How to Convert PDF to RTF Format Efficiently

Last updated on March 21, 2023

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In order to edit the content of a PDF easier, you’d better convert PDFs to RTF files that have great compatibility and editability. The post here introduced 2 simple methods to save PDF to RTF efficiently. Let’s begin!

Convert PDF to RTF Format Efficiently

RTF is a very compatible file format similar to Word, and it is also the abbreviation of rich text format. At the same time, RTF files support various font styles, formats, images, and other additional information. You can open it and edit its contents through any word editor, such as Notebook, WPS, Microsoft Word, etc. In contrast, in order to protect the security of documents at the expense of the editorial, PDF file format is necessary to use the strong editability and compatibility of RTF to realize the editing of their own content. So, converting PDF to RTF is becoming an urgent need for PDF users.

If you are looking for a solution to convert PDF to RTF, this article will be helpful to you. You can learn about the two different methods offline and online available.

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How to Turn PDF into RTF with PDFgear

In the following, you’ll learn how to convert your PDF file to one RTF document using the free download software PDFgear.

PDFgear desktop version helps to change PDF to RTF on Windows and Mac running systems. Stable running speed, fast operational response, and rich functions with excellent performance are its main features.

Now check the tutorial below to turn PDF into RTF within 3 simple steps. But please click the button below and go to the download page to install the PDFgear software on your desktop first. And don’t worry, downloading the program is 100% safe and free.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Start PDFgear

Double click the icon of PDFgear to launch the program. Find the PDF to RTF converter of PDFgear and the tool window will pop up as below.

Open PDFgear Tool

Open PDFgear Tool

Step 2. Upload PDF File to PDFgear

Hit the “Add File” button to upload your PDF to PDFgear. Long pressing the Crtl button can help you upload many PDFs at once. PDFgear supports batch conversion function. Or you can just drag and drop the PDF here to upload files.

Upload PDF to PDFgear

Upload PDF to PDFgear

Step 3. Set and Convert in PDFgear

Set the converting page range you want at the tool window, select an output path, and then hit the “Convert” button to get your new RTF documents.

Set and Convert in PDFgear

Set and Convert in PDFgear

In addition to the convert PDF to RTF, PDFgear also has a lot of format converters and other popular PDF tools like PDF compressor, PDF merger, PDF reader, and so on. So if you want to edit a PDF directly instead of editing an RTF that is converted from PDF, you can use the PDFgear online editor to change the content of a PDF online for free. PDFgear offers an online free PDF tool which is consist of all popular PDF functions with no watermark, no registration, no file limit, and no cost. If you are interested in PDFgear online free tool, here is a post on how PDFgear works for you to read.

Of course, if you’d not like to use software or third-party tools, here is another method for you to change a PDF to RTF efficiently.

How to Convert a PDF to RTF with Google Docs

If the Google browser is installed on your computer, you can use Google Docs to open a PDF, and then convert PDF into RTF through its built-in function. However, you should note that this method requires you to register a Google account and upload the PDF file you want to convert to Google Drive.

Now let’s follow the below steps.

Step 1. Upload the PDF to Google Drive

First, upload the PDF you want to change to Google Drive.

Upload PDF to Google Drive

Upload PDF to Google Drive

Step 2. Open the PDF with Google Docs

Find the PDF you uploaded to Google Drive before, and click the “Open with Google Docs” button, and then your PDF will be opened on the new Google Docs pop-up window.

Open PDF with Google Docs

Open PDF with Google Docs

Step 3. Download as RTF from RTF

Click the File button on the top menu bar, move your mouse to the “Download” column, and click the “Rich Text Format” button to save your file in RTF format to the output folder.

Download as RTF from Google Docs

Download as RTF from Google Docs

Frequently Asked Questions about PDF to RTF Conversion

What Is an RTF File and How Do I Open It?

RTF is a document format with strong compatibility, which can realize multi-platform information transmission, and is convenient for users to convert file formats. Because of this feature, many software can recognize RTF files, such as Microsoft Word/Excel, WPS office, etc.

How Do I Convert a File To RTF?

We highly recommend you use the PDFgear desktop version to convert a file to RTF. PDFgear is consist of rich format converters including PDF to RTF, and other files to PDF converters. If you have a Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, Heic, etc file, you can convert it to PDF with PDFgear first, and then use the PDF to RTF converter to realize your goal for free. With the help of PDFgear software, you can convert a file in any format to RTF. And you can batch process and work with large files without being limited by file size and number. Now, please click the link and navigate to the download page, free install the PDFgear desktop version on your computer, and finish your conversion easily!

How Do I Convert a PDF to RTF on a Mac for Free?

For users of Mac devices, the default app Preview can’t provide you with PDF to RTF conversion. But PDFgear is compatible with Mac devices, you can use it to complete PDF and RTF conversion. Double-click to open PDFgear Desktop, click “Convert from PDF-PDF to RTF”, upload the file, and select the target location after clicking “Convert”.

How Do I Convert EPUB To RTF?

You can convert EPUB to RTF with the help of PDFgear. There is no built-in function of a system that can convert EPUB to RTF directly, so you have to use a professional tool to get your goal. PDFgear is a choice that has great performance to solve your problem. Now, let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Hit the link to open the PDFgear EPUB to PDF Converter of the PDFgear online tool with your browser.

Step 2. Upload your EPUB and download the PDF converted automatically.

Step 3. Navigate to the download page and download the PDFgear desktop version on your device for free.

Step 4. Start the PDFgear software and open the tool window for converting PDF to RTF.

Step 5. Add the PDF you converted from EPUB, and change it to RTF now.


In order to better edit the content of PDF, or achieve a more smooth cross-platform transmission, you can convert PDF to RTF. We have brought you two methods, and you can easily get RTF files with the help of PDFgear or Google Docs. But if you want to experience more PDF-related features for free, then PDFgear must be a great choice.

PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF file processing tool that combines conversion, compression, cropping, merging, splitting, scanning, extraction, and editing into one multifunctional PDF editor.