3 Simple Ways to Make Google Doc into PDF

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Summary :

You can make a pdf from Google docs in multiple ways. The following are three simple but effective methods that have been proven to work.

How to Make Google Doc into PDF

As one of the word processors, Google Docs provides users with free online document editing functions. Google makes it very easy to share documents across platforms and collaborate in real time from a browser window. In addition, Google Docs will save the document you are creating in real-time and sync it to the cloud.

We often need to convert a Google Doc to PDF in our digital workflow, because password-protecting the PDF makes it impossible for others to modify the content of your document. Documents in PDF format are more convenient to browse on the Internet and share by e-mail. There are two different ways you can create your own PDFs directly from documents in Google Docs, let’s dive into them now.

How to Save Google Doc as PDF Document

Google Docs is a free alternative to Microsoft Word which is part of Google’s online office suite. It has lots of features like allowing you to make a google doc into a PDF.

Step 1. Open Your Google Docs

Go to the Google Docs website and log in with your account. Then open the document you want to convert to PDF, or click to create a new document.

Open the Google Docs

Open the Google Docs

Step 2. Download the Doc as PDF Document

Navigate to File > select Download > select PDF Document as the file download format.

Download a Google Doc as PD

Download a Google Doc as PDF

You can also see that Google Docs provides you with downloadable file formats like .odt, .rtf, .txt, etc

Step 3. Check the New PDF File

You can find the PDF file in your browser or desktop’s Downloads folder and double-check your file for errors.

Find the Converted PDF File

Find the Converted PDF File

Converting files from Google Drive to PDF documents is easy, but you sometimes find that the export results are not 100% correct. You can refer to the method below to use the converter to turn your Google Docs into PDF files

How to Convert Google Doc to PDF Online

No registration is required, and no download is required. You can use PDFgear to convert one of your Google articles to PDF online. This online Word to PDF converter is compatible with all major systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, meaning you can access PDFgear from any device.

Step 1. Save the Google Doc As A .docx File

In order to download your Google Docs as .docx files, please follow these simple steps: Go to File in the top menu bar > Click Download in the drop-down menu > Select Microsoft Word (.docx)

Download the Microsoft Word on Google

Download the Microsoft Word on Google

The downloaded Google Docs will be displayed in the browser or you can find them in the Download folder of your file explorer (without customizing where Google downloads are stored).

Step 2. Import the Google Doc to PDFgear

Simply drag and drop your downloaded Google Docs into the Word to PDF converter, or click the Choose files button to jump to the file explorer to select the Google Docs you want to convert.

Upload the Google Doc to Converter

Upload the Google Doc to Converter

Step 3. Convert it to PDF and Save it

Once your Google Docs are imported successfully, PDFgear will automatically perform the conversion tasks. In just three seconds, your Google Docs will be successfully converted to PDF files.

Download the New PDF

Download the New PDF

Click the Download button to download the new PDF file. PDFgear converts .docx files directly from Word to PDF, so you don’t have to worry about losing formatting like data and links.

How to Batch Convert Google Docs to PDFS on Windows/Mac

PDFgear is a robust PDF desktop program that provides users with a wide range of capabilities to create and manage PDFS to simplify your workflow. In addition to enabling you to convert any Google document to PDF in bulk, the software packages additional tools that let you edit PDFS, merge PDFS, and compress PDFS in one place. Download your Google Docs in Microsoft Word as described in the previous section, and then use PDFgear to create a PDF document from the Word file.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Click the above button to download PDFgear for free, and then wait for PDFgear software to be successfully installed on the Windows or Mac device and start it.

Step 2. On the main screen, locate the Word to PDF icon under the Popular Tools bar and click it. This will open a converter window. Click the Add Files button at the top of the window to select the Word file you want to convert from the File Explorer and upload it.

Step 3. You can specify the location of the output file and then click the Convert button in the lower right corner to let the software perform the file conversion task.

Step 4. PDFgear will work its magic and successfully convert the Word file to PDF in a matter of seconds, and the converted PDF file will be stored in your predefined file path.

Batch Convert Google Docs to PDFs

Batch Convert Google Docs to PDFs

How to Make Google Doc into PDF FAQs

Why Should Make Google into PDF

As for why you need to convert Google Docs to PDF, here are some of the main advantages. The PDF format is the prepress standard in the printing industry, and you can use this format to print your Google Docs material. In addition, the PDF file format is independent of the operating system platform, which means that only PDF files are common in Windows, Mac OS, and Unix operating systems.

How to Turn Google Doc into PDF on iPhone

Thanks to PDFgear works on iOS-based mobile devices, and you can convert a Google Doc to PDF on your iPhone in three steps: Visit the online pdfgear.com in your mobile browser and select Word from the top menu bar to PDF>Click the blue Choose files button to upload your Google Doc>Click the Download button to save the new PDF file to your iPhone.

How to Email A Google Doc as A PDF

Open your Google Doc > Navigate to File and select Email this file > Fill in the recipient’s Email address in the address field > Rename the subject of the file and leave the message > Select the file type as PDF and click Send.

How to Convert Google Doc to PDF on Mac

Both methods provided above support converting Google Doc to PDF on Mac, and both options are free. Refer to Method 1 to download your Google Docs from google drive in PDF format, or directly use an online converter to convert your .dox file to PDF.

What Else PDFgear Can Do?

In addition to supporting converting your Word documents to PDF, PDFgear also widely accepts mainstream formats such as Excel, PPT, JPG, etc. In addition, the toolbox also contains a large number of PDF-related tools such as PDF compressor, PDF editor, and PDF reader.

The Bottom Line

This article is dedicated to helping you solve the problem of not being able to convert Google Docs to PDF, maybe you can try using the above two methods. It’s worth mentioning that PDFgear, which is a free tool, does a decent job of converting Google Docs to PDFs. This online tool is not only easy to use, but also provides users with good conversion results. Give PDFgear a try, it will surprise you.