3 Simple Ways to Combine PDF Files on Mac for Free

Last updated on March 6, 2023

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If you like to know how to combine multiple files on Mac, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses the three methods in detail for you, now let’s dive into it.

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How to Combine PDF Files on Mac for Free

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac for Free

“Abandoning” traditional paper documents and replacing them with different forms of file formats. PDF document supports the advantages of secure encryption, vector graphics, and embedded multimedia, which makes it favored by a large number of scholars and office workers.

When we organize PDF data, we often need to combine multiple PDF files to facilitate searching or reading. Using the merge file function, you can quickly gather all the content together, which is convenient for modifying the content. How to merge PDF files on Mac? Below is a specific solution for you.

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How to Combine Two PDFs on Mac in Preview

Preview is the best PDF viewing, editing, and annotating app on macOS, and it might have more features you didn’t realize. This built-in tool allows its users to merge multiple PDF files, and the operation process is very simple.

Step 1. Open PDF in Preview

Open your PDF file in Preview first. To display page thumbnails in the sidebar, go to View > Thumbnails.

View the Thumbnails in Preview

View the Thumbnails in Preview

Step 2. Insert the PDF Page

Select Page Thumbnails to indicate where to place additional documents.

Insert the Page from File

Insert the Page from File

Select Edit > Insert > Page in File from the menu. Select the PDF you want to add from the file dialog and click Open.

Step 3. Save the New PDF File

After successfully merging the two PDF files, pick “File” > “Export as PDF” to save the merged file.

How to Merge A Section of One PDF with Another

If you wish to insert certain pages from one PDF into another, you can also use the Preview application.

Step 1. Display Page Thumbnails

In Preview, open the two PDF files that need to be merged.

Select View > Thumbnails in each document to display page thumbnails in the sidebar.

Step 2. Merge the PDFs

Hold down the Command key, then choose the page thumbnails you want to add to another document.

Merge PDF Add Files

Merge PDF Add Files

Drag the selected thumbnails to the other PDF’s sidebar, then release them where you want them to appear.

Step 3. Save the Combined PDF

Now you can save the new merged PDF file: Navigate to “File” > click to select “Export as PDF”.

How to Merge Merge PDFs Online on Mac for Free

Merge multiple PDF files and sort them to your liking. Simple and fast! No download or registration is required, PDFgear works on the cloud.

Step 1. Upload the PDF

To access the Merge PDF service within the PDFgear online tool, click the button below.

Drag and drop PDF files into the online converter in the sequence you wish, or upload your PDF by clicking the Select PDF files option. You can choose to add PDF files one at a time or hold down Ctrl on the keyboard to select multiple PDF files.

Upload the PDF to the Online Merger

Upload the PDF to the Online Merger

Step 2. Combine the PDF

After you’ve imported all of the PDF files that need to be merged, click the Merge PDF button to use the simple tool.

Click the Merge PDF Button

Click the Merge PDF Button

Step 3. Save the PDF

PDF documents will be automatically combined in the order in which they are uploaded. Click the blue download button when it appears to obtain the merged PDF document.

Download the Merged PDF File

Download the Merged PDF File

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Merge PDF on Mac

Why Can’t I Combine PDF Files on Mac?

In the case of excluding technical reasons, improper handling when dragging pages can also cause PDF files to not be merged. Dividers may appear when you drag a thumbnail (or PDF page) above or below another thumbnail pane. To ensure proper insertion, do not drag thumbnails beyond the divider.

How Do I Combine PDF Files on Mac Sierra?

If you’re using macOS Sierra or earlier, merge PDF files by dragging a thumbnail directly onto a thumbnail in another PDF.

How Do I Combine PDF Files on A Mac for Free?

The best way to merge PDFs on Macs is to try out the Preview app. If your Preview app doesn’t work on Macs, a professional PDF Merger is also advisable. As an online alternative to Preview, PDFgear is capable of accomplishing any task of merging PDFs on a Mac.

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