How to Make a PowerPoint into a PDF for Free

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Discover easy methods for converting PPT to PDF using online tools, Windows, and Mac in this post. Detailed steps and screenshots are provided, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for a one-click PPT to PDF conversion.

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How to Make a PowerPoint into a PDF

How to Make a PowerPoint into a PDF

Transforming your dynamic PowerPoint presentation into a PDF offers simplicity and efficient file management. While PowerPoint excels at conferences, its high-quality elements can lead to large file sizes, making it less suitable for printing.

This post outlines three straightforward methods to convert your PowerPoint into a PDF, ensuring a more compact and shareable document. Let’s explore the steps for a hassle-free transition.

Make PPT to PDF Online Free

PDFgear is a user-friendly and free online PPT converter featuring an intuitive interface. This versatile tool supports seamless conversion between various formats such as Word to PDF, PDF to PPT, PDF to JPG, and JPEG to PDF, as well as PDF editing and compression — all accomplished with just a few clicks.

Specifically designed for converting PDF documents into PPT presentations and vice versa, PDFgear simplifies the process of creating and presenting PDFs as if they were PPT files.

The best part of the PDFgear online PDF converter is it won’t save the files. And it will erase the file data once you refresh the browser which guarantees data privacy.

Ready to transform your PPT into a PDF? Follow these three straightforward steps.

Step1. Navigate to PDFgear Online Converter

Go to PDFgear online PPT to PDF converter > Click “Select PDF files” > Choose a PPT from your device > Hit “OK” to upload it.

Upload a PPT to PDFgear Online Converter

Upload a PPT to PDFgear Online Converter

Step2. Save Your PDF File

Upon uploading your file, the conversion process will commence automatically. Within a matter of seconds, you can simply click the “Download” button to save your converted PDF file.

Download the Converted PDF from PDFgear

Download the Converted PDF from PDFgear

To ensure optimal performance while using the PDFgear online converter, it is imperative to maintain a stable internet connection and process files that are under 50MB in size. It is essential to note that potential disruptions may occur if there are issues with your internet connection during the conversion process.

As a precautionary measure, the offline version of PDFgear becomes critical software in the conversion process. This version not only facilitates uninterrupted conversion without reliance on internet connectivity but also automatically saves your progress in the event of device crashes.

PDFgear – Free Documents Converter

Choose PDFgear for seamless, free, and watermark-free document conversion across all platforms, without the need for registration or limitations.

Moreover, the offline version offers the added advantage of batch uploading multiple PPT files, effectively eliminating any constraints related to quantity and file size.

Batch Covert PPT to PDF with PDFgear

Batch Convert PPT to PDF with PDFgear

Make PPT into PDF on Windows with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is commonly regarded as the default software for opening PPT files. If your device came pre-installed with PowerPoint, you’re all set. However, if it’s not included, purchasing it can be expensive.

Now, let’s explore the steps to convert PPT to PDF using PowerPoint.

Step1. Open Your PPT File

Select a PPT file and open it through the PowerPoint software.

Open Your PPT with PowerPoint

Open Your PPT with PowerPoint

Step2. Click the “Save as” Button

Click the “File” button in the upper left corner of the PPT interface > Navigate to the “Save As” button > Hit “Browse”.

Find the Save As Button

Find the Save As Button

Step3. Store Files in PDF Format

After the save window shows up, choose the File Format as PDF (*pdf), at the bottom of the list. Then click the “Save” button to make your PPT into a PDF.

Save as PDF Format

Save as PDF Format

Turn PowerPoint into PDF on Mac with Preview

If you are a Mac user, there is a more direct method of making PPT to PDF for you. Only two steps are enough to handle this.

Step1. Launch Preview and open a PPT file.

Step2. Click “File” > Hover over “Export as PDF” > Name the PDF file and save it on your Mac.

Export as PDF Format

Export as PDF Format

Frequently Asked Questions about PPT to PDF

There are many questions about PDF and PPT below. If ever encounter any problems, please read the FAQs and find out.

After I finished the conversion, why did the original animation in the PPT disappear?

Due to the stability and non-operability of PDF, the animation in PPT will not be presented in PDF. It often can only retain the picture of the first frame. Similarly, the action effects and videos in PPT cannot be fully presented in PDF.

Is this tool really free of charge?

Yes. PDFgear is a completely free website open to all users. PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF converter for all your PDF working requirements. If you often need format conversion, just collect this website directly.

How do I convert PDF to PPT?

Of course, you will also encounter the need to convert PDF to PPT. Please don’t worry. Open the website of PDFgear, select the tool PDF convert to PPT, and follow the above three steps for the same operation, and you can get the PPT file you want.


The three methods mentioned earlier offer effective solutions for your PDF conversion requirements. Yet, for superior compatibility across all operating systems and a cost-effective approach, the PDFgear online PPT to PDF converter excels as a premier, free tool.

Moreover, PDFgear provides advanced and professional solutions, ensuring you can convert your PPT into PDF without compromising formatting.

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