3 Free Ways to Convert Pages to PDF

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Summary :

The Pages is Apple’s word processor software, which is the first choice for Mac users to create documents. In order to avoid Pages documents from being incompatible with other programs, you can follow the following three methods to convert them to PDF documents on Apple devices.

Convert Pages to PDF for Free

Pages, like most word processing applications, support users in creating complex documents with tables, charts, and pictures. Apple created the Pages program to rival Microsoft Word, and it is available for macOS and iOS. Because it is driven by templates, compatibility with other document applications may be limited.

To facilitate non-Apple users to open a Pages file properly, you can follow the below methods to convert it to PDF format for viewing or sharing. Read on to get more details.

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How to Convert Pages to PDF with Pages Application

Some Apple users like to create documents with the application called Pages that comes with the computer. The Page application supports you to export Pages files to PDF or Word directly, which saves you a lot of trouble. We will discuss in detail below how to convert Pages files to PDF on Mac.

Prior to converting, make sure the pages are in the desired order, go rearrange your PDF pages if not.

Step 1. Open the Pages document you want to convert. Click “File” in the menu bar. Scroll down and click “Export to”. This will pop up the Export drop-down menu.

Export Pages to PDF on Mac

Export Pages to PDF on Mac

Step 2. In the “Export to” drop-down menu, scroll to and click PDF. Next, you will get the PDF menu with the Good, Better, and Best options provided in the image quality drop-down menu.

Select the Image Quality

Select the Image Quality

You can adjust the image quality according to your preference, and you need to note that the better the image quality is, the larger the file will be.

Step 3. Click the “Next” button at the bottom right corner, which will bring up the “Save” pop-up window. You can change the name of the PDF and the preset file output location, and then click the Export button to successfully create a PDF document from the Pages file.

How to Convert Pages to PDF on iPhone/iPad

If you receive a Pages document on your iPhone or iPad, in order to share it with others for viewing or printing, you can follow the following methods to convert Pages to PDF.

Export Pages to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Export Pages to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Open the Pages document you want to convert on your iPhone or iPad. The three-dot menu button (More) will appear.

Step 2. Click the Export button and select the format (PDF or .docx) you want to convert the document to. We choose PDF format here.

Step 3. Afterward, select how you want to send the document, such as by email or message.

How to Convert Pages to PDF Online

Besides, there are many free websites in the market to convert Pages to PDF online. CloudConverter is one of the best online tools to change Pages to PDF with advanced conversion technology. Regardless of your device and system, you can follow the given steps to convert Pages to PDF online.

Convert Pages to PDF Online

Convert Pages to PDF Online

Step 1. Navigate to CloudConvert Pages to PDF online converter from any browser. Click the arrow on the Select File button, which will open a drop-down menu. You can upload pages from your system, or from cloud-based hosting sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive.

Step 2. After selecting and uploading the file, a drop-down list will appear where you can select PDF or several other image formats to convert.

If you have multiple pages in your page file, you can also select specific pages to be converted. Besides, you can also use a password to protect the converted PDF file.

Step 3. Now click the Convert button to start the conversion, it takes a few seconds to convert pages to PDF online. The converted PDF file will be opened within the preview, click the Download button to download the document to your system or your mobile device.


Not everyone likes to use Microsoft Office 365 suite for electronic documents, Apple users may prefer to use the Pages program. If others can’t check your Pages files properly, the method provided in this article to change Pages files to PDF may come in handy. If you have tried other easier methods, please share them with us in the comments section below.