How to Rotate a PDF and Save It without Acrobat

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Rotate any PDF page clockwise or counterclockwise 90 degrees/180 degrees/270 degrees, even FOR FREE without Adobe Acrobat.

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How to Rotate a PDF and Save It without Acrobat

How to Rotate a PDF and Save It without Acrobat

PDFs with inconsistent page orientation can be inconvenient to read, so you need to turn these pages to the correct orientation.

Adobe Acrobat does a good job of rotating pages in PDF, but its high price has dissuaded many users. How to rotate PDF with free Acrobat alternatives? Follow the three methods below.

šŸ‘‰Ā To get started, get PDFgear, the best free Adobe Pro alternative for Windows, Mac, and iOS. It really is free!

Rotate a PDF and Save It on Windows

PDFgear is considered one of the best software to rotate PDF pages and you can use it to rotate PDFs without any effort. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive options that make the task of rotating PDF pages, easy to handle for novices and experts alike.

Free PDF Rotator Software

PDFgear is a versatile PDFĀ rotator toĀ batch-rotate custom PDF pages for free, with no watermarks.

Here is how to batch-rotate pages in PDF files.

Furthermore, the PDFgear onlineĀ rotatorĀ can assist you in managing PDF files. However, it has a maximum file size limitation of 50MB and may result inĀ changeĀ loss due to an unreliable Internet connection.

To avoid these limitations, it is advisable toĀ download PDFgearĀ and take advantage of its unrestricted file size and quantity capabilities.

Step 1. Open the PDF with PDFgear

InstallĀ PDFgearĀ for free on your Windows and open it. Click the red Open File button on the main page to import the PDF files you want to change.

Open PDF File with PDFgear Editor

Open PDF File with PDFgear Editor

Step 2. Rotate PDFs Clockwise or Counterclockwise in Batches

Select the Page tab from the menu bar, and the Rotate tool will appear in the options. Click to select multiple pages, thenĀ hit the Rotate Left or Rotate Right button.

Click the button once and the page will be rotated 90 degrees, repeat the action to get the rotation effect you want.

Batch Rotate PDF Pages Offline

Batch Rotate PDF Pages Offline

Mouse over a PDF page and four small icons will appear on the right side of the page, the top icon supports you to rotate your PDF to the left or to the right.

Rotate PDF Page with Quick Click

Rotate PDF Page with Quick Click

Step 2. Save the New Rotate PDF

If you are satisfied with the rotation action, go to the top menu bar and click the ā€œSave asā€ button. Then in the pop-up save window, name the rotated PDF and choose an output location.

Finally, click the Save button in the pop-up window, and the permanently rotated PDF file will be successfully saved.

Save the Rotated PDF File

Save the Rotated PDF File

Rotate PDF on Mac without Acrobat

The built-in Preview application on your Macbook can help you handle many tasks related to PDF such as extracting pages from PDF, highlighting PDF, drawing on PDF, and rotating PDF is a piece of cake for it.

You can use the Preview program to rotate individual pages in PDF or all at once.

Step 1. OpenĀ a PDF with the Preview

Double-click any PDF file to open it in the Preview App on your Mac, or right-click a PDF file and choose Preview as the opening method.

Open PDF in Preview

Open PDF in Preview

Step 2. Rotate the PDF Page to the Left or Right

Click the ā€œRotateā€ button in the top toolbar to rotate the PDF in a specific direction.

Cilck on the Rotate Button

Click on the Rotate Button

You can also rotate your PDF left or right by clicking Tools in the menu bar.

Rotate PDF to Left or Right on Mac

Rotate PDF to Left or Right on Mac

To rotate all pages in the PDF, hold down the Shift key to select multiple pages in the sidebar thumbnails (or use the shortcut āŒ˜ + A to select all pages), and then perform the rotation action until you are satisfied.

Step 3. Save the Rotated File

To save the rotated PDF file, click ā€œFile” > “Saveā€ in the menu bar or use the shortcut key ā€œāŒ˜ + Sā€.

RotateĀ a PDF Online on Google Chrome

What you donā€™t know is that you can choose Google Chrome to view the PDF, highlight PDF, print PDF, etc. Additionally, you can rotate the PDF and save it. You should note that this method only allows you to rotate one page at a time. If you have more than one page in the PDF file to rotate, this method is time-consuming.

Step 1. Open the PDF with Google Chrome

Find the target PDF file on your device, right-click the file, and select Google Chrome as the open method.

Step 2. Rotate PDF Pages Counterclockwise

All PDF page thumbnails will be displayed in the left sidebar, slide the middle mouse buttonā€™s scroll wheel, or pull the slider to select a page that needs to be rotated.

Rotate PDF on Chrome

Rotate PDF on Chrome

Click the Rotate button on the screen to rotate the PDF page counterclockwise. If you want to rotate the page more than 90 degrees, keep clicking the Rotate button.

Step 3. Download the Permanently Rotated PDF

After your PDF is successfully rotated to the correct position, you can click the Download button in the upper right corner to save the new PDF file. Select a name for the file in the Save pop-up and then click the Save button to save the location.

Save the Rotate PDF on Chrome

Save the Rotate PDF on Chrome


How Can I Rotate a PDF for Free?

The subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro is too expensive to afford. Therefore, PDFgear offers a free and convenient way to rotate a PDF. Get PDFgear which is available for Windows, macOS, and iOS on your device > Import the PDF > Navigate to the Page toolbar > Select the pages you want to rotate > Click the Rotate Left orĀ Rotate Right button.

How Do You Rotate a PDF Online?

With no installation, no watermark, or no subscription, PDFgear offers you a smooth experience on rotating PDF pages in batches. Go to PDFgearĀ Online Rotator > Upload your PDF > Choose the rotation orientation > Click Rotate PDF > Hit the Download button to save the rotated PDF.

How Do I Rotate a PDF in Chrome?

Google Chrome offers users many PDF-related solutions. For rotating PDFs, just drop the file to Chrome > Click the RotateĀ Counterclockwise button to make a change > Hit Download to save.

To Sum Up

To avoid looking at your document from the sideway, the three methods described above can immediately rotate the pages of the PDF to make everything look right. We have come a long way from the days when we could only rely on Adobe Acrobat to rotate PDFs, and the proliferation of online tools and offline programs has provided us with more options.

As you can see, you can rotate PDFs with simplicity if you have the right tools to rely on. Preview on Mac is a simple default option. If you have an Internet connection, you can also rotate PDFs directly in Google Chrome. But for pro-level PDF management, then take a PDFgear a try.

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