The 21 Best Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs and How to Use Them

Last updated on August 24, 2023

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A wonderful method to liven up your creative ideas is to use handwritten fonts. We’ll discuss 21 of the greatest handwritten fonts in the following article to give your work a genuinely distinctive look.

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Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs

Handwriting Fonts on Google Docs

Are you looking for a fantastic approach to add some human touch to your creative designs? Fonts that resemble handwriting are a wonderful choice for you.

Handwriting styles may sometimes convey a person’s emotional state, personality, likes, dislikes, and even hardships. As a result, they can add some “sweets and bitters” to the work produced by an automated device. You may give your document a handwritten appearance using one of the many handwriting fonts available on Google Docs.

We chose the most popular 21 fonts after looking through hundreds of options and listing them below. So let’s get going and choose the ideal font that reflects your ideas.

By the way, if you are looking for fonts for Google Docs in another popular style, you can check the best typewriter fonts here.

Best Google Docs Typewriter Fonts

1. Lobster

The Lobster font is developed by Impallari Type, Cyreal with a different approach. The Lobster is one of the calligraphic handwriting fonts that have a casual appearance; it appears to have been created by a skilled calligrapher, giving the audience a sense of nostalgic feelings.



The new format allows users to have different versions of each letter, which is precisely what the vast majority of designers are doing. Rather than compromising the look of our letters to force connections, they replicate lettering artists’ techniques. The finest feasible variant of each letter is utilized depending on the context of the letter inside each phrase as this font delivers several variations of each letter.

Get Lobster from Google

2. Great Vibes

The linking script Great Vibes has a wonderful flow and combines less formal lowercase letters with more informal capital forms. In addition to attractive uppercase shapes, it contains neatly looped ascenders and descenders. The handwritten, uneven appearance of Great Vibes, together with its genuine flaws and wide strokes, give your work a really natural appearance.

Great Vibes

Great Vibes

Great Vibes features more than 400 glyphs, which include variant characters and slick linking ligatures. Additionally, it includes full Latin character support for Western, Central, and even Vietnamese languages.

Get Great Vibes from Google

3. Princess Sofia

Disney Junior produces the well-known animated television program Princess Sofia. The program centers on the exploits of Sofia, a little child who becomes a princess after her mother weds a king. A font with the same name was created by Crystal Kluge of Tart Workshop (a DBA of Font Diner, Inc.), who was inspired by the story behind it.

Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia

It appears as though there is a genuine princess who oversees the home with love, elegance, and refined penmanship in the Princess Sofia font, which is a casual italic calligraphy-inspired design ideal for titles with a little flare.

Get Princess Sofia from Google

4. Swanky and Moo Moo

Swanky And Moo Moo is a cute, handwritten typeface that Kimberly Geswein designed in 2010. It has a totally distinctive personality since it combines several more opposing emotions. The typeface was created from Kimberly Geswein’s handwriting when she was still a young mother in 2021.

Swanky and Moo Moo

Swanky and Moo Moo

The name of the font is also derived from the writer’s family nicknames. Swanky And Moo Moo makes sure the written content is still easily accessible even if it appears to be the product of someone in a rush.

Get Swanky and Moo Moo from Google

5. Handlee

The handwriting of typographer Joe Prince is an inspiration for Handlee. It has a wonderful, human-like aspect that is mirrored in the letters because of its uneven curves. The placement of each glyph in relation to the baseline, as well as the variation in ascenders and descenders, all add to the font’s human-like characteristics.



It is appropriate for any designers who want to add some individuality and charm and can be shrunk to extremely small proportions without losing readability.

It is a beautiful, feminine, yet upbeat design that is reminiscent of someone who likes writing and tinkering with the individual intricacies of each letter.

Get Handlee from Google

6. Homemade Apple

We are all convinced that handmade apple pies are the greatest. The same might be inferred from the font’s name, Homemade Apple: the ideal typeface is one that appears to have been handwritten.

Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple

Use this gorgeous cursive handwritten script font to add a personal touch to your recipe design if you want to be more imaginative about it. It also has the appearance and feel of a typeface you could use to write a cookbook or the label for a jam jar being yummy.

