How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac for Free – 4 Easy Methods, Online or Offline

Last updated on November 21, 2022

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4 Easy methods to fast convert PDF to Word on Mac computer and MacBook for completely free, no registration, safe and easy to use, online or offline, no watermark, small-size output, no need for any further conversions.

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It was only until you need to edit the document that the format of which makes a dent. While the PDF document format has become the industrial standard of electronic submissions for decades, one should put no ellipsis behind any lines of the discussion on the very edibility of PDF files.

The truth is, for the sake of the convenience of viewing and editing, it’s always a solid move to change PDF format to Microsoft Word, documents with .doc or .docx as the file extension.

Now let’s bring that onto your Mac computer. This page has gathered the easiest solutions to converting PDF to editable Word on your macOS computer or MacBook, now let’s learn from the tutorials below, and get started with the awesome free tools!

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How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac Online

This handiest way of converting PDF documents to editable Microsoft Word is always converting with an online PDF converter.

And here comes the best PDF to Word Online converter for Mac: PDFgear. PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF converter as well as compressor toolkit for all your PDF management needs. PDFgear is a completely free and safe online service that has encompassed various features in one place: read PDF, edit PDF, convert PDF to Word/PPT/Heic/Excel, compress PDF, and more.

No installation is required, just drag and drop and the conversion will be done, and it’s completely free.

Step 1. Upload PDF Document

To convert PDF to MS Word with PDFgear, navigate to PDFgear PDF to Word converter on Mac, and then drag and drop to import the PDF into the converter.

PDFgear PDF to Word

PDFgear PDF to Word

Step 2. Wait for PDF to Word Conversion

Then PDFgear will automatically process and converts the uploaded PDF to Microsoft Word document. The process takes about 1 second.

Step 3. Download the Converted Word File

When the conversion process is complete, a blue Download button will appear for you to get the output MS Word file. Hit the Download button to download the converted Microsoft Word document.

Download Converted Word Document

Download Converted Word Document

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac Offline with PDFgear Desktop

To convert PDF to Word documents on Mac offline, you’re strongly recommended to try the desktop version of PDFgear: PDFgear Desktop.

It’s a robust and practical desktop PDF converter as well as a converter that contains all features that PDFgear offers and more. It’s a clean and safe program, and it doesn’t have hidden costs of any kind.

Those that care about software installation are more recommended to try our online tool PDFgear. But for those who don’t, you’ll benefit much from the quick and simple installation, including support for batch compression, batch conversion, and fast processing speed.

Now hit the download button below to get PDFgear Desktop on your Mac PC!

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch PDFgear Desktop on your Mac computer or MacBook.

Step 2. Go to the PDF to Word converter tool from the Hot Tools.

Choose PDF to Word Converter on PDFgear Desktop

Choose PDF to Word Converter on PDFgear Desktop

Step 3. From the pop-up converter window, hit the Add File button to import the PDF documents you intend to convert to Microsoft Word format.

Step 4. Custmize the page ranges and output file path from the options below.

Step 5. Hit the Convert button from the lower-right corner to start converting all imported PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents at once.

Convert PDF to Word Now

Convert PDF to Word Now

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac Offline with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the popular PDF reader tool by Adobe, it’s free to use and it also offers a practical exporting feature to help make a PDF document a Word on Mac.

From the tutorial underneath you can easily learn how to change PDF to Word on Mac with Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat on your Mac PC. If you haven’t installed Adobe Acrobat yet, you can easily get it from Acrobat’s official website.
  2. Go to the Tools section, and hit the Edit PDF button (some of the other options will also do, as long as it opens a PDF document).
  3. Hit the Select a File button to import the PDF file from your Mac device.
  4. When your PDF file is fully loaded into Acrobat, go to the File tab and hit Export to.
  5. Select the output format as Microsoft Word, and you can choose either Word Document or Word 97-2003 Document, which depends on the Microsoft Word software version you use.
Change PDF to Editable Word with Acrobat

Change PDF to Editable Word with Acrobat

How to Export PDF to Word on Mac Online Using Google Docs

Google Docs is a free-to-use, web-based online Word processor offered by Google, it allows users to write and edit text documents online with others, and it helps to change PDF to MS Word on Mac as well, without any installation.

The tutorial below shows you how to convert a document from PDF to Word on Mac using Google Docs, the free text editing service.

  1. Navigate to Google Docs (signing-in with your Google account is required), and hit the blank block to start a new document.
  2. Go to File tab, and click Open, to upload your PDF document from your local storage.
  3. In the PDF preview window, hit the Open with button, and then Google Docs.
  4. Then the PDF document will be loaded and presented in Google Docs.
  5. Again, head to the File tab, and this time select Download, choose the Microsoft Word (.docx) as the download format to download PDF to Word with Google Docs.
Convert PDF to MS Word Using Google Docs

Convert PDF to MS Word Using Google Docs

In Conclusion

This is arguably the most complete guide on how to convert PDF to Word on Mac PC and MacBook, accommodating the top 4 most-used methods that work best in this case. I believe you can find a solution that fits you, no matter how you prefer to go about it. And I do hope that you have followed the tutorials and successfully converted PDF documents to MS Word for free on Mac. Good luck with the conversion!

Any better ideas or trouble converting PDF to Word? Leave us a message in the comment section below, and let us help you out.