3 Simple and Free Offline Methods to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 and Mac

Last updated on November 28, 2023

Summary :

If you want to turn JPG into PDF without a network, you are in the right place. This article will show three different ways to help you achieve your conversion goals offline in a few simple steps.

Convert JPG to PDF Offline

How to Convert JPG to PDF Offline

How to Convert JPG to PDF Offline

PDF is the most printer-friendly file format. Based on the postscript language image model, PDF can reproduce the original colors, characters, and images, which also leads to the accurate printing of images in PDF format and the best printing effect regardless of the printer. Therefore, converting JPG images to PDF files has become a habit for many people before printing pictures.

To meet this growing demand, the post offers 3 different offline methods to make sure you can change JPG to PDF without a stable internet. We will introduce the PDF tool PDFgear offline desktop version, the Windows built-in tool, and the Mac Built-in function for you to choose the preferred one.

Convert JPG to PDF in Bulk(Mac and Windows)

PDFgear is a PDF tool specially designed to solve popular PDF problems, including many excellent PDF tools, such as PDF converter, PDF cropper, PDF compressor, and so on. It also provides two versions of free online tools and desktop software for users to choose from.

Compared with the online tools of PDFgear, the desktop version does not rely on network conditions. It runs more stably and faster and has a more powerful performance. It can not only quickly complete the conversion from JPG to PDF in a few seconds to meet the basic needs of new PDF users, but also provides various advanced options to enhance the flexibility of operation for advanced PDF users.

Now, Let’s see the step-by-step tutorial about converting JPG to PDF offline with PDFgear. Before starting the follow-up operation, please click the following button to install the PDFgear desktop version on your computer. Don’t worry, download and installation are free and absolutely safe.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open the Image to PDF Converter

Double-click the icon of PDFgear software, find and open the JPG to PDF converter.

Open Image to PDF Converter

Open Image to PDF Converter

Step 2. Upload JPG Image

Click the “Add Files” button on the top of the tool window. If you want to upload multiple JPGs at once, you can long-press the Ctrl button to select more images.

Add JPG Images to the Converter

Add JPG Images to the Converter

Step 3. Convert Now

After uploading successfully, you need to select the Page Settings you want and set the file output location at the bottom of the window. When everything is decided, click the red Convert button. Then, the explorer of the folder where the file is located will automatically open, and you can find your new PDF file.

Batch Convert JPG to PDF Offline

Batch Convert JPG to PDF Offline

PDFgear desktop version can support Windows 10 or above, and Mac OS X 10.9 or above. Before you download it, please check out if your operating system is suitable.

Although using PDFgear software is an efficient and excellent method to change JPG to PDF offline, there are some PDF users who resist using third-party software. Don’t worry, we offer another 2 methods which depend on the functions or tools of Windows and Mac.

Turn JPG into PDF on Windows 10 without Software

Windows 10 and above Windows systems all have an application called Photos, which is the key to helping Windows users convert images to PDF files without networking or downloading any additional software.

The specific steps are shown below.

Step 1. Open JPG with Photos

Open the JPG image with the Photos App of Windows. Then a photo window will pop up.

Open JPG with the Photos

Open JPG with the Photos

Step 2. Print to PDF

There is a Printer icon on the right-top corner of the window page, click it.

Click the Printer Icon

Click the Printer Icon

Choose Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer on the settings window, and click the “Print” button.

Select Microsoft Print to PDF

Select Microsoft Print to PDF

Step 3. Save New PDF

The File Explorer will pop up, now you can rename your file and save it to the folder you choose.

Save the PDF File

Save the PDF File

The converting method provided by Windows works well, but the Mac system also has its own built-in magic weapon.

Convert JPG to PDF on Mac with Preview

The built-in Quick Actions function also has the power to help Mac users save JPGs as PDF files in a blitz.

Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Access to the Quick Actions

Select the JPG or JPGs you want to change and right-click one image icon to move your mouse to “Quick Actions” in the drop-down menu. Then choose the “Create to PDF” button.

Quick Actions

Quick Actions

Step 2. Create PDF

In the lower right corner of the current window, the “Create PDF” button will appear. Click it.

Create PDF from JPG

Create PDF from JPG

Step 3. Check Your PDF Files

Now, you get a new PDF file that consists of all the JPGs you selected.

How to Convert JPG to PDF: FAQs

How do I convert a JPG to PDF?

Converting JPG to PDF with PDFgear is a great solution to this problem. We highly recommend you use PDFgear online free tool to change the format whenever and wherever possible with your computer or mobile phone. No registration, no privacy risk, the PDFgear online converter can finish your goal within a few clicks.

Here are specific steps.

Step 1. Upload to the JPG to PDF converter of PDFgear with a browser.

Step 2. Hit the button to upload your JPG.

Step 3. Save the new PDF to your device.

How do I convert JPG to PDF on my phone?

You can use PDFgear to save JPG as PDF on your phone. With its incredible compatibility, PDFgear online free tool can play a role not only on computer running systems but also on phone systems including iOS and Android.

Follow the tutorial below, the method only has 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Open the browser on your phone to navigate to PDFgear JPG to PDF converting page.

Step 2. Upload your JPG saved on your phone to PDFgear.

Step 3. Download the new PDF converted automatically, and save it to the output location.

The Closing Words

This post introduces 3 methods in detail for PDF users to turn JPG images into PDF files quickly and conveniently without a network. You can choose any solution you like for offline operation, all 3 ways can help you solve problems efficiently.

Of course, if you need to convert JPG to PDF immediately, but don’t have a computer around now, don’t worry. As mentioned above, PDFgear also provides free online tools. You just need to open your mobile phone, and click this link when using traffic or connecting a WiFi, Use your mobile browser to go to the online JPG to PDF conversion page of PDFgear, and you can successfully get the PDF file you want. You can understand this online method better by watching the video tutorial below.