3 Effective Methods to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac

Last updated on December 1, 2023

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In order to achieve better printing effects, you’d better change PNG to a PDF file. The post introduced 3 simple methods to convert PNG to PDF on Mac with or without the Preview application. Let’s dive in!

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PNG is a commonly used image format due to its lossless compression for web uploading and cross-platform transmission. However, PDF is better for printing, offering high consistency with original documents and high-quality results for graphic design, advertising, and posters. Converting PNG to PDF is recommended before printing images.

Do know how to convert PNG to PDF on Mac? But don’t worry, this post introduces you to three quick ways to turn PNG into PDF on Mac below. Please choose your favorite method to follow! Of course, you can watch the step-by-step video tutorial we offered below first!

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac Using Preview

Mac users have an easier method to convert PNG to PDF, which is the built-in feature Preview. Preview can convert image files to many other types of files, including PNG to PDF conversion. You only need to open the PNG image with Preview, and you can successfully complete the conversion in three steps.

Here is how to convert PNG to PDF on Mac in the Preview application.

Step 1. Open Image with Preview

Double-click on the image you need to convert, generally, it will open in the built-in image viewer Preview program. Or right-click on the image and select open with Preview.

Open with Preview

Open with Preview

Step 2. Export PNG as PDF

Click the File button on the top of the menu bar, and hit “Export as PDF…”

Export as PDF

Export as PDF

Step 3. Save as PDF

A File Explorer window will pop up, specify the file format as PDF and set the output location. You can also use passwords to encrypt your file, then you can save the new PDF file.

Save as PDF

Save as PDF

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac Online Using PDFgear

There are many kinds of tools specially developed for PDF in the market. But you need to go to the official website to download the tool, then install the tool to your computer, and finally use the tool to convert PNG. This is undoubtedly a heavy burden for those who need to convert files only occasionally. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you – use a free online tool to turn PNG into PDF.

PDFgear is a rising online free PDF tool that we highly recommend. You only need to confirm that the current network condition is relatively stable, and then you can upload the file to the PNG to PDF converter of PDFgear through the browser to complete a high-quality conversion. With no login, no payment, and no file restrictions, PDFgear will help you achieve your goals quickly through excellent performance.

It is worth noting that PDFgear is not just a PNG converter. It is composed of many popular PDF tools, including a PDF compressor, PDF editor, PDF cropper, etc. And it can realize the mutual conversion between common formats and PDF, such as Word to PDF, PDF to JPG, and XLS to PDF.

Next, let’s take a look at the specific steps of converting PNG to PDF through PDFgear on Mac.

Step 1. Open the online PNG to PDF converter

From your web browser, navigate to the PDFgear PNG to PDF converter tool.

Tool Page

Tool Page

Step 2. Upload the PNG Images

Tap the button to upload a PNG image from your Mac device, then the conversion will start automatically. Or you can drag and drop the image to the blue box to upload it too。

Upload PNG

Upload PNG

Step 3. Download the new PDF

The conversion will end successfully after a few seconds, now you can click the download button to save the new PNG to your computer.

Save New PDF

Save New PDF

PDFgear has excellent compatibility. It can not only work on Windows, Mac, and Linux but also play a role on iOS and Android. In other words, PDFgear can be used either on the computer or on a mobile phone to help you process PDF files anytime, anywhere.

Of course, online tools must rely on stable network conditions. If the network conditions in your home are good and bad, or you need to process PDF files for a long time, and you have higher requirements for tools, offline software is really more suitable for you.

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac Offline Using PDFgear Desktop

PDFgear not only provides a free online PDF tool but also provides a desktop version for users to download for free. Compared with the online version, PDFgear offline software runs faster and more stable without changing the simplicity of operation. In addition, it also adds many advanced functions that are not available in the online version to help PDF users process PDF files more smoothly.

Before you know this method, please click the button on the right below to download and install the Mac version of PDFgear into your computer, and then follow the specific tutorial.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open the converter

Start the PDFgear software, find and open the image to PDF converter Window.

Open the Tool Window

Open the Tool Window

Step 2. Add PNG images to the converter

Click the button on the left top corner to upload the PNG image, if you want to convert multiple PNGs at once, please press the Ctrl key when you select the files.

Add File

Add File

Step 3. Convert PNG to PDF Now

After uploading, you can set the Page Settings and choose an output location at the bottom of the tool window. When the decision is made, hit the “Convert” button to get your new PDF from the pop-up File Explorer.

Convert Now

Convert Now

Although PDFgear is an extraordinary tool, there are people who do not like to use third-party software. But for Mac users, the built-in function of Preview can help you convert PNG to PDF, with no software and no website needed.

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Mac: FAQs

Can I add multiple PNG files to a single PDF document on a Mac?

To add multiple PNG files to a single PDF document, you need to use a tool that supports batch conversion of PNG to PDF. PDFgear’s online tool and desktop software both support this feature.

Is it possible to edit a PNG file before converting it to PDF on a Mac?

PNG format does not support editing, you can choose to use PDFgear to convert PNG to editable Word documents first, and then convert them to PDF after you make editing changes to them. Or convert PNG to PDF, and then use a professional PDF editor to edit it.

Can I password protect a PDF file created from a PNG on a Mac?

Of course, the built-in Preview program supports you to use passwords to protect your private PDF files when saving PDF files created from PNG files. PDFgear software also supports you to set passwords for your PDF files.

How do I convert a picture to a PDF on a Mac?

You can use the image to PDF converter of PDFgear offline version software to change the image to PDF. The converter supports many image formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and so on.

Is a PNG the same as a PDF?

No, they are different. PNG is an image format. Lossless compression is its biggest feature. It is often used in web pages, Java programs, etc. Pdf is a file format developed based on the Postscript model, which is suitable for printing, transmission, and reading.

The Closing Words

When you need to print images, the PDF Postscript model can perfectly reproduce image details to help you achieve better printing results. This article provides you with three easy and efficient ways to convert PNG to PDF. You can choose a method to operate according to your preference!

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