3 Ways to Convert Word to PDF in Laptop

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If you’re looking for a straightforward and effective method to convert a Word document into a PDF without losing formatting, then don’t miss this post. It outlines three efficient ways to achieve this, both online and offline available.

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How to Convert Word to PDF in Laptop

How to Convert Word to PDF in Laptop

PDF is a famous file format that is known as a format integrating functionality, security, and stability. Because of its exceptional features, people will try to convert Word files into PDF on laptops when they want more stable and secure file transfer, saving, and printing.

No need to look around, the post will reveal a serviceable method for you to convert Word to PDF on a laptop with PDFgear which is the best PDF online tool.

Convert Word to PDF on Laptop Free without Limits

PDFgear is a powerful PDF converter and editor for all users. It supports conversion to/from PDF to more than 16 types of file formats. Do not worry, unlike other software that claims to be a free tool, PDFgear offers all the features free and professional.

It allows you to convert Word to PDF without losing formatting and supports batch conversion without any limitations on file size or quantity.

Step 1. Install PDFgear

Download PDFgear from the official website or simply click the button below.

PDFgear – Free PDF Document Conversion

PDFgear is the premier choice for converting between PDFs and other file types, offering cross-platform support. It’s user-friendly, free, secure, and packed with rich features.

Step 2. Upload the Word to PDFgear

Find the “Word to PDF” button on the “Hot Tools” toolbar or “Convert to PDF” toolbar. Then click “Add Files” in the pop-up window to upload the Word document.

You can choose multiple documents from your laptop.

Choose Word Documents to Upload

Choose Word Documents to Upload

Step 3. Convert Word Documents to PDF Files

Choose an “Output Path” > Check the “View in File Explorer after Conversion” option > Click “Convert”.

Complete the Conversion

Complete the Conversion

If you prefer not to install any software on your laptop, PDFgear also provides a free online version. Give it a try and easily convert your Word document. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.

How to Convert Word to PDF on Laptop Online

PDFgear, playing as the most useful free online PDF converter that can conquer all PDF issues with its rich and powerful functions, is reliable for you to convert Word files into PDF on the Laptop.

As an all-in-one PDF tool, the PDFgear online version can work on any platform with its strong compatibility. It can finish conversion perfectly without any watermark, subscription, privacy risk, and cost.

Next, please follow the effective way below to convert Word to PDF on a Laptop and you will get your new Word file. Don’t worry, there are just three simple steps!

Step 1. Go to PDFgear Online Converter

Navigate to PDFgear Word to PDF converter with any browser on your laptop.

Step 2. Convert Word to PDF on Laptop

Hit the “Choose files” button to upload the Word file you want to convert, then PDFgear will start the online conversion automatically.

Upload the Word File

Upload the Word File

Step 3. Save Your New File

The “Download” button will appear in a few seconds, just click it and save the new PDF file to the folder on your Laptop.

Save the New PDF File

Save the New PDF File

As the best free online PDF tool, the charm of PDFgear is more than conversion. It not only can handle all PDF conversion programs like PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, and JPG to PDF, but also can help PDF users to compress, read, and edit PDFs under privacy protection.

However, PDFgear’s online converter has a 50MB file size limit and doesn’t support batch processing. For larger files or multiple files without such constraints, it’s recommended to download PDFgear. The offline version is free with no limits, watermarks, or registration required.

Using Microsoft Word to Convert Word to PDF on Laptop

Once you want to process a Word document, Microsoft Word may be the first tool to be considered. Besides word-related issues, it can also support converting file types and editing PDFs in Word.

Step 1. Open the document with Microsoft Word. Alternatively, you can open Microsoft Word first > Click “File” > Hit “Open” > Choose “Browse” > Select a Word document from your Laptop.

Open the Word Document

Open the Word Document

Step 2. Click “File” > “Export” > Choose the “Create PDF/XPS Document” option > Hit the “Create PDF/XPS” button on the right.

Choose the Export File Type

Choose the Export File Type

Step 3. A pop-up window will appear> Rename the Document > Choose a location to export > Click “Publish”.

Export the Word as PDF

Export the Word as a PDF

However, Microsoft Word is not free, usually requiring a substantial purchase cost unless it comes pre-installed on your laptop. Therefore, considering PDFgear could be a more economical choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Word into PDF on Laptop

How to Convert Word to PDF on Windows 10?

With the help of PDFgear, you can convert Word files to PDF easily. PDFgear can work on any system including Windows 10/11, Mac, iOS, and so on with its excellent compatibility. Just open your browser to navigate to PDFgear, and follow the method above!

Is PDFgear Free?

Although PDFgear has rich capabilities, it’s still free to all users with unlimited use times. No login is required, just open the tool page and the all-in-one PDF tool will show you its powerful performance.

Does PDFgear Work on Mobile Phones?

Yes, it does. PDFgear is a cross-platform online tool that can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android phones, and iOS phones. Just open the browser to access the website, and then you can start any work you want including editing, reading, and converting PDF files.


Regardless of your laptop’s system and brand, using an online converter is one of the most convenient ways to convert Word to PDF. If you need to batch convert Word to PDF, you should try PDFgear on your Laptop.

Compared to online tools, PDFgear offers more diverse features to help you create and manage PDFs simply.

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