How to Convert Word Files to PDF on Mac for Free

Piers Zoew Tuesday July 5, 2022 6:15 AM

If you want to convert Word documents to PDF on Mac for free and easy, then you must not miss this article. Both methods mentioned in the article can effectively complete the conversion task.

PDF is the most versatile file type and can be easily shared and opened in any operating system. PDF files are more secure and professional than other file formats and are easier to share via email and Dropbox. Most websites only support submitting PDFs, not other file formats like Word.
How to convert Word to PDF on Mac? The following introduces the best online program PDFgear to help you complete the conversion task while preserving the layout and quality of your source files. There are also two additional solutions for you, using the Preview and Word programs on your Mac.

How to Convert Docx to PDF on Mac Online

Using an online PDF converter is one of the easiest solutions for your documents to display accurately on your Mac device. PDF is an easy-to-use online tool, you don’t need any skills to use it.

Step 1. Access to PDFgear on Your Browser

Whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device, you can always use the conversion services on PDFgear.

Go to from your browser, then select Word to PDF in the¬†toolbar and click “Convert Now”

Step 2. Upload Your Word File

Click the “Choose files” button to upload DOC or DOCX Word documents into the tool, or you can simply drag and drop files into the upload area.

Upload the Word File

Upload the Word File

Once the file is uploaded, PDFgear will automatically start converting your Word document to PDF.

Step 3. Save the PDF File to the Computer

Once the conversion process is complete, PDFgear will provide a download button. Just click the “Download” button to save the created PDF to your local device.

Download the Converted PDF File

Download the Converted PDF File

Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to convert Word to PDF online

How to convert Word to PDF with Preview on Mac

Preview is a built-in application in macOS that supports converting Word to PDF format. No need to download any third-party software, you can complete the conversion task offline on Mac. If you want to convert Word to PDF using Preview’s built-in program, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Use Preview to open Word Doc on Mac

Right-click your Word file, and go to select Open With > Preview.

Open the Word with Preview

Open the Word with Preview

Step 2. Save Word as PDF on Mac

Click the File tab on the top menu bar and select Export to PDF.

Exported the Word as PDF

Exported the Word as PDF

Step 3. Rename and Save the PDF File

In the new pop-up window, enter a filename for the new PDF and change the file extension from “.doc” to “.pdf”.

Rename and Save the PDF

Rename and Save the PDF

After all settings are complete and you choose a location to save the file, click the “Save” button. Now your Word document has been successfully converted to PDF.

How to Turn Word Doc Into PDF with Word for Mac

The need to convert Word documents to PDF on Mac is common. Today, Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used processing software. So you can refer to the following methods to complete the conversion task on Mac.

Step 1. Open Word File in Microsoft Office

Start by opening the Word file on your Mac using a Microsoft Office program. Click the “File” button from the top menu and select “Save As”.

Open the Word with MS Word

Open the Word with MS Word

Step 2. Click to Save Word as PDF

In the pop-up window, name your PDF file in the “Save As” box, then select PDF from the “Format” drop-down options.

Create PDF from the Word

Create PDF from the Word

Step 3. Save the PDF File to Your Computer

Click the “Save” button and your Word file will be converted to PDF instantly. Microsoft Office for Mac can directly convert Word to PDF while preserving the format of the source file.

Save Your PDF File

Save Your PDF File

Convert Word to PDF on Mac FAQs

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about converting Word to PDF on Mac, check the content below for more information.

How Does Adobe Convert Word to PDF?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is software for reading and editing PDF documents, but you can also use it to manage or convert PDFs. Converting a Word document to PDF with this tool is very easy, you just need to follow the steps below: Open the application > go to the “Tools” section and click “Create PDF” > From within the window select Convert Word Document to PDF.

Is Free to Use PDFgear?

You can use PDFgear to complete your conversion tasks for free, and this tool also provides you with the ability to read PDFs and edit PDFs. All you need is a network cable and a browser to access the PDFgear website for free. The free trial provided by PDFgear can meet most of your conversion needs, and you can upgrade to the paid version to unlock more features.

Is Safe to Use PDFgear

The security of your documents is paramount. How do we keep your information safe? This online tool has organizational and technical processes and procedures in place to protect your personal information, and we do not keep any of your files. Your files will be automatically deleted after refreshing or closing the browser, please visit the service in a safe environment.


How to convert Word to PDF? This article shows you how to use online tools, Preview and Word to accomplish this task. All three methods are valid, but using an online conversion tool is the most convenient method.

PDFgear is a clean and secure online tool that facilitates various tasks related to managing PDF documents. No download, no registration required, it helps users easily convert Word to PDF on Mac.

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