The 13 Best Humata Alternatives to Chat with Files for Free

Last updated on June 20, 2024

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Humata is efficient in document processing. But it charges highly. Need other free AI tools similar to Humata? Check the best Humata alternatives here.

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Best Humata Alternatives

Best Humata Alternatives

With the burgeoning improvement of AI technology, numerous AI-integrated tools have been developed in recent days. Humata AI is one of them, for comprehending complex documents easily.

However, it is not free and unlimited for users. What is the best free and unlimited alternative to Humata? Here, you can discover the best Humata alternatives that allow you to chat with files without cost and without restrictions.

🏆Winner of the Week🎉

PDFgear Chatbot is the best Humata free alternative as it offers unlimited PDF chatting for free.

Comparison Table of the 13 Best Humata Alternatives

Quickly scan the comparison table of the most recommended Humata free alternatives. Check their price, supported operating systems, and file types they can chat with. Then make a final choice of the Humata AI alternative to download or have a trial.

The information listed here is trustworthy, authentic, and new, which you can rely on with ease.

AI Tools Price Platform Supported File Format
PDFgear Chatbot Completely Free Windows, Mac, iOS .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .jpg, .tiff, .epub, .html, .rtf, .txt, and more.
ChatPDF Free Online .pdf, URL.
FileGPT Free version available Online PDFs, TXTs, DOCs, audio, YouTube, webpages, and more.
SciSummary Free Online text, PDF, link.
Langchain Free and open-source Windows, Mac PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

1. PDFgear Chatbot

PDFgear Chatbot is a free and powerful PDF chatbot as well as an AI PDF editor, it allows you to chat with PDF files for completely free, without any limitations. PDFgear provides unlimited PDF chatting, unlike the 60 free pages limit in Humata.

This PDF processing software also follows the newest AI tech trend, developing a new PDFgear Chatbot to help users better read PDFs with ChatGPT and analyze PDF documents.

With the newest GPT-integrated technology, PDFgear Chatbot is able to quickly extract information from a complex PDF file, like books, essays, research papers, and legal contracts, and summarize the key concepts for you.

Humata Alternative PDFgear Chatbot

Humata Alternative PDFgear Chatbot

As its product name indicates, it can realize what a chatbot does for you. For instance, you can directly ask questions about the PDF file, and it will immediately respond to you according to the information in the imported document. Despite the PDF document, other file formats are also supported in this AI tool, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, Images, e-book files, etc.

The software also embeds other traditional PDF editing features like PDF page management, PDF text annotation, file combination, and separation. Considering its comprehensive PDF processing tools, it is undoubtedly one of the best Humata alternatives and the best AI tools for education and workflow in the field.

Access PDFgear Chatbot by clicking here.

2. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a web-based AI tool that allows you to work with large PDF documents without any effort. As one of the best alternatives for Humata, ChatPDF also provides a variety of PDF document summarizing and analyzing features.

It is one of the best AI summarizers, taking effect by analyzing the paragraphs in the PDF file and then extracting information from it as quickly as possible. Understanding complicated PDF documents such as manuals, essays, and professional books is a piece of cake with the assistance of this online AI-integrated tool.

Humata Alternative ChatPDF

Humata Alternative ChatPDF

Though it is web-based, it is safe and reliable to use. The online tool doesn’t ask for your registration. Therefore, it is a quick and easy way to deal with your PDF documents. Users without tech savvy can easily know how to use ChatPDF.

Otherwise, your data is stored in a secure Cloud drive and all your private data will be deleted after 7 days automatically. Other smart features, like chatting with the PDF files, answering questions from PDFs, summarizing, and optimizing the content are also accessible in ChatPDF.

Access ChatPDF by clicking here.

3. FileGPT

FileGPT is another perfect Humata alternative tool. It is an online AI chatbot combined with the ChatGPT model, allowing you to chat with various types of files to comprehend them better.

It enables you to tackle numerous file formats, like PDF, Microsoft Word, text, web pages, etc. Apart from documents, FileGPT also supports several media file formats, like video, audio, YouTube links, etc.

Humata Alternative FileGPT

Humata Alternative FileGPT

FileGPT can efficiently boost your productivity and simplify your work and study when coping with perplexing documents. It can directly chat with different file types in various languages with its inbuilt GPT-powered AI algorithms.

In addition, it can accurately answer your questions based on the knowledge in the uploaded file. It allows you to upload large and long files, and the free trial version is also available.

Access FileGPT by clicking here.

4. SciSummary

Scisummary is a dedicated tool for scientists and researchers to read and understand academic documents and research papers more efficiently. It uses the GPT 4 models and is able to provide summaries for complex files. Different from other file-processing AI tools, SciSummary makes it easier to stay up to date on the latest scientific research.

