How Do I Crop a PDF on Mac for Free

Last updated on February 6, 2024

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Wondering how to crop a PDF on Mac? This post offers two options. You can use the built-in tool Preview to crop PDF files offline on Mac, or try an online tool for cropping PDF files.

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How to Crop A PDF on Mac

How to Crop A PDF on Mac

PDF files are commonly used by office workers due to their display effects and security. However, sometimes we need to crop PDF pages to adjust the size or remove large margins for a better reading experience.

In this article, we will guide you on how to crop PDF pages on your Mac device.

ūüĎȬ†To get started, you need PDFgear, the best free PDF cropper software for Mac.

How to Crop PDFs on Mac for Free

PDFgear is a free PDF cropper software that allows you to crop out unwanted margins in PDF documents with simple clicks, without losing quality.

PDFgear provides a unique feature to apply cropping to one or more PDF pages, making it extremely handy when you are working on specific PDF pages.

Free PDF Cropper Software

Effortlessly crop selected PDF pages at one go using the best free PDF cropper software.

Since PDFgear is a free PDF cropper available from the App Store, you can easily get it without trouble.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch PDFgear on your Mac device. Click Open Files to open the PDF you need to crop.

Click Open File

Click Open File

Step 2. Go to the Page section and click the Crop Page tool within.

Crop Pages

Crop Pages

Step 3. Drag to adjust the cropping rectangle, and click Done when you’re satisfied.

Adjust Cropping Area

Adjust Cropping Area

How to Crop a PDF in Preview

Mac users are likely familiar with the versatile built-in tool called Preview. This application allows users to edit images and PDF files, making it a go-to solution for various tasks, including editing PDF text, highlighting, signing, cropping PDFs, etc.

Step 1. Open the PDF in Preview

Open the PDF you wish to crop and determine the content block on each page to crop.

Step 2. Select the Cropped Area

Navigate to the menu bar at the top > Choose the rectangle icon > Click and drag a rectangular box around the content you want to keep.

Click the Rectangle Button in Preview

Click the Rectangle Button in Preview

Step 3. Crop the PDF

After you’ve determined the crop region, click the Crop button to remove all extraneous material from the page. Repeat the process for the remaining pages in the PDF file.

Click the Crop Button in Preview

Click the Crop Button in Preview

You can undo the crop at any time if you are not satisfied with it. Choose File > Return To and select the oldest version to fully revert the PDF to its pre-cropped state.


However, Preview does not have a feature for one-click cropping of all PDF pages. Therefore, for PDF files with numerous pages, you can utilize PDFgear to easily crop them at once.

How to Crop PDF on Mac Online for Free

PDFgear is a fantastic free tool for cropping PDF pages on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. With this online utility, you can access professional cropping features. PDFgear boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use, even for beginners without specialized knowledge.

Step 1. Upload the PDF to the Cropper

To access the PDF cropping page of PDFgear, click the button below or use the direct link.

Click the Select PDF Files button to import the source PDF file. Or drag and drop PDF files into the online PDF cropper in a simple manner.

Import the PDF to the Cropper

Import the PDF to the Cropper

Step 2. Crop the PDF Files

Pull the edges of the adjustable crop rectangle to calibrate the crop area, select the Apply pages in Crop Settings, and click Apply and Download.

You can choose to apply the calibrated crop area to the entire PDF document, the current page, or a custom page.

Crop the PDF Page

Crop the PDF Page

Step 3. Download the Cropped PDF File

PDFgear will crop out the unwanted parts of the PDF file according to your settings, and then provide you with the output folder. Click the Download button to download the cropped PDF file to your computer.

Download the Cropped PDF File

Download the Cropped PDF File

If you encounter network restrictions or need to process large or multiple files, consider using PDFgear instead as PDFgear online cropper which only supports 20MB maximum.

It offers compatibility with Windows, macOS (10.14 and later), and iOS, allowing you to work without limitations on file size or quantity. Click the button below to download PDFgear.

PDFgear ‚Äď Crop PDF Documents for Free

PDFgear is the ultimate choice for cropping PDF files, even with large sizes and lengthy pages. Its intelligent cropping capabilities are available on macOS, iOS, and Windows, all for free and guaranteed to be safe.

What Else Can PDFgear Do?

Apart from cropping PDFs, PDFgear’s online toolkit offers a comprehensive range of PDF tools, including editing, rotating, combining,¬†compressing a PDF, filling out PDF forms, and chatting with PDF using AI techniques.

Over 30 other PDF-related tools are offered by PDFgear. It supports wide-format input and allows conversion between various formats to and from PDF. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, PDFgear is a suitable choice for managing and creating PDF documents.


How Do I Crop A PDF in Bluebeam?

Bluebeam Revu features a cropping tool for removing undesirable areas of a PDF page. Open the PDF to be cropped and ensure that the desired page is active in the main workspace. Crop the page by going to Document > Pages > Select a crop box from the Select Box drop-down list > Apply the crop area to a specific PDF page.

When a section of a PDF page is cropped, the entire page is reduced to the size of the cropped portion, making the document smaller. If this is not wanted, go to the Page Setup tab and make the necessary changes.

Since Bluebeam is expensive, you can explore alternative cropping apps available in the market.

How Do I Crop A PDF Without Acrobat on Mac?

Choose PDFgear over Adobe Acrobat Pro for free PDF cropping. Upload your file to PDFgear online cropper > select the cropping area by dragging your mouse > and click “Apply and Download” to save the cropped PDF. PDFgear is a user-friendly and¬†completely free solution.

How Do I Crop Part of a PDF?

PDFgear allows you to crop specific pages in the PDF. Simply access the PDFgear online cropper > Select the desired cropping area using the mouse > Go to the Crop Pages function area > Choose the Page Range option > Enter the page numbers you want to crop in the input box > Click Apply and Download.

Final Words

We have discussed in detail how to crop PDF files on Mac above. Whether you choose to use Preview or PDFgear, there’s no need to download any software. PDFgear is a versatile PDF tool offering numerous free PDF-related tools.

Moreover, PDFgear provides desktop software for offline PDF creation and management. You can download the free application РPDFgear on your Mac computers or Macbooks and crop PDF pages without an internet connection.

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