Getting the Line Through: How to Use Strikethrough in Gmail

Last updated on August 24, 2023

Summary :

Want to know how to add that cool strikethrough text to your Gmail messages? Look no further! Here are three easy ways to strikethrough text on Mac or Windows PC, Android Phone, or iPhone. Let’s get started!

How to Strikethrough Text in Gmail

There are many types of text formatting, and one of those is Strikethrough. It is a typographical representation of one or multiple words with a flat line(horizontal) through their center.

Generally, this formatting is used to ignore or negate a few words or complete sentences. For example, you have a sales page that had some offers in March 2023, and now, that ends. So, at times, you don’t really delete that but just strike through that offer to say that it is not applicable now.

Moreover, there would be many different uses of Strikethrough as well. Different people use it differently. In this article, I am going to talk about how to use Strikethrough in Gmail. So, continue reading…

How to Use Strikethrough in Gmail on Windows and Mac

When you work on Desktop PC whether Mac or Windows, Gmail works quite the same way. I am working on Mac, so the screenshot would be from that only. But, using the option on both OS is almost the same.

Step 1: Access Gmail. Log in with your Credentials. I.e. Email & Password

Gmail Login page

Gmail Login page

Step 3: Now, after logging in, Click Compose to write an email.

Gmail Compose

Gmail Compose

You will see the Compose email box there.

Writing text in Gmail Compose

Writing text in Gmail Compose

Step 4: Since we are just testing strikethrough, you can ignore entering anyone’s email address for now. Just write some text there.

Strikingthrough a text in Gmail ComposeWriting text in Gmail Compose

Strikingthrough a text in Gmail Compose

Step 5: Select the full sentence or a word or certain parts of the text which you want to strikethrough, and then click on the Strikethrough option which you see at the bottom of the compose box. As you click, the selected text got a strikethrough.

Text Striken Through

Text Striken Through

That’s it! You are now learned how to use strikethrough in Gmail on Computers.

How to Strikethrough Text in the Gmail App on Android

The days have come when most people use Gmail on their phones as well. And, when they use it on phones, they don’t use it in the browser but there is a standalone app called Gmail App.

Let’s find out, how to Strikethrough the text in the Gmail app on Android:

When it comes to using strikethrough to text in Gmail Compose on the Android app, I don’t find an option to do it as you can see in this screenshot.

No strikethrough option available in Gmail compose

No strikethrough option available in Gmail compose

However, when it comes to Gmail Chat, I can see the option, and it is working well as you can see below:

Strikethrough option in Gmail Chat

Strikethrough option in Gmail Chat

So the question is how to get strikethrough in Gmail App for Emails?

I have been facing this issue once I had to do it on my phone, and after trying for a while, I haven’t found any option. Then, I went ahead and did something different which I will explain in the steps for better clarity:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store. Type Strike Text, and tap, the app with the name “Strike Text”.

Step 2: Install the app by tapping on Install. Launch the app.

Strike text app

Strike text app

Step 3: Write something in the Input, and you will see the output box will have the same text with a strikethrough. Then tap the “Copy to Clipboard” button.


Text with strikethrough copied

Text with strikethrough copied

Step 5: Go to the Gmail app, tap “Compose”, and paste the text. You will see the text pasted there will have a strikethrough.

Strikethrough text pasted in Gmail compose

Strikethrough text pasted in Gmail compose

That’s it. This is how you can strikethrough text in the Gmail app on Android.

How to Strikethrough Text in the Gmail App on iPhone and iPad

Gmail App offers the same features on iPhone and iPad as on Android. Thus, you can just go ahead, and use the same method to strikethrough a text in the Gmail app on iPhone and iPad as we did on Android.

You can choose any Strikethrough app on your iOS device or simply go to CKeditor to generate Strikethrough text, and then copy and paste it into Gmail Compose.



This is it. This is the easiest way to get Strikethrough in your Gmail compose when you don’t find the option on your device.

Gmail Strikethrough: FAQs

How can you run Gmail strikethrough through shortcut keys on Windows & Mac?

You can run Gmail Strikethrough easily by using the shortcut keys. Windows users need to press three sets of keys together to apply strikethrough on a selected set of texts Alt+Shift+5. Mac users can also do the same, they can press, CMD+Shift+X together.

Gmail strikethrough not working when copying on a mobile?

If copying a text in Gmail Compose on Mobile, strikethrough doesn’t work, you can try other workarounds to get the strikethrough. You can just put the text in the compose and you have to get a third-party app. Launch the app after installing it and get the strikes to text within the app. Now, copy that and paste it into Gmail. It should work.

I haven’t found any app for iOS, so you can try Strikethrough text generator online, and then copy and paste it into your Gmail app. You can use this for Android as well.

Does Gmail have other formatting options?

Gmail comes with a list of formatting options. It has a sizing text option that comes in Small, Normal, and Large Huge. You can use bold and italics in the text. You can fill in the color on the text. You can align your text. It also comes with an inbuilt pointers system.

What are the shortcut keys for strikethrough in Gmail?

If you are a Windows user, go to your Gmail Compose, select the text you want to strikethrough, and press these key combinations Alt+Shift+5. If you are using Mac, do the same, but, use these key combinations CMD+Shift+X to strike through the selected text.


Gmail Strikethrough is a great function that can be applied to any ‘n’ number of texts. You can implement it by manually accessing the formatting options. You can use the shortcuts through the extension, and use shortcuts easily without any extension if you are using Chrome to implement it.

If you feel like upgrading the text’s display and outlay profiling then you can do so through any third-party app called CKEditor. Third-party editors are very helpful in running strikethrough on Gmail’s app version.

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