It will help you integrate the latest statistics and information from long and complicated papers. For those students and professionals who have little time to read through long and complex scientific articles, it is definitely the best choice to use.

Humata Alternative SciSummary

Humata Alternative SciSummary

SciSummary allows you to send the document through email, like the text, like, or attachment formats. Then it will deliver abstracts of any academic or research paper in minutes. In this way, your precious time will be saved and your work and research will be more productive.

Access SciSummary by clicking here.

5. Langchain

LangChain is a module library that aims to help code document management and optimization. What makes it so popular is its ability to generate a chain of commands based on its provided modules, such as Prompts, LLMs, Document Loaders, Chains, Indexes, Agents, Chat, etc.

LangChain has recently developed a chatbot feature as well. It provides a set of tools that can help you better understand complicated documents. Users can use it to handle document retrievals, represent questions, summarize paragraphs, and more.

Humata Alternative LangChain

Humata Alternative LangChain

Langchain is open-source and free to use now. However, compared to other best Humata alternatives, it is more suitable for those with software experience. For beginners, it might be a little difficult to learn and use.

Access Langchain by clicking here.

6. ChatDOC

ChatDOC is another highly recommended file reading assistant that is based on the ChatGPT API. It can be seen as the best alternative for Humata and it is also one of the best ChatPDF alternatives, for it can quickly extract, search, and summarize any content in the uploaded document.

In addition, a human-like chatbot can answer any of your questions about the current document. You can get an immediate response with cited sources.

Its answers are backed by direct quotes from the file. You can directly click on the position and check whether the AI interpretation is accurate or not. Another amazing feature of it is that it can answer your question by analyzing multiple uploaded files and it will integrate information in those documents to give you a more comprehensive answer.

Humata Alternative ChatDOC

Humata Alternative ChatDOC

ChatDOC is online and free to use right now. Free users can process 20 files without any cost per day. You can upload research papers, professional books, manuals, and any other kind of documents. Along with it, you can read faster and learn better.

Access ChatDOC by clicking here.

7. ChaturGPT

ChaturGPT is also an AI tool that can help users read and summarize PDFs, Word documents, PPT files, etc. Integrated with the GPT algorithm, it allows you to easily extract critical information without searching for endless materials. It is also perfect for PDF document understanding, which allows you to ask questions from a PDF.

You can ask for a detailed and easy-to-understand overview of the document or specific information after you upload the file to it. Or you can ask it a question directly without looking through the whole document.

Whether it is a code document, legal contract, band statement, or research paper, it works well.

Humata Alternative ChaturGPT

Humata Alternative ChaturGPT

ChaturGPT is web-based and free to access. For free users, it permits them to upload a file within 100 MB. By simple drag and drop you can start to comprehend the PDF document with this AI service. For a variety of groups, like businesses, students, freelancers, and government, ChaturGPT is a great alternative AI assistant for Humata.

Access ChaturGPT by clicking here.


PDFGPT.IO is a smart tool that enables you to handle a PDF file rapidly. Whether you are a student who needs to understand and extract key information from a large material document, a researcher who needs to summarize a swell of papers or an officer who needs to collect a wide range of statistics, the PDFGPT.IO will be extremely beneficial.

Integrated with the OpenAI API, it can offer a thorough and efficient solution for you when you ask questions to this chatbot. The AI tool will answer your questions by referring to the information in the uploaded PDF file.

Humata Alternative PDFGPT.IO

Humata Alternative PDFGPT.IO

PDFGPT.IO is now available online. It provides both free and pro plans for you to select. By logging in with your Google account, you are able to cope with a PDF file within 5 MB and you can deal with 1000 pages for a month.

Access PDFGPT.IO by clicking here.

9. Sharly AI

Sharly AI is also on the top list of the best Humata alternatives. Generally, it is capable of summarizing long sentences, concluding complex documents, and general outlines with key points.

Endowed with advanced natural language processing technology, it can automatically analyze information in your document, helping you comprehend a large amount of knowledge within minutes. An inbuilt chatbot enables you to obtain the answer within seconds.

Humata Alternative Sharly AI

Humata Alternative Sharly AI

Sharly AI supports a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and more. It also integrates with other tools, like Google Drive, Discord, and Twitter making your document easier to preserve and share with others.

It provides a forever free plan for users to access, which promises you to deal with 3 documents without any hidden catches. You can use this Humata alternative online directly through the link below.

Access Sharly AI by clicking here.

10. can give you some aid when you need to read large PDF documents more efficiently. It is another best choice for the Humata alternative. Leveraging the OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, it is capable of identifying the uploaded documents and summarizing perplexing concepts for users.

