How to Merge PDF Files Offline for Free

Piers Zoew Friday August 25, 2023 6:43 AM

This article shows you how to combine multiple PDF files into one easy-to-print and handle file. Check out these step-by-step instructions that will have you merging PDFs like a pro in no time!

In our everyday hustle with work and studies, we deal with tons of PDFs to save and share important stuff. Over time, these PDFs pile up, and hunting down a specific detail across multiple files can be a real headache. But hey, what if we just combine those related PDFs? That way, it’s much simpler to browse and locate what we’re looking for.

Now, merging PDFs offline usually means splashing out on pricey software like Adobe. But guess what? The market has seen quite a few new PDF-related tools pop up in recent times, giving us more options when we need to merge those PDFs. And, when it comes to cost and efficiency, PDFgear is your go-to choice over Adobe’s software.

Merging PDF Files Offline in 3 Steps

Whether you are on Windows or Mac, PDFgear will work well on your PC. Merge two PDF documents or multiple PDF documents into one within a few simple clicks without any quality loss. PDFgear does not limit you to a small number of uploaded files, merge as many PDF files as you need.

On top of that, PDFgear offers some cool online tools and desktop software for users to edit PDFs, sign them, fill out forms, and even chat with PDFs!

Step 1. Launch the Program

Click the button below to free download the PDFgear desktop to your computer and wait for its successful installation on your computer.

100% Clean & Safe

Find the corresponding program on your computer and launch the program on the main page of PDFgear.

Open PDFgear Merge Tool

Open PDFgear Merge Tool

In the popular tools to find Merge&Spilt PDF, then select Merge PDF service.

Step 2. Upload the PDF Files

Click the Add Files button at the top to upload your multiple PDF files, you can customize the page range of the merged files. Next, manually adjust the order of your PDF files under the operation bar until you are satisfied.

Upload files&customize merging settings

Upload files&customize merging settings

To make it easy to find the file and utilize it later, you can give the output file a new name and set up the output path.

Step 3. Save the Newly Merged PDF

When one is ready, click the red Merge button at the bottom right corner to start the merge. PDFgear will complete the merge task with lightning speed and automatically open the merged file for you in Task Explorer.

View the New Merged PDF

View the New Merged PDF

How to Merge PDF Offline: FAQS

Why do we need to merge PDF files?

If you are sharing multiple files with another department, then sending multiple files is the equivalent of bombarding them with multiple files. This can cause a lot of confusion and can even cause you to lose track of your files. After merging multiple PDF documents, you can easily search for keywords on the PDF files and send them for sharing via email.

What is the best free PDF merge software?

A simple search on Google will list thousands of PDF merge software in front of you, but the real pain is the next step when you have to choose the best option from these available options. In addition to merging PDF, converting PDF, editing PDF, compressing PDF, etc. is also a piece of cake for it.

How do I merge PDF files in Windows 10 offline?

Windows 10 does not have any built-in tools to let you merge multiple PDF files, but this is not a big problem. You just need to use professional PDF tools to complete the task, use PDFgear to merge PDF on Windows is a breeze. Download PDFgear on your computer and refer to the above steps to merge PDF files, it’s super easy.

How to merge PDF in Mac Preview?

First, open your PDF file in Preview, please show the page thumbnail in the sidebar (go to View > Thumbnail). Click to select page thumbnails to indicate where to place other documents, then select Edit > Insert > Pages in File from the menu. Select the PDF you want to add from the File dialog box, then click Open.

To Sum Up

If you wanna keep things streamlined and make sure everyone’s on the same page, merging PDFs is the way to go. And with PDFgear, you can do it all like a boss – no tricky interfaces, no sneaky watermarks, and definitely no privacy breaches. Plus, this all-in-one software makes it super easy to protect your PDFs with passwords and print them off whenever you need to. So let PDFgear be your trusty sidekick in all things PDF-related!

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