How to Convert PDF to Excel Offline

Piers Zoew Tuesday February 21, 2023 3:24 AM

In order to modify the tabular data in PDF files more quickly and conveniently, you’d better convert PDF into Excel format first, so as to improve your work efficiency. This article will introduce you to a trusted professional PDF converter to help you easily convert PDF format offline!

PDF is the file format most often used by people to share or upload materials and homework in the field of business and learning. The characteristics of PDF make it extremely friendly to cross-platform transmission, which is also the key to its attention. But also because of the strong security of PDF, when you accept a PDF file and open it with a PDF reader, you will find that you cannot edit the content of the PDF. This leads to that when you need to modify or update some data of a table in PDF, you must first convert the PDF file to editable Excel format to complete the task.

Don’t worry, this post will take you through a free download software to help you quickly change PDF to Excel offline.

Steps to Save PDF as Excel with PDFgear Desktop Software

It’s not easy to find a reliable but free download software that has great performance in converting PDF to Excel, but here comes PDFgear, the rising PDF software with strong functionality.

PDFgear desktop software is consist of numerous PDF tools, including converters between PDF and other common file formats, PDF compressor, PDF editor, PDF splitter, and so on. It runs stably, operates quickly, and the page is very clean while it has a sense of design with no pop-up window and ads.

The ability of PDF to Excel converter of PDFgear software is also outstanding. It not only supports batch upload and batch conversion but also allows you to select the page range you want to convert from a larger PDF file, reducing your workload and further improving work efficiency.

Now let’s check out the detailed steps. Before you follow the steps, please hit the button below to download and install the PDFgear software on your device according to the running system of your computer. Please rest assured that PDFgear is downloaded for free, and the whole process is absolutely safe and clean.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Find and Open the Tool

Launch the PDFgear desktop software, find the PDF to Excel converter and open its window.

Open the Tool

Open the Tool

Step 2. Upload File

Tap the “Add File” button on the top of the tool window, and upload the PDF to PDFgear. You can long-press the Ctrl key to add multiple PDFs at one time.

Upload Your File

Upload Your File

Step 3. Set and Convert Now

After adding the PDF, set the page range you want to convert the PDF, and choose an output location to save your new Excel. When your decision is made, hit the red button to convert PDF now.

Set and Convert

Set and Convert

Within a few seconds, File Explorer will pop up and you can find your new Excel there.


Except for the offline version, PDFgear also provides an online free version for PDF users to process PDF files easier. Similar to offline software, PDFgear online free tool also consists of many powerful PDF functions and supports users to use all tools for free without registering or logging in.

If you are interested in using the PDFgear online tool to convert PDF to Excel, we provide you with a detailed video tutorial below!

Of course, if you’d like to know more about PDF to Excel converters, please read the review of the top 12 PDF to Excel converters.

Frequently Asked Questions about PDF to Excel Conversion

How do I convert a PDF to Excel manually?

You can use PDFgear desktop software to convert PDF to Excel manually. PDFgear supports the function for PDF users to select the converting page range which gives you enough space to choose the converting content. This function not only saves your workload but also improves work efficiency.

How can I convert PDF to Excel without software offline?

There is no method for you to change PDF to Excel without software offline. All running systems have not created a built-in function to help you finish this task yet, So you have to use the PDF to Excel converter of a PDF software like PDFgear desktop version. Here is the download page of PDFgear for you to download for free.

Also, the detailed tutorial on turning PDF into Excel is shown below.

Step 1. Start the PDFgear software and open the PDF to Excel converter.

Step 2. Upload the PDF to the tool window and set the page range you want to convert.

Step 3. Hit the button to convert now and save the new Excel on the output folder you selected.

How do I convert a PDF to XLSX?

XLSX is the extension of an Excel document. So you can convert a PDF to XLSX by using the PDF to Excel converter of PDFgear. Also, PDFgear offers two versions for you to choose from according to your network condition.

If you want to convert online, please navigate to the tool page of PDF to Excel converter of PDFgear with your browser and finish your work within only 2 clicks. And if you want to save PDF as XLSX offline, you should go to the download page of the PDFgear desktop version to download and install the software on your device and start your operation.


This article brings you a way to convert PDF to excel offline using PDFgear software. Efficient and simple is the label of this method. Use PDFgear and get your excel file immediately!