You can also chat with the chatbot to obtain a specific answer about the document. Other fabulous and smart features are also accessible in this AI tool, including PDF merging and flattening, grammar correction, image generation, content creation, and more.

Humata Alternative

Humata Alternative possesses better compatibility, allowing you to use it on various systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, and an easy-to-navigate Chrome Extension is also provided. It offers a free version with a limit of 4,000 words every day.

If you need to use it frequently, you can activate the pro version, which allows you to cope with 10 million words per month.

Access by clicking here.

11. Ask Your PDF

Just like its name suggests, Ask Your PDF is an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to handle PDF documents more easily and productively. Along with its built-in advanced AI technology, you can use it to quickly navigate, understand, and summarize PDF documents and derive key insights from them.

Reading and comprehending obscure research papers, manuals, reports, etc. will be a simple task using this AI assistant. Moreover, the chat system can help you rapidly fix the issue without spending extra time and energy reading those materials.

Humata Alternative Ask Your PDF

Humata Alternative Ask Your PDF

Ask Your PDF is web-based. By uploading your documents or pasting the URL to the file, you can know how to summarize a research article and other hard-to-understand files within minutes. Various file formats are supported, such as PDFs, Word documents, plain text documents, PPTs, e-books, and more. It is free to use right now.

In addition, it is integrated with Twitter, Discord, and Facebook, making it easier for you to share documents with others.

Access Ask Your PDF by clicking here.

12. CloudPDF

CloudPDF is an intelligent PDF assistant based on the website. It is among the best Humata alternatives, for it can help users effectively manage, analyze, and leverage PDF files.

Unlike those common AI PDF assistants, CloudPDF offers several unique features, including getting insights into your documents, using your PDFs as a lead generation tool, and embedding a PDF viewer in your website.

Humata Alternative CloudPDF

Humata Alternative CloudPDF

Using it, you are free of endless scrolling through numerous PDF pages. The AI-powered chatbot enables you to engage in conversations to better comprehend complex ideas and concepts. A unique vector search feature in the AI tool can find similar elements in a data set, instead of focusing on keywords or exact matches, making the answer more accurate and all-around.

CloudPDF provides a 14-day free trial after purchasing. To use it, you have to subscribe to its premium version in the first place.

Access CloudPDF by clicking here.

13. LightPDF

The last best Humata alternative we’d love to introduce is LightPDF. It was already a prevalent PDF editor before ChatGPT went viral. And it has developed a helpful PDF chatbot recently.

LightPDF offers both online and offline AI tools for you to select. The dedicated software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Therefore, you can use it on your mobile phone when you are unable to check large files on your computer.

Humata Alternative LightPDF

Humata Alternative LightPDF

This AI-powered document processor is in favor of data extraction, content summaries, document insights, and more. Apart from PDF files, you can also upload Word documents, Excel, PPT, and .epub files.

Designed to save precious time, it can answer your question accurately with advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technologies. Over 100 languages are supported as well. LightPDF gives you a chance to use its free version. You can handle the document with no login online.

Access the LightPDF chatbot by clicking here.


Check the following frequently asked questions about Humata and its alternatives to learn more about the AI tools for document handling and understanding.

What is Humata AI?

Humata is an AI-powered platform that aims to enable officers and businesses to work with different types of files more efficiently. It can summarize long papers and answer complicated questions about the uploaded files, helping you understand the information on the document effortlessly.

What files does Humata support?

Humata AI is in favor of a variety of file formats. For instance, you can upload Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), PDF (.pdf), plain text (.txt) files, and Rich Text Format (.rtf) to Humata AI.

Is Humata free to use?

Humata provides both free and pro versions for users to select. But there are several limits in the free version, compared to its premium version. For example, you can cope with up to 60 pages in total for free. Need to deal with more, you have to update to its pro version.

Otherwise, some advanced features, like Chat Support, Page References & Highlighting are also not provided in the free version.

Does Humata use ChatGPT?

Yes. Humata is now integrated with the GPT-3 model. In this way, you can ask anything in your document, and you can get a GPT-powered response through Humata.

What is the best AI tool like Humata?

There are also numerous choices for the best Humata alternatives. In general, the best AI tools that have the same function as Humate are:

  1. PDFgear

  2. ChatDOC
  3. LightPDF
  4. Sharly AI
  5. FileGPT

  6. CloudPDF
  7. SciSummary

The Final Words

This top-list article recommends the 13 best Humata alternative AI tools for you. By combining AI tech and your work or study, you can make yourself more efficient and productive.

Among those AI-integrated tools for documents, PDFgear is a perfect option for you. It is free, powerful, and intelligent. Begin with it to make your files easier to understand and summarize.

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