How to Edit a Picture in Microsoft Word

Last updated on April 15, 2024

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Learn from this guide about how to edit a picture in Microsoft Word: change color, add border, locate picture, cut out, adjust width/height, compress the picture, artistic effects, etc. The best PDF editor that converts between and edits Word document and image files is also introduced.

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How to Edit a Picture in Word

How to Edit a Picture in Word

As familiar office software, Word is usually used to edit text documents. But, do you know that it can also be used to edit pictures? It not only allows you to insert pictures into documents to allow better interpretation of the text but also allows you to edit the inserted pictures to meet your needs.

This article will explain in detail how to edit a picture through Word in three parts.

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Go to PDFgear JPEG to PDF Tool Converter

Go to PDFgear JPEG to PDF Tool Converter

Step 2. Go to PDFgear online PDF to Word converter, and convert your converted PDF files to Word.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

Step 3. Now you can open the converted Word document in Microsoft Word, and you’ll see the JPG images will be in the document as an editable format.

Edit Image in Word

Edit Image in Word

How to Insert Picture in Word

To add a picture in Word, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Enter Word, find, and click the “Insert” option in the toolbar.
  2. Click “Picture”, and select the picture you want to add. (In general, the location of the added image is where the cursor is located)
Insert Picture to Word from Device or Online

Insert Picture to Word from Device or Online

How to Edit Picture in Word

Word provides a variety of tools for editing the picture. Here are some common options:

Change Color

For the added picture, usually, we can adjust its color through Word to make it better conform to the context. Select the added picture, click the “Picture Format” button in the toolbar, and click the drop-down box of the “Color” options. Here, we can adjust the image color options such as Color Saturation, Color Tone, Recolor, More Variations, Transparent Color, etc.

Change Color to Enhance the Expression in Word

Change Color to Enhance the Expression in Word

Add Border

Setting the border can make the inserted picture more beautiful. The following steps can make it easy for a picture to get a border:

  • Insert the picture to be bordered.
  • Click “Picture Format ” options
  • Find “Picture Border” and click the drop-down option to the right of this button. You can set the Theme Colors, Weight, and Dashes of the border.
Word Border Play a Role of Emphasis

Word Border Play a Role of Emphasis

Locate the Picture

According to the following steps, you can arbitrarily adjust the position of the picture.

  • Click Picture Tools > Picture Format.
  • Select the Position button. The default format of Word is that the picture is embedded in the text, but we can set the format arbitrarily in the “Wrap Text ” option. Or click “More Layout Options” directly to set the picture position according to your needs.
Proper Location Can Make Typesetting Neat and Comfortable

Proper Location Can Make Typesetting Neat and Comfortable

Cut Out

There are two main ways to achieve clipping in Word:

  • Click on the picture, and the button for clipping the picture will appear below the function key on the right. Click the button and drag the black line at the edge with the mouse to achieve clipping.
  • Select “Picture Format” in the toolbar and click the drop-down box of “Crop”. You can cut it freely or choose to Crop to Shape or Aspect Ratio, etc.
Different Scenes Require Different Picture Sizes

Different Scenes Require Different Picture Sizes

Adjust the Width and Height

Similarly, there are two ways to set the inserted picture. The first is to directly locate the height and width in the upper right corner of the page and directly type the value you want to change. The second is to directly select the picture, click the right mouse button, and choose “Format Picture”. Change the height and width in the toolbar that appears on the right.

You can change the size of the picture by adjusting the width and height

Compress the Picture

To compress a picture in Word, there are only a few simple steps: insert the picture > Picture Tool > Picture Format > Compress Pictures > select the Compression Options and set the Resolution.

Compressing the Picture Will Reduce the Clarity of the Picture

Compressing the Picture Will Reduce the Clarity of the Picture

Artistic Effects

As we all know, Word can be added with artistic words to attract readers’ attention or increase the viewing experience. Similarly, the picture that we inserted into Word can also be added with the artistic effect that comes with Word.

Click the picture > Artistic Effects > Choose the one you prefer or click “Artistic Effects Options” > A toolbar will pop up on the right > There are seven types of special effects for you to choose from, such as Shadow, Reflection, and Glow.

Artistic Effects Increase the Beauty of Pictures

Artistic Effects Increase the Beauty of Pictures


The Inserted Picture Shows only the Border but not the Content

Lacking content is a common issue when you’re using Microsoft Word, to resolve this issue, you should: File > Options > Advanced tab > Show document content > Uncheck the “Show picture placeholders” option > OK.

Unable to Move the Position of the Inserted Picture

This is related to the way the picture surrounds, in general, the default picture surround in Word is “In line with Text”. So, it can not be arbitrarily moved. You can operate it by following the steps below:

Picture Format > Wrap Text > Select any wrap-around method, for example, Top and Bottom and In front of Text.

Inserted Pictures are Distorted and Blurred

To avoid distortion and blur, you can do this: File > Options > Advanced > Image Size and Quality > Uncheck Do not compress images in files > OK.

The Inserted File is Not Fully Displayed

This problem can be solved by adjusting the line spacing.

Select the image > Click “Home” > Select “Paragraph” > Choose “Indents and Spacing” > Set “Line Space” to “Single Spacing” or other options in the “Line Spacing” column > Click “OK” button.

How to Align Multiple Files

Bring up the gridlines by following these steps: View > Gridlines > Align > Grid Settings > Vertical Spacing > OK. Then assist in aligning the inserted pictures through these gridlines.

Part 5. Conclusion

The image editing function of Word is very convenient and powerful. Several common editing functions introduced in this article are very easy to learn. If you study carefully, it can effectively save your time cost and improve the quality of your work.

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