How to Compress PDF to 100kb Online for Free

Piers Zoew Thursday May 5, 2022 7:13 AM

For special purposes, we want to compress PDF files to under 100KB. Using an online tool must be one of the easiest and most effective ways, let’s dive into how to use free tools to compress PDF files online.

PDFgear uses MRC technology to greatly optimize PDF files while maintaining maximum fidelity. Without downloading and registering, you can easily complete compression tasks with this free online tool.

Viewing PDF files on various operating systems and computers will not have problems such as typesetting and formatting errors, so the utilization rate of the PDF format is the highest among all file formats. However, it is inevitable to encounter the problem that the PDF file cannot be sent or uploaded because the PDF file is too large. At this time, we need to compress the file.

If you want to compress your PDF file to 100kb, then you need to choose the correct platform.

How to Compress PDF Online to 100kb

The PDFgear online toolkit supports working on Windows, Mac, and Linux browsers, and you can use it to reduce PDF size down to 100kb on any device. You can click the button below to navigate to PDFgear.

Step 1. Upload a PDF File to PDFgear

You can drag and drop your PDF files into your toolbox, or click Choose files in the middle to jump to the file browser to add PDF files.

Upload the PDF to the Compressor

Upload the PDF to the Compressor

Step 2.  Choose a Compressing Option

When your PDF file is successfully uploaded to PDFgear, a new window will pop up to show you the compression options.

Select the Compressing Option

Select the Compressing Option

This tool provides you with three compression options: low compression, medium compression(recommended), and maximum compression. Choose one according to your needs and hit the Compress button to reduce the PDF size.

Step 3.  Save the Compressed File to Your Computer

The Download button will appear after the compression is complete, you can click this button to download the compressed PDF file to your computer.

Download the Compressed PDF

Download the Compressed PDF

Below is a video tutorial on how to use PDFgear to compress PDF files to under 100KB.

Compress PDF to 100KB FAQ

Listed below are some frequently asked questions for you to learn more about compressing PDFs down to 100KB.

Is Free to Use PDFgear?

For your convenience, PDFgear is free to use. You can use this tool to convert, compress, and edit PDFs for free. Compared with other third-party software, online tools can save your computer system space more effectively. In addition, PDFgear can also help users to compress PDF files for free on mobile phones and tablets.

Does Compression Lose PDF File Quality?

PDFgear uses MRC technology to optimize the size and quality of images, which will guarantee the quality of PDF files. When processing large PDF documents, this online tool scans the file and identifies similar data patterns, then replaces all duplicates with unique identifiers. It will greatly reduce the file size while maintaining and optimizing the quality of the PDF file.

Is Safe to Use PDFgear

PDFgear is 100% clean and safe, it will keep users’ information safe. This tool does not save any of your files, you are the only one who can access your files, and the system automatically deletes your files after you close or refresh your browser. So you need to download the compressed file in advance, please feel free to use this online tool to handle your compression task. For more details, please visit the Privacy Policy.


For how to compress PDF to 100kb online, the above provides you with a simple and effective solution. PDFgear is an easy-to-use tool that is suitable for all types of people.
PDFgear not only can help users compress PDF to 100kb but also provides more online tools to convert PDF, edit PDF, and read PDF. It offers a variety of features that will make your document work easier.

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