Laugh Riot: 28 Hilarious PowerPoint Night Ideas to Impress Your Friends

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Are you looking for the funniest PowerPoint night ideas that your friends and families will totally love? This list has the exact ideas and inspirations you need!

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Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

The PowerPoint night is essentially a gathering where guests create and present on subjects of their choosing. There may also be drinking, themed attire, Q&As, and other entertaining extras.

The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or slideshow, a mainstay of meetings and academic presentations, is transformed into something entertaining, lighthearted, and party-friendly during a PowerPoint night.

The popularity of PowerPoint evenings has grown significantly since they were first made famous in 2018. We will provide you with a lot of suggestions in this post for topics to cover during such gatherings.

1. Your friends as House of Cards characters

According to what you know about your friends’ personalities, choose the characters in House of Cards for them. Who would be Frank? I’m curious about that.

2. Everyone’s worst birthday

I don’t believe that every birthday party is as amazing as memorable. Let’s get together and share the worst birthday you ever had.

3. A song for each significant moment in your life

Will you feature your mind and mood at important moments with songs? Which classic song do you always recall for those unforgettable moments?

4. Why famous singer is overrated

Be bold to share: Which singing star’s work actually doesn’t match his/her fame? Maybe you will find a friend who has the same opinion as you.

5. Guess what your friends’ most recent Google searches were

This is really interesting one. Before showing everyone the theme of the party, ask them to hand out their mobile phones, so they can’t change or delete the latest search records. Take a look at any funny questions they’ve asked Google!

6. Similar-looking celebrities

You probably just assumed two performers or actresses were the same if you’ve watched enough movies. We assure you that there is a large number of these celebrities for you to complete a nice PowerPoint night.

Recommended Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

Recommended Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

7. Your friends as Disney roles

If you are all fans of Disney animations, then you can discuss which cartoon character is the most suitable for each other. I believe Disney already has offered enough options for you to choose from.

8. What you would do as president

I believe this must be an idea you have discussed with one or two friends before. Now take a look at the thought of a large group of friends – perhaps you will find more novel ideas.

9. Your experiences with the finest and worst supervisors or bosses

When it comes to colleagues at work, I believe everyone will be able to talk endlessly. This is a good opportunity to complain about the boss with close friends. Of course, you can also share some colleague relationships that you will cherish for a lifetime.

10. Places where you have cried before

Perhaps you haven’t even talked about this with your closest friends. If you are willing to, tell them where those places are and what happened at that time.

11. Things you learned from watching TikTok videos

Viewing short videos is not necessarily entertainment or just killing time. For example, I have learned some very practical life tips. Share your experiences with friends, which may improve the quality of your life a bit.

More Recommended Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

More Recommended Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

12. Best travel you’ve ever had

Do you remember your best trip ever? Is it because of the scenery on the journey or the people you travel with?

13. Exposing the last 3 photos in your album

Similarly, before unveiling the theme of this PowerPoint Night, tell your friends not to use their mobile phones. Share the 3 recent photos and the story behind them. It is gonna be 100% interesting!

14. Choose a superpower for your mates and explain why

Did you fantasize about having superpowers when you were a child? Now choose one for your friends. They must be curious about the reason why you think like this.

15. The emojis that look like your friends most

My friends often send an emoji to me saying: You two look exactly the same! Now check your emoji list and see which one most resembles a friend of yours.

16. Bucket list

How many items are there on your must-do list? Whether the things you want to do vary with age? This is a very meaningful topic. Talk to friends about the things you must do in life and see how much you have accomplished.

17. When and how each friend would end up in jail

We can often see such votes on Twitter: Who would be in jail first? A or B? Of course, there are various ways to commit a crime. Which one is suitable for your friend? This topic allows you to joke around for a long time.

18. Alternatives to your present work that you’d want to pursue

Do you often think about it when you feel too tired at work? What would you do if you realized wealth and freedom one day? Now start fantasizing crazily with your friends. Maybe one day your idea will really come true.

19. The best restaurant in a 20-mile radius

Based on a comprehensive comparison, taking the taste, price, dining environment, and service attitude into account. Recommend a restaurant that you think is the best. You guys can go there next time for another party!

20. Dream house tour

Tell your friends in advance about the topic of this PowerPoint night, and they will share some photos of their dream house. Believe me, this topic will definitely keep them talking.

21. The top 3 things you hate in life

When it comes to things we hate, people tend to be more excited than when it comes to talking about things they like. Gathering friends together and talking based on this topic is undoubtedly a very good idea that can even relieve stress.

22. Rating pics on Instagram

I believe that every one of your friends uses Instagram, right? Friends can get together to share their favorite Insta bloggers. Whether these pictures are about dogs, cats, models, traveling, food, or flower art, these exchanges can help people relax or even bring some enlightenment into their daily life.

23. Things you regret

Regret is something that happens a lot since we are all just ordinary people. Sharing the things you regret most can help you move on faster. Perhaps, friends will share some new ideas to help you find better solutions.

24. Things you purchase most in the supermarket

This is also a good topic for frequent friend gatherings, which will provide some inspiration for your next weekly supermarket shopping. Maybe it is the time for you guys to try new brands of groceries!

25. Choose a reality tv show for your friends

Do you have many reality shows that you want to recommend? If you know your friends well enough, then you can recommend one that suits their preferences best for each of them.

26. Planning your weddings

Everyone has different expectations for their wedding, and friends who are in a relationship or single can get together to discuss how they will arrange a wedding. Already married? It doesn’t matter. You can talk about the most regrettable part of your wedding.

27. Planning your life after retirement

Do you want to work longer to make money, or do you want to welcome retirement early? What would you do if you stopped working one day? Traveling around the world or learning something new at home? Come on, make a plan for a wonderful retirement time with your friends.

28. The concert you to go most

What music do you play most often? Do you ever have the chance to meet your favorite singer or music band? Have you always regretted not having the opportunity to watch a live show in person? Let’s talk about a concert you most want to go to and the songs you want to hear most!


The very concept of PowerPoint night is to have fun with your theme and to be as innovative as you want to be. Do the 20 PowerPoint night ideas listed above strike your fancy? Now, tell your friends about them. It will be even more wonderful because of our post whether your next gathering is offline or online.

We are literally looking forward to adding more enjoyment to it. Also, we are hoping that you would be the one who come up with more ideas for PowerPoint nights for our audience. Enjoy your time!

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