iLovePDF to Word: How to Convert PDF to Word Using iLovePDF

Piers Zoew Thursday August 25, 2022 3:13 AM

Learn from the step-by-step tutorials on how to convert PDF to Word using iLovePDF, with or without OCR. The best free alternative to iLovePDF for PDF to Word conversion is also introduced.

iLovePDF to Word

iLovePDF to Word

If you have experience dealing with PDF and Microsoft Word documents using online PDF converter services, then iLovePDF is a name you’ve definitely seen. As one of the most popular online PDF converter services, iLove PDF has won over 300 million users from across the planet, using iLovePDF for their day-to-day PDF tasks.

In this post, we’ll talk about the commonly used document conversion, PDF to Microsoft Word. We’ll respectively introduce the methods to iLovePDF to Word with/without OCR. Moreover, you’ll find an awesome iLovePDF alternative to convert PDF to Word for free.

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How to Convert Scanned Document to PDF Using iLovePDF OCR

As most office and school scanners save scanned documents into PDF format, OCR is helpful when you need to convert scanned documents to editable Word documents without retyping.

This method works best with scanned documents with unselectable text.

So if you want to convert iLovePDF to Word OCR, follow the tutorials below. But please note that iLovePDF OCR is a premium feature, which means you have to pay for the conversion.

1. Navigate to iLovePDF PDF to Word converter.

2. Hit the Select PDF file button to upload the scanned document you intend to convert to Word. You can also upload it from Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. When your file is uploaded, select OCR from the menu bar on the right.

4. Click the Convert to Word button to convert scanned documents to Word using iLovePDF OCR.

5. When the conversion completes, download your PDF to Word converted file.

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iLovePDF to Word OCR

iLovePDF to Word OCR

How to Convert PDF Documents to Word Using iLovePDF without OCR

iLovePDF also offers an awesome PDF converter tool that converts PDF to Word without OCR. After you upload your PDF documents, scanned or not, into the iLovePDF converter tool, the PDF documents will be automatically converted to Microsoft Word documents.

This method works best with PDF document digital copies containing selectable texts solely.

The whole process can be done in simple clicks, now let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Step 1. Go to iLovePDF PDF to Word Converter

Use your web browser to navigate to the iLovePDF PDF to Word converter tool.

iLovePDF PDF to Word Converter

iLovePDF PDF to Word Converter

Step 2. Convert PDF to Word Using iLovePDF

Hit the Select PDF file button to upload the document you intend to convert to Word. Then select the No OCR option (free option).

iLovePDF PDF to Word No OCR

iLovePDF PDF to Word No OCR

Step 3. Download the Word Document

When the conversion completes, hit the Download Word button to download the converted Word document.

Download Word from iLovePDF

Download Word from iLovePDF

Why iLovePDF to Word Not Working?

iLovePDF PDF to Word converter not working may result from that your uploaded PDF documents being scanned PDF documents containing unselectable text.

In that case, most non-OCR PDF converters will fail to read the text content in the document.

In a bid to convert these PDF documents to editable Word, you can either opt for iLovePDF Premium for the OCR feature or switch to another free PDF converter tool that supports scanned documents with unselectable text.

Best iLovePDF Alternative to Convert PDF to Word

For users without a premium account, the use of the iLovePDF PDF converter service can be quite restricted, so here’s the best free iLovePDF alternative: PDFgear.

PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF converter, compressor, reader, as well as editor tool that is completely free to use, and you need no premium or sign up.

PDFgear PDF converter tools support the conversion between PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, etc, and it works with PDF documents with selectable and unselectable text, the conversions can be conducted in a simple drag-and-drop manner.

No cost, no ads, no registration, no premium version, no watermark, and most importantly, there’s no limitation against free users.

1. Navigate to PDFgear PDF to Word converter.

2. Drag and drop the documents into the converter UI.

3. The conversion will be automatically completed in 2 seconds, hit the Download to get the converted Word document.

It’s simple as that! Why not have a try on your own?

PDFgear PDF to Word

PDFgear PDF to Word


That’ll be all about i Love PDF to Word – all solutions in one place. In conclusion, for dear iLovePDF users, this post offered two different methods to convert different types of PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents, so we can edit the text within easier. And if you find iLovePDF a bit restricted in terms of its features, and you rather not pay for the service for the moment, the free PDF converter tool PDFgear is also worth a try. Try it now to see for yourself if PDFgear is that good!