How to Crop A PDF in Adobe Reader

Last updated on November 18, 2022

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If you are looking for how to crop PDF on Adobe Reader, then do not miss this article. Here you have a detailed explanation of the features of Adobe Reader, and introduce you two alternatives to Adobe Reader to crop PDF.

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How to crop a PDF when we need to remove the unwanted white space or white margins in it? You input the question in Google but still get a blank mind even though loads of search results are listed for you. With many cropping tools listed, you just don’t know which one to choose. Read on!
Although Adobe Reader does not support “Edit PDF”, take it easy. We just select two typical professional alternatives to Adobe Reader for you, such as Adobe Acrobat and PDFgear. Now follow us and let us show you how to crop pages or files in PDF with the two alternatives step by step.

How to Crop a PDF in Adobe Reader Alternative

Since the cropping PDF feature is not available in Adobe Reader, we should go with an Adobe Reader alternative. PDFgear is the best Adobe Reader alternative for PDF cropping, editing, and splitting online. With PDFgear, you can crop PDF very easily, also only 3 steps are needed.

Step 1.  Access to PDFgear

Go to the official site for PDFgear, and access the free PDF cropper by clicking “Crop PDF” from the toolbar.

Step 2. Upload the PDF File

Drag or drop PDF files from your desktop to start cropping. All forms of PDF files are supported to crop with PDFgear.

Import the PDF to the Cropper

Import the PDF to the Cropper

Step 3. Customize the Cropping Setting

Now you have entered the cropping page. You can finish adjusting and crop settings on one page.

Crop the PDF Page

Crop the PDF Page

As you can see, there is a red rectangle. Use your mouse to adjust its section and release it when you have ensured the section you want. Tap “Apply and Download” and all cropping process is done. Easy indeed!

How to Crop a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

The second method is using the alternative to Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is generally acknowledged as the best PDF editing tool for its powerful PDF editing toolset. Besides PDF cropping, printing, signing, sending, converting, and commenting on PDF documents, etc. are also supported.

What’s more, we can crop a single page or the whole file in PDF with Adobe Acrobat in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Download the Adobe Acrobat

Install Adobe Acrobat on your device. Free trial versions for both Windows and Mac. And open or upload PDF needed to be cropped with Adobe Reader DC.

Step 2. Edit & Crop PDFs

Tap “Tool” on top, then choose “Edit PDF”, and you will be led to the editing mode. Go to “Crop Pages” and then draw an area of the PDF to crop with a rectangle on the page by dragging your mouse.

Crop Pages in Adobe Acrobat

Crop Pages in Adobe Acrobat

Step 3. Set Page Box

Double click on the cropping rectangle. A new dialogue will pop up for you to set the cropped page. Based on your needs, you can set the margin, and page size on the dialogue and make sure you have got what you want, and finally, tap “OK“ to close the dialogue.

Setup Crop Pages in Adobe Acrobat

Setup Crop Pages in Adobe Acrobat

Notes: Cropping a PDF file with the same margin or for the whole PDF file in Acrobat Pro DC, just select “All” on the “Page Range”.

Can Adobe Reader Crop PDF?

Adobe Reader is only a PDF reader application, it can neither crop a PDF document, or export cropped PDF by pages. Two crop a PDF on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones, there are two alternative methods. One is to purchase a premium account for the use of Adobe Acrobat DC, which has the PDF cropping feature, and another is to use a free online PDF cropper tool like PDFgear. You can try any of the methods, depending on your preferences.

Is Adobe Reader a Good PDF Cropper?

Adobe Reader is Adobe’s free PDF display and reader software that allows you to view, comment, and print on PDF documents. Limited usage( 7 days trial) for signing, tracking, and sending PDFs.

Below isn’t an exhaustive list of reviews for Cons and Pros. Instead, we collect them from thousands of Adobe Reader users. After browsing these reviews, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Reader.


  • Friendly interface
  • Fantastic for annotations
  • A well-known company, data security protected
  • Multiple platforms( PC, tablets, app version) supported


  • Edit PDF tools are not available
  • Limited usage for Sign, Track, and Send


In this article, we introduce two alternatives to Adobe Reader to crop files in PDF. If you want to crop a PDF free and online, you can just go for PDFgear. And if you do not have a stable internet connection most time or you are used to installing programs on a PC, you can go for Adobe Acrobat. Both cropping tools work well.

The choice to use PDFgear or Adobe Acrobat will depend on your needs. And if this post helps you, please remember to share it.