Get Homemade Apple from Google

7. Dekko

Dekko is a warm, beautifully designed typeface that is intended to improve how attractive your printed materials seem. It was adapted from Modular InfoTech’s 4948 and made to seem and feel more written and regular.



By the way it appears, we may infer that it was designed to appeal to those who are passionate about writing or calligraphy. Besides, Dekko also has a full set of Latin.

Get Dekko from Google

8. Cedarville Cursive

If you’re searching for a handwritten font, this is as near as it gets—imperfect and entertaining—from Kimberly Geswein. It is a real, straightforward handwriting typeface. In Google Fonts, Cedarville Cursive is now accessible.

Cedarville Cursive

Cedarville Cursive

This font was created using the writing style of a jovial preschool teacher. Even if it appears a touch sloppy and irresponsible, it is still among the most organic, unrestricted, and unnatural typefaces we have come across.

Click here to explore more cursive fonts like this.

Get Cedarville Cursive from Google

9. La Belle Aurore

The well-known and beloved Hollywood blockbuster Casablanca served as the inspiration for this typeface. You will undoubtedly adore this if you enjoy old films.

La Belle Aurore

La Belle Aurore

One is immediately brought back to someone penning a love letter due to the curliness and usage of what appears to be italics. La Belle Aurore demonstrates passion and bravery through the subtle, enigmatic twist.

Get La Belle Aurore from Google

10. Yellowtail

Yellowtail is a medium-weight flat brush script typeface with an old-school feel that is reminiscent of handwritten vintage signs. Its combination of linking and non-connecting letterforms contributes to its distinctive appearance and intelligibility, and it tends to be readable even at smaller sizes.



While paying homage to classic typefaces from the 1930s like Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann, Yellowtail has the sloppy visual rhythm of sign painter letters.

Get Yellowtail from Google

11. Stalemate

The old-fashioned script Stalemate Font creates a powerful statement in any design while yet being expressive and having a fantastic sense of movement in the letters. It emanates confidence and a carefree attitude. With a little brush, each character is individually created.



Additionally, the designer put a cursive touch to the designs to make them more impressive and hip. So you can quickly make great fashion magazines, company logos, cosmetic printing, birthday, cartoon posters, tattoos, and other things with this font.

Get Stalemate from Google

12. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is a straightforward, useful, and adaptable typeface. It may be used for more somber aesthetics or for funnier, lighter ones. It looks good with a slim, tiny sans-serif typeface. With this font and a slight tilt, you can create some extremely impactful typography for your headlines.

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

A beloved writing instrument’s appearance and feel are captured with Permanent Marker. This typeface is a great option if you are searching for a way to replicate the look of a permanent marker on your computer.

Get Permanent Marker from Google

13. Berkshire Swash

Berkshire Swash is a seductive semi-sweet typeface with a powerful but feminine flare that Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute first released via the TrueType Set in 2017. In contrast to the other fonts, Berkshire Swash has a more classic, conventional appearance. There are some really lovely, subtle flourishes in the serifs.

Berkshire Swash

Berkshire Swash

Unexpectedly, the readability is excellent. At a bigger scale, the flourishing and taper of the strokes may be seen more clearly. It is really impactful yet nonetheless restrained and mature owing to the thick stroke.

Get Berkshire Swash from Google

14. Rock Salt

Big, brash, and explosive in energy is Rock salt. You can generate fairly huge header text with a relatively thin stroke without it being too overbearing. The edges of the strokes have an unusual marker-like texture. Reading is challenging at smaller sizes.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt

They go nicely with a tiny sans-serif font, as they do with many of these really loose, textured handwriting typefaces. Rock Salt was drawn by hand using felt-tip markers to provide a unique touch to your work.

Get Rock Salt from Google

15. Chewy

This font strikes a really nice balance of handwriting font characteristics. It’s fun and energetic, while not being too childish. The readability is pretty good at all sizes. This font stands out from a lot of the other fonts because it is so condensed.



A lot of times, this style of font can take up a lot of horizontal space. Chewy uses some tight spacing and narrow letters to give you a really functional typeface.

Get Chewy from Google

16. Playball

Playball was designed with an athletic style in mind, and it makes use of the sweeping swashes to give off a genuine sports vibe. The strokes are fairly readable and have a slight width fluctuation. This font has great fluidity and works well with many different styles.



