How to Convert Word to Excel Online Free

Piers Zoew Friday April 22, 2022 5:40 AM

If you want to easily and quickly convert Word to Excel documents online, then you must not miss the following article. Here is a one-stop free solution for you to convert Word to Excel online.

Online and free converter to convert Word files to Excel in seconds. No installation, registration, or watermark.

Because of Excel’s intuitive data representation, it is often necessary to convert data in Word into Excel. But how do achieve the conversion between the two formats? Let’s delve into it.

How to Convert Word Document to Excel Online

Converting Word to Excel has never been an easy task, but don’t worry. You can efficiently convert Word to Excel in a few clicks using PDFgear’s suite of tools, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Turn to PDFgear

Access the Word to PDF converter tool online on your browser. PDFgear is compatible and you can access it on any system or device.

You can click the button below to navigate directly to the Word to PDF tool on the PDFgear website.

Step 2. Upload Your Word File and Convert it to PDF

Upload the Word file by dragging the Word file to the middle of the toolbox or clicking the Choose files button, and wait for the initial Word to PDF conversion.

Upload the Word File

Upload the Word File

Step 3. Convert the PDF to Excel Document

Click the Save button to download the PDF file, and select the PDF to Excel option in the top toolbar.

Download the Converted PDF File

Download the Converted PDF File

Perform the previous operation to upload the PDF file to the tool.

Upload the PDF to Excel Converter

Upload the PDF to Excel Converter

Step 4. Export the Excel Doc From Word

After the PDF file is successfully converted to Excel, the Save button will appear, and you can click it to download your Excel table locally for viewing, editing, and analysis.

Download the Excel File

Download the Excel File

Convert Word to Excel Online FAQs

What Else Can PDFgear Do?

The PDFgear website accepts many other input file formats besides Microsoft Word and Excel. We can convert PDF to PPT and many image files such as JPG and Heic. You can save the data in any format you want. Anyone can use PDFgear for free to convert Word documents to Excel. Remember to keep the file type as PDF first if a one-time conversion between different formats is not possible.

Work on Any Device?

PDFgear is a cloud-based platform, all you need is a networked computer and a browser to convert Word to Excel. As an online platform, you can access PDFgear on any operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux to convert your Microsoft Word documents to Excel. Even better, users can use this online tool from their Android or iOS mobile devices.

Are My Files Safe?

For all users of PDFgear, the website will not save any of your data privately and maximize the protection of your document data on our servers. Once you refresh your web browser or exit our tool, your document will be deleted from our servers. This means that you need to download and save the files you need in advance.


On how to convert Word to Excel online, you can refer to the detailed steps provided above. PDFgear will convert Word files to PDF and then PDF to Excel. By combining these two tools, you can seamlessly convert Word files into Excel tables.

If you need to convert to and from other formats, the PDFgear tool provides you with an extensive guide.

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