How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint for Free without Limitation

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For a visually impactful presentation of your collected information, converting PDF to PowerPoint (PPT) is the perfect choice. This article will show you an easy way to make this conversion.

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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Offline

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Offline

PDF is great for transmission and storage, but not ideal for formal presentations. PPT, on the other hand, excels in displaying ideas and reports, making it popular in lectures and meetings.

This post introduces efficient offline methods for converting PDF to PPT, along with a free online option for convenient PDF processing.

How to Convert PDF into PPT Free

Utilizing a free file converter is an efficient way to convert PDF to PowerPoint, and PDFgear stands out as an excellent option. It is entirely free, devoid of any hidden charges or in-app purchases.

Notably, PDFgear facilitates batch file processing without imposing restrictions on size or quantity. Moreover, being a lightweight software, it eliminates the need for downloading additional cloud storage applications, ensuring it won’t consume excessive storage space.

Furthermore, PDFgear streamlines the user experience by eliminating the necessity of registering and logging into accounts. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface not only makes the process simple but also saves users valuable time.

Step 1. Install PDFgear on Your Device

Download PDFgear and start enjoying quick and worry-free PDF-related processing. Experience no registration requirements, limits, or watermarks.

PDFgear – Free Convert PDF Documents

PDFgear excels in converting PDF to various document formats on Windows, macOS, and iOS systems. It is a free, secure, and full-featured tool.

Step 2. Import PDFs to Convert

Locate the “Convert from PDF” toolbar > Click the “PDF to PPT” button > Hit “Add Files” > Choose PDFs from your device.

Choose and Import PDFs to PDFgear

Choose and Import PDFs to PDFgear

Step 3. Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Choose the output path for the converted PPT files and click the “Convert” button. Once the conversion is complete, a folder will appear, allowing you to easily locate the files.

Set Output Path and Convert

Set Output Path and Convert

How to Turn PDF into PPT Offline

For efficient PDF to PPT conversion, Adobe Acrobat DC is also recommended, a powerful PDF editor with various functions like converters, readers, compressors, and more. Its outstanding performance, advanced features, and quick response make it a superior choice compared to other converters.

Note that Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid software, starting at $12.99 per month. Make sure to download it before following the tutorial.

Step 1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat DC > Open your PDF > Find the Export PDF tool > Hit it to open the tool window.

Navigate to Export PDF Tool

Navigate to Export PDF Tool

Step 2. Select a File > Choose Microsoft PowerPoint as the converting type. You can also click the setting icon to make more customized settings.

Export PDF as PPT in Adobe

Export PDF as PPT in Adobe

Step 3. Now click the Export button > Choose an output path > Rename the PPT file > Tap on Save.

Choose a Folder and Save the PPT

Choose a Folder and Save the PPT

How to Convert PDF to PPT without Software

We highly recommend you use the PDFgear online tool to change your PDF to PPT. PDFgear free online tool that can deal with all popular PDF problems, including compressing PDF, splitting PDF, creating PDF, converting PDF, etc. without cost and registration.

In addition to Windows and Mac systems, the PDFgear online tool also supports Linux, iOS, and Android systems. In other words, you can not only use the online tools of PDFgear on your computer but also open the homepage of PDFgear through your mobile browser to process PDF files anytime and anywhere, and even edit PDFs on mobile and PC.

Now, let’s see how to convert PDF to PPT with PDFgear’s free online converter.

Step 1. Navigate to the PDFgear PDF to PPT converter with the browser.

Step 2. Hit the button or drag and drop the PDF to upload your file to PDFgear. Then the PDF to PPT conversion will start automatically.

Open the Online PDF to PPT Converter

Open the Online PDF to PPT Converter

Step 3. Within a few seconds, your file will be successfully converted into a PPT. Now select the “Download” button to save your new PPT to the output folder.

Download the Converted PPT

Download the Converted PPT

However, the PDFgear online converter has a limit of 50MB per file and does not support batch processing. If you have large files or multiple files to convert, downloading PDFgear for offline PDF to PPT conversion is a preferable option.

Frequently Asked Questions about PDF to PPT Conversion

Can I convert PDF to PPT on Mobile?

Yes, you can convert PDF to PPT on Mobile with PDFgear online free tool which has great compatibility. PDFgear can work on not only computers with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems but also mobile phones with iOS and Android.

Navigate to the PDFgear PDF to PPT converter > Upload your PDF to PDFgear > The converting process will start and end automatically > Hit the download button and save your new PPT.

How do I convert PDF to PowerPoint offline on my laptop?

You can use Adobe Acrobat DC to convert PDF to PowerPoint offline on your laptop. Adobe Acrobat DC has the best PDF converter which can change your PDF to PPT with great ease. Follow the detailed tutorial below to get your new PowePoint on your laptop.

Step 1. Start the Adobe Acrobat DC and open the tool window of Export PDF.

Step 2. Choose PPT format and hit the Export button.

Step 3. Save it to an output folder now.


When converting PDF to PPT, worry not. Simply choose between the two methods introduced in this post. Whether using PDFgear or Adobe Acrobat DC, you can efficiently obtain PPT files and significantly reduce your workload!

For those seeking a free solution, PDFgear is the best choice to convert PDF to PPT.

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