How to Crop PDF without Acrobat on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Piers Zoew Friday June 10, 2022 7:37 AM

From this page, you can learn about the detailed tutorials on how to crop PDFs without Acrobat. No software installation is needed, and you can freely crop PDF documents on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

PDF is a highly compatible format, whether your device is Windows, Mac, or Linux systems, they can not affect the content format and layout of PDF documents. Even if a mobile device can also be accurate to receive documents. At the same time, the security of PDF is guaranteed, unlike Word documents or Excel spreadsheet files in the transfer can be edited after the operation, PDF documents in the absence of permission are unable to carry out any operation. Therefore, PDF files have gradually become the file format that a large number of workers and students prefer.

And you may encounter some page-related problems when operating a PDF file, and then you need to crop the page size appropriately to meet the requirements. For example, when you read or print PDF files, the size of the document caused by the two sides of the blank affects your perception or when you only need to send part of the PDF document to a designated person rather than the entire document. At this time, you need to understand how to crop PDF files. In order to better protect the interests of users, the page will introduce three free PDF cropping tools in detail.

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1. How to Crop a PDF on Windows Using Snipping Tool

As we all know, Adobe Acrobat is the best software for PDF editing in the industry. But again, its fees discourage most people. And if you look carefully, you will find that Snipping Tool under the Windows system allows you to crop PDF files for free. Of course, this method is more suitable for cutting out the signature, watermark, or content on a page separately. Here is an introduction of the cutting steps for you in detail.

Step 1. Select a PDF file from your computer that needs to be cropped, and double click to open it.

Open a PDF File

Open a PDF File

Step 2. Click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your computer, find the Snipping Tool in the Windows Accessories tab, and click it to bring up the pop-up window. In the pop-up window, you can choose the screenshot mode (any format, rectangle, window, and full-screen mode), delay (no delay, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, and 5 seconds), and other options.

Snipping Settings Window

Snipping Settings Window

Step 3. Click New to start framing the content of the snipping. Put the part you want to keep in the selection area and release the mouse to finish cropping the content. A pop-up window will appear again automatically, you can sketch, 3D draw edit, copy, etc.

Content Boxing

Content Boxing

Step 4. Save and download the screenshot. Click the File tab and select Save As (shortcut: Ctrl+S) to save. You can choose to save it in various formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc.

Download the Cropped File

Download the Cropped File

2. How to Crop a PDF on Mac Using Preview App

As a result of different devices, for Mac devices, cropping a PDF file needs to use its built-in software – Preview App. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps.

Step 1. Open Preview App on Mac, and upload the PDF you need to crop to Preview for backup.

Open Preview App

Open Preview App

Step 2. Click the icon on the left of the search box to bring up the toolbar, then click the second Rectangle icon on the toolbar to frame the PDF retention range.

Rectangle the PDF

Rectangle the PDF

Step 3. Move the mouse over the Tool button, then you will find that the previous gray Crop option has become clickable. Click Crop will be able to crop the current page size of the PDF content. If you want to crop more than one page, you need to use the mouse with the Cmd key in Thumbnails View, or directly use Cmd + A full selection of the entire PDF and then repeat the above operation can be completed to crop.

Crop the PDF with Preview App

Crop the PDF with Preview App

3. How to Crop a PDF Online Using PDFgear

The first two methods are only compatible with certain device requirements, so here will introduce a universal solution called PDFgear- this method applies to cropping PDF on any device including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. So, you can realize the operation anytime and anywhere. Moreover, PDFgear is an online PDF editing tool, so as long as there is an Internet connection, you can have unlimited access to get the solution. Please read on to learn the steps of crop operation.

Step 1. Locate the Crop PDF in PDFgear

Connect to the network and go to the official website of PDFgear. Move your mouse to All PDF Tools in the Tools navigation bar to bring up all functions. Check Crop PDF to start the cropping process.

PDFgear Crop PDF

PDFgear Crop PDF

Step 2. Upload the PDF to PDFgear

PDFgear’s Crop PDF interface has a large box in the middle to prompt you to upload PDF files. Directly drag and drop the mouse to complete the upload or click the blue box in the Select PDF files to select and import.

