How to Reduce PDF File Size below 100 KB for Free

Last updated on November 18, 2022

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Reduce PDF size below 100KB for free in a breeze with the best online PDF compressor.

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As famous as its stability, security and easy transmission, PDF is the most suitable file format for office scenes. However, PDF files with large size will not only add the transmission cost, but also be harmful to storage. At that time, you’d better reduce your PDF File size below 100KB to overcome the above problems.

No need to look elsewhere, the post is aimed at showing a good method to resize PDF less than 100KB through one of the best PDF compressors, PDFgear, the best PDF compressor that reduce size of PDF to 300KB or less.

How to Resize PDF Less Than 100 KB Online for Free

With the puissant compatibility, PDFgear has the most powerful compressor which can compress PDF below 100KB on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android systems and so on.

No watermark, no privacy risk, no charge and no limited times are the outstanding advantages of PDFgear compressor.

Now, the post will show you a free method to help you resize PDF less than 100KB online with PDFgear. It only takes three simple steps!

Also, here we provide you with a step-by-step video tutorial for you to follow the method easily.

Step 1. Upload Your PDF File

Use your browser to navigate to the compression tool page of PDFgear, as shown in the figure below. And click the blue button in the middle to upload the PDF file you selected.

Upload PDF

Upload PDF

Step 2. Compress PDF Now

Then you should choose “Strong compression” of three compression modes if you want a size below 100KB. And hit the Compress button.

Choose and Compress

Choose and Compress

Step 3. Save New PDF File

Click the download button which appears on the page, and then you will get your new PDF file below 100KB of the compression mode you chose.

Save New File

Save New File

How to Resize PDF Less Than 100 KB Offline

Aside from the online application, PDFgear also offers an offline solution to reducing the size of PDF documents to 100kb or less. With the support for batch compression and lossless compressions, PDFgear Desktop has proved itself to be worthy. PDFgear Desktop is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and you’re about to find out the simple steps to resize PDF to less than 100kb offline with it.

Find the Compressor

Find the Compressor

Step 1. Use the download button below to download and install PDFgear on your computer.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Launch PDFgear, and then open the PDF compressor tool. Upload the PDF file by tapping the “Add Files” button. You can also select multiple files.

Compree PDF Files with PDFgear

Compree PDF Files with PDFgear

Step 3. Choose from three compression levels: Low, Medium, and High. Choose a higher compression level for large PDF documents.

Step 4. Next, choose a location for the output compress PDF files.

Step 5. Whenever you’re ready, hit the Compress button to start compressing PDF.

In Addition

PDFgear is not only a compressor, and compression is just one function of its strong abilities. Under the protection of users’ privacy, PDFgear can produce marked effects on editing PDF, reading PDF and converting PDF too.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that PDF has the best PDF converter which can convert PDF to WORD, PDF to PPT and PDF to JPG, JPEG to PDF and so on with no-limited use times and file size.

Stand on its rich functions, PDFgear can handle any PDF problems. So if you are a regular user of PDF, do not forget to collect PDFgear’s website!

Frequently Asked Questions About PDF Compression

Will compression reduce PDF File’s quality?

No, it won’t reduce the quality of your new PDF files. Due to the MRC technology that PDFgear uses, PDFgear compressor can highly reduce the file quality by optimizing the size and quality of images.

How to reduce PDF size below 100KB or less on Mac?

PDFgear can handle this problem. You can use PDFgear to resize your PDF less than 100KB through its power of compatibility. Due to its feature, PDF users can work with PDFgear on Mac, Windows, Linux and so on.

Is PDFgear free?

Yes, it is. Although PDFgear has so many useful functions like PDF editing, reading and converting, it‘s still a totally free online tool open for all users with no registration and limited use times.