How to Convert HEIC to PDF: Using Foxit and Its Free Alternative

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This post provides you with detailed steps on how to convert HEIC to PDF in Foxit. Additionally, there is a free alternative for you to convert HEIC to PDF, providing an extra benefit.

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converting HEIC files to PDF is a practical solution when dealing with document submissions, especially on platforms that may not support HEIC format. HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Format) is a file format commonly used for images on Apple devices. While it offers high-quality images, it might not be universally supported across all platforms or applications.

New to Foxit Reader and don’t know how to convert HEIC to PDF in Foxit? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you can find the step-by-step guide on how to convert a HEIC image to a PDF with and without Foxit.

Step by Step Guide to Convert HEIC to PDF in Foxit

Foxit Reader serves as a tool for viewing, editing, and adding notes to PDFs. You can fill in forms, sign documents, and collaborate on a document with others. It’s more than just a PDF viewer; it also allows you to print in various formats, such as converting HEIC files into PDFs.

You can download this program for free on Windows, macOS, and iOS. Printing HEIC to PDF with Foxit Reader is easy, just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Start by right-clicking on the HEIC file you want to turn into a PDF. From the menu that pops up, pick the Print option.

Step 2. In the box that shows up, you can decide where you want your PDF file to go.

Step 3. After that, Foxit Reader will pop up and show your new PDF file, ready for you to use.

Convert HEIC to PDF Using Foxit Reader

Convert HEIC to PDF Using Foxit Reader

Using Foxit Reader to print HEIC to PDF on your Desktop is not the same as converting, and you may get a different result when you print HEIC to a PDF file like the image is printed in half. That is why we will introduce you to a professional HEIC to PDF converter for you in the next section.

Convert HEIC to PDF with Foxit Alternative

Converting HEIC to PDF using the printing option in Foxit might not yield the desired result. Additionally, it’s important to note that Foxit’s online converter doesn’t support the HEIC format. That’s why you should explore free alternatives to Foxit for converting HEIC to PDF.

PDFgear offers a free online service where you can upload multiple HEIC images and convert them to PDF in bulk. No need to download third-party software, and you don’t even have to sign up with your email address.

Here are the simple steps on how to convert HEIC to PDF online for free:

Step 1. Upload HEIC Images Online

Navigate to PDFgear online HEIC to PDF converter Click on the “Upload HEIC images” button to bring in one or more HEIC photos from your iPhone or Mac.

Alternatively, drag and drop the HEIC images onto the online converter for uploading.

Upload HEIC Images to the Online Converter

Upload HEIC Images to the Online Converter

Step 2. Batch Convert HEIC to PDF

Once you’ve uploaded them, your HEIC images will combine and convert into a PDF automatically.

Batch Convert HEIC to PDF Online

Batch Convert HEIC to PDF Online

When you switch from HEIC to PDF using PDFgear, your important images and photos stay just as clear and sharp. There’s no loss of quality in the conversion process.

Step 3. Download the Converted PDF File

The conversion process will be finished in a few seconds. Hit the “Download” button to save the .pdf file to your computer.

Convert HEIC to PDF: FAQs

Is There a 100% Free Tool to Convert HEIC to PDF?

PDFgear offers you a completely free tool to convert HEIC to PDF. Unlike other so-called free converters, it will not limit the number you can upload for conversion each day and will not add any watermark to the exported file.

How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Preview on Mac?

Step 1. Get your HEIC images from iCloud onto your Mac by downloading them.

Step 2. Open HEIC by giving it a double-click (this will make Preview start automatically).

Step 3. Head to the top menu bar, and click on File >Export as PDF (or as JPEG).

Step 4. Pick where you want it to go > Save.

How Do I Convert Photos to PDF in Foxit?

Converting a PDF to a PDF in Foxit is straightforward. Just drag and drop your photo onto the Foxit PDF Editor icon. Foxit PDF Editor will open and instantly turn your photo into a PDF. Save the PDF to your preferred location.

In Conclusion

Even though the HEIC file format is renowned for its excellent and high-end performance, it lacks universal compatibility. That’s why you need to convert a HEIC to a universal format like PDF.

For Foxit Reader users, you can discover how to print HEIC to PDF with Foxit. If you don’t have Foxit software installed on your device, you can also explore a free alternative to convert multiple HEIC images into a PDF for free using the PDFgear online tool.

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