PDFgear Upload PDF

PDFgear Upload PDF

Step 3. Crop PDF with PDFgear

After the upload is completed, you will officially enter the operation of PDF cropping. The arrow symbols allow you to page through the entire PDF or you can directly enter the number of pages in the box to jump to the corresponding page number. There are only two very simple function keys – the gripper key (for controlling the interface content) and the crop key (for selecting the crop content). On the right side, there is a column of options to set the area: you can choose to apply this crop size to the whole PDF, apply it to the current page number only, or apply it to the specified page number (separated by “,” when typing the specified but not consecutive page numbers).

PDFgear Crop Interface

PDFgear Crop Interface

Step 4. Download the Cropped PDF Document from PDFgear

After completing the whole PDF cropping process, click Apply and Download on the right for dumping. Click the blue Download button in the interface that pops up automatically to choose the storage location and save it.

PDFgear Download and Save Operations

PDFgear Download and Save Operations

4. Not Just Cropping PDF – Some Other Practical Features that PDFgear Offers

PDFgear is a very powerful online PDF editing tool, which can provide a lot of solutions for PDF for a wide range of users. Therefore, PDFgear has many other functions besides cropping PDFs.

PDF Converter: Mainly divided into two categories – Convert from PDF and Convert to PDF. Users can realize the conversion between PDF, JPG, Word, PNG, Excel, PPT, JPEG, and Heic.

Create PDF: Within PDFgear you can perform custom merging, splitting, and compression operations on PDF files without a size limit.

Edit PDF: Users have the right to outline, highlight, tag, sign, draw, and other operations on the uploaded PDFs.

Read PDF: PDFgear can make PDF reading more efficient. It provides a variety of functions such as jumping page numbers, quick markup, search navigation, etc.

Split PDF: Customized personalized splitting operation for PDF.

Merge PDF: Specify to merge multiple PDFs without any limit on the number of merges.

5. How to Crop PDF without Acrobat: FAQs

How to Crop a PDF File in Word?

Word is also a piece of office software that we often use, so it is possible to achieve the PDF cropping it? You can follow these steps: Format > Crop > drag the scissor-like cursor to select the region.

How to Crop PDF without Acrobat Mac?

Adobe Acrobat is an excellent software that we can easily think of for PDF cropping. Additionally, you can also use PDFgear, an online PDF editing tool, to crop PDFs properly: Go to PDFgear’s official website > All PDF Tools – Crop PDF > Upload PDF files > Perform cropping operation > Download the cropped PDF document.

How to Crop PDF on Windows Free?

How to crop PDF on the Windows system when we are very concerned about the operation of a problem. To crop PDF on Windows for free you can: click the lower-left corner of the computer desktop (touch the Windows button on the keyboard) > enter the “Snip” character to search for Snipping Tool > use the mouse to box the cropping section.

How to Crop PDF in Preview?

Preview App is an exclusive program that comes with Mac devices for reading and editing PDFs. Therefore, it is also very easy to crop PDFs with this software: Open Preview App > Tool > Rectangle > Crop.

How to Crop a PDF in Google Drive?

Can you think of Google Drive also providing the function of cropping PDF? You just need to follow a few steps to achieve this: open Google Drive > upload PDF files > click the crop function in the auxiliary toolbar > select the crop area by mouse box > click OK.

How to Crop PDF without Acrobat Online?

As mentioned before, PDFgear is a web-based online tool. Therefore, it can easily achieve PDF cropping: check the Crop PDF option in the toolbar of PDFgear web page > drag and drop PDF to import > use scissors to select and crop PDF pages > click Apply and Download to complete the cropping operation.

How to Crop a PDF without Any Software?

To crop a PDF document without using any software or installation, you can use the Windows inbuilt snipping tool, or opt for an online PDF cropper such as

6. Conclusion

With the wide use of PDF files, the need to crop PDF has become more and more. It is very important to find a cost-effective and suitable PDF editing tool. I hope you can benefit from this article to get relevant information. Of course, it is worth noting that in a PDF file for cropping before, you must remember to ensure that you save the original document to carry out multiple operations or cropping errors after the loss of the original document.

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