JPG Converter on Windows 10

PDFgear is the best free PDF converter for Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and laptops. It’s free to use, safe, watermark-free, it has extensive file types support, and it features fast and high-quality conversions.

Which File Types are Supported?

PDFgear supports a wide scope of input and output file formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, HEIC, etc.

Is PDFgear Safe?

PDFgear is a completely safe and clean service. PDFgear is TSL encrypted and PDFgear does not save your files. Upload files will be permanently deleted once the browser is shut down.

Do I Keep the Original File?

Yes, when converting PDF files to JPG on Windows 10 with PDFgear, your original file stays intact.

To Sum Up

Besides Windows 10, PDFgear is a cross-platform online PDF converter that also works on your Windows 11 PC, Mac PC, Linux PC, mobile phone, Chromebook, and laptop! It helps you manage PDF files in a better manner, no matter where you are. Anyways, please do make sure to give PDFgear a whirl!

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