3 Methods to Present a PDF Like a PowerPoint [Full View PDF]

Last updated on August 24, 2023

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Are you wondering if you can, and how to present PDF full-screen, like presenting a slideshow or a presentation format PowerPoint (PPT)? The answer is positive and this page has the very information you need. Learn from this guide about the 3 easiest methods to present PDF in full view, and they are completely free of charge.

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How to Present a PDF

How to Present a PDF

In regard to business reports and teaching, generally speaking, PowerPoint (PPT) is the best-received visual presentation format that presents to your audience a roadmap of thinking style, the mingling of information in different categories of multimedia, in a bid to escalate your meetings or sessions into the next level.

On the other hand, as arguably the most accepted electronic submission document format and a similar visual type as PowerPoint, PDF is widely used in information distribution. But does PDF present in the same way as PPT? Unfortunately, one cannot directly present a PDF fullscreen, like what we did with PowerPoint. But no worries, on this page, you’ll find three free, working, and easy methods to present a PDF like a PPT – in full view. Please read on to learn more.

Moreover, if you’re looking for other PDF-related conversions, you can also check how to convert screenshots to PDF and the best PDF converter software.

Method 1. How to Present a PDF in Full-Screen Mode with Adobe Acrobat

Intrinsically, a PDF document file cannot be fullscreen presented as a PPT (PowerPoint), but it’s possible if you go with a PDF reader. Here we’ll go with the widely received PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to present a PDF full screen in Adobe Acrobat. If you need to save certain pages in the PDF before presenting it, make sure to save one page of the PDF in Acrobat.

Hint: To navigate thru PDF in Acrobat full view screen, You can use Enter, Page Down, Down Arrow, or the Right Arrow key to go to the next page, or Shift+Enter, Page Up, Up Arrow, or the Left Arrow key for the previous page.

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat on PC

Launch Adobe Acrobat program on your PC. If you don’t have Acrobat on your PC, get it from the Adobe Acrobat official website.

Launch Acrobat on PC

Launch Acrobat on PC

Step 2. Import PDF to Adobe Acrobat

Go to Home > My computer, and hit the blue browse button to browse files from your device storage and import the desired PDF into Acrobat.

Import PDF to Acrobat

Import PDF to Acrobat

Step 3. Present PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Go under the View tab and hit the Full-Screen Mode button from the dropdown menu to present the imported PDF file on the whole screen in Acrobat.

Present PDF in Acrobat

Present PDF in Acrobat

Method 2. How to Convert a PDF to PowerPoint to Present in Full Screen

Apart from adopting the PDF presentation mode in Adobe Acrobat, a more straightforward way to present a PDF in full view is to convert it to PowerPoint PPT. And the converted .ppt file can be easily presented in Microsoft PowerPoint.

For this, what we need is the best online PDF converter: PDFgear. PDFgear is an all-in-one toolkit for all your document management needs, it helps read PDF, edit PDF, compress PDF, and convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, etc. To level up your PDF presentation, the annotating, editing, and PDF highlighting features are also helpful.

PDFgear is completely free, safe to use, watermark-free, user-friendly, and fairly practical. It works on mainstream devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, etc. Now follow the tutorials below to convert your PDF to PPT in 3 simple steps! Generally, the presentations of PDF documents don’t require annotation features, you can check our guide to flattening PDFs to shrink the documents’ sizes.

Step 1. Upload the PDF Document

Navigate to PDFgear PDF to PPT converter, drag and drop the file into the central box to upload your PDF document to PDFgear.

Upload PDF to PDF to PPT Converter

Upload PDF to PDF to PPT Converter

Step 2. Convert PDF to PPT with PDFgear

PDFgear will take one second to upload and process your PDF file, and automatically convert it to PowerPoint file format PPT.

Convert PDF to PPT

Convert PDF to PPT

Step 3. Download the Converted PPT

When the blue Download button becomes visible, hit Download to download the converted PPT file, which can be directly presented in fullscreen like a slideshow.

Download and Present PPT

Download and Present PPT

Method 3. How to Present a PDF in Full View with Google Chrome

For those that haven’t known yet, Google has rolled out a practical PDF presenting feature for their Chrome browser in a late 2020 version update. And now Google Chrome have evolved into a powerful PDF reader tool, with extensive PDF-related features, that even allow you to unlock PDFs without a password. Google Chrome can then open PDFs in full-screen presentation view and display two pages at once, making it a great alternative to PDF reader programs like Adobe Acrobat.

Learn from the tutorial below to present a PDF in full screen with the Google Chrome browser.

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome

Launch Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Step 2. Load PDF Document into Chrome

Drag and drop the PDF document into the Chrome browser.

Present PDF Full View in Chrome

Present PDF Full View in Chrome

Step 3. Enter Chrome PDF Viewer

Hit the triple dots from the top-right side of the Chrome PDF viewer interface.

Step 4. Present PDF in Chrome

Hit the Present button from the dropdown menu. Press Esc on your keyboard and you can exit the full screen.

Present a PDF Like a PowerPoint: FAQs

How to present a PDF as a slideshow?

There are two major ways of presenting PDFs as slideshows. The recommended option is using an online PDF to PPT converter like PDFgear to transform PDFs into the PowerPoint-friendly .ppt format, and another is using a PDF viewer with PDF presentation features such as PDFgear Desktop, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Google Chrome, etc.

What’s the PDF presentation mode shortcut key?

In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the shortcut key for PDF presentation is Ctrl + F. And when the PDF is presented, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Up, Left, Down, and Right to play and view the PDF presentation.

How to present a PDF in full screen?

To present a PDF in full screen, you can present PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, using the Full-Screen Mode. As an alternative method, convert your PDFs or scanned documents to PPT presentation format using PDFgear, and you can then present them in the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, the three methods introduced on this page respectively present PDF in fullscreen with the popular PDF reader tool Adobe Acrobat, present PDF with the well-used Chrome browser, and turn PDF into a slideshow by converting it to PPT file format first, with the free and practical PDF converter tool PDFgear.

These are the three most viable solutions to presenting PDF in full view, and if you’ve found another great method in respect of this, please leave a message in the comment section below and let us know.

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