It is really a particularly lovely old script typeface. Additionally, Playball has Latin Character sets that accommodate the Western, Central, and Vietnamese languages.

Get Playball from Google

17. Pompiere

Pompiere is a low contrast condensed typeface that was drawn inspiration from a hand-made sign that could be seen outside of NYC Firemen Squad in Manhattan. It is incredibly useful, legible, adaptable, entertaining, and even a little bit charming.



The stroke feels quite natural because of the modest texture and variety. Using this typeface, It will function best at medium to big sizes due to its tiny x height and lightweight.

Get Pompiere from Google

18. Short Stack

Short Stack is a low-contrast, semi-geometric typeface created by Sorkin Type Co. that was influenced by rough handwriting. It is strong and clear, yet whimsical and enjoyable, and it works well with both small and big display sizes.

Short Stack

Short Stack

Short Stack has outstanding readability, and a lot of charm, and thoroughly exhibits its childlike aesthetic. Both personal and commercial use of this font is free.

Get Short Stack from Google

19. League Script

League Script is a contemporary script typeface that resembles both handwritten letters from the 1920s and romantic letters back to the teenage hood. When using the very delicate cursive typeface, you have to avoid using lesser sizes for this one; stick to medium-large sizes instead.

League Script

League Script

This font is adaptable and might appear childish or sophisticated depending on the circumstances at hand.

Get League Script from Google

20. Niconne

Nicone was created using patterns from the Stephenson Blake typeface Madonna, which Vernon Adams initially published in 1925. A new version of the 1925 typeface, Nicone, has been altered and reshaped to provide a different, more conventional and attractive font.



Niconne is quite versatile, easy to read, and has a little bit of ornamentation. It has a classic vibe because of the way it flows and has a slight slant to it.

Get Niconne from Google

21. Waiting for the Sunrise

A high school student’s handwriting served as the inspiration for the adaptable and intriguing font Waiting for the Sunrise. Despite being produced at a terrible period in the designer’s life, the font itself is upbeat and lively.

Waiting for the Sunrise

Waiting for the Sunrise

It has a lot of liveliness and has relatively good readability across the board. Just enough variation in the stroke width gives it some individuality. Only personal usage of the typeface is permitted for free.

Get Waiting for the Sunrise from Google

How to Insert Handwriting Fonts in Google Docs

From the very start, you need to open and type the content you want. Here, we will just take the example “A wizard’s job is to vex chumps quickly in fog” in order to present our readers with every letter after being converted into the target font.

Next, go to the toolbar and click the button that displays the current font before choosing “More fonts”; a search bar will then be shown.

Then, input the name of the font you want and pick the one being shown and then go “OK” at the bottom. The font you like is now in your font list!


What’s the benefit of using handwriting fonts on Google Docs?

To begin, you can add handwriting fonts to your work to make it more appropriate for the setting, particularly when designing birthday party invites, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and so on. Second, more natural and creative handwriting fonts can at times enrich your work and better reflect your design philosophy. In short, this is all about perfecting the design.

How to choose the best handwriting fonts on Google Docs?

Actually, there is no “best” choice when it comes to designing, and the choice of handwriting font highly depends on the purpose of your work. However, there are many references you can take, like articles you are reading right now, which provide you with several examples. I bet you already have something in your mind after reading almost this post.

What are the best cute handwriting fonts on Google Docs?

From what we’ve concluded above, there are so many choices for you. Let’s take a look back. Personally, the best cute ones are: Princess Sofia, Permanent Marker, as well as Chewy. Maybe you can even tell from their names: the three all look very childish and lovely, and are all good options to add your work a little bit sweetness. Seeking the best scary handwriting fonts? We’ve also prepared many options for you.

What are the best handwriting fonts on Google Docs?

The suggestion is still made by what we’ve discussed above. The best handwriting fonts on Google Docs are:

  • Lobster
  • Homemade Apple
  • Cedarville Cursive
  • Yellowtail
  • Playball


We’ve compiled a list of the greatest free handwriting fonts available, which should save you some time exploring the web. All of the fonts listed above are free for personal use. We believe that by using these handwriting fonts, your design will become more natural and communicate its beauty in a variety of situations.

Also, you are welcome to learn more about how to explore the art of words at our site.

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