How To Insert a Table in Gmail Message

Last updated on August 25, 2023

Summary :

Gmail does not have a built-in table creator, but there are a few ways to insert tables into your emails. Whether you want to insert a form into a Gmail message on the web or on mobile, this article can give you a hand.

Insert Table in Gmail

Have you ever had trouble presenting information on Gmail in tabulated form? If you have then this article will help you in organizing and sorting your data into a table and presenting it on a mail body which can be further analyzed and used by the receiver.

Not all the emails needed to be in tabular form but at times, if you have some data to represent, and you don’t want to send that as an attachment, then inserting a table right in the email body is what you can do.

So, keep reading further, and I will help you to build a Gmail table for emailing purposes.

Insert a Table in Gmail from the Gmail Website

Gmail does not have any option for table formatting on its own. If table formatting has to be done you have to get the table from an external tabulation software platform like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. In order to present the table all you need to do is, create the table in your Google Sheets or in MS Excel. Or you can convert a table to PDF using PDFgear online converter, then attach the PDF to your email.

Copy the entire table in one go and paste it onto your email body. This is a very simple procedure almost every person even with a little bit of work knowledge in a computer system will know how to create a table in Google Sheets and MS Excel. Here is a step-by-step guide in the pointers below.

Step 1: The process is fairly easy and simple. You need to first go to the webpage of Google Sheets. You will see an interface quite similar to this:

Google Sheets UI

Google Sheets UI

Step 2: You need to click on the blank section of the new spreadsheet. A new spreadsheet which is a standard format will open. In case you want a different formatted table you can use another sample given above.

Step 3: You need to fill in your data manually and drag the cursor to select the cells you want to copy. Just like this, the way the cells are being selected sequentially.

Selecting Table on Google Sheets

Selecting Table on Google Sheets

Step 4: Copy the contents of the table and paste it on your mail body. To copy you can either do a right click and then click on copy. or press ‘CTRL + C’.

Copy Table on Google Sheets

Copy Table on Google Sheets

Step 5: Similarly to paste, head over to Gmail and click on the section you want the table to be, first right click and then select paste, or simply press ‘CTRL +V’

Step 6: If it’s below the text, try to have a sufficient gap of at least one line or two-three lines. That helps in the organization of the text more structured.

Pasting Data on Gmail Body

Pasting Data on Gmail Body

Step 7: Now add relevant information like the receiver’s mail address, subject, and CC if there is any to the email, and then hit send. Voila, you have sent the mail.

By any chance, if you paste the table, you don’t see the table visible, and only the text is there. Then, you should first choose the border in the Google Sheet to the table content, and then copy it. And, then paste it into Gmail. It will then show.

Insert a Table in an Email Message on Mobile

When it comes to Inserting a table in an Email With Gmail’s Mobile App, then a general conception is that it might be quite different and may be tough to do that as compared to how we do it on a PC.

But, don’t worry, the steps are almost the same. However, a few things you might need to do. Here is how you can insert a table on Gmail via its App on your smartphone.

Step 1: Download the Google Sheet app on your phone through your app store. Apple users can head over to Apple Store while Android Users can access the Google Play store.

Step 2: Once downloading and installation of the application are completed. Launch the Google Sheets app.

Step 3: At the bottom of the Google Sheets app, there will be a plus sign, tap that sign. It will open a new document on Google Spreadsheet.

Creation of New Google Sheet

Creation of New Google Sheet

Step 4: Fill in the cells manually. Feed in all the tabulated info.

Step 5: Then hold one end of the cell and then go on selecting the extreme end of the cell. Make sure you select all the cells and then hold your finger on the screen, an option of ‘copy’ will appear, tap that.

Copying Contents from Google Spreadsheet

Copying Contents from Google Spreadsheet

Step 6: Now launch Gmail App on the same phone and tap on ‘Compose’.

Compose Option on Gmail

Compose Option on Gmail

Step 7: Tap and hold your finger at a specific section of the body of the mail. A Paste option will appear and you need to tap that.

Pasting Data on the New Mail Body

Pasting Data on the New Mail Body

Step 8: Now you need to fill in the details of the receiver email address, if there is a cc to be added, subject, etc. All these things can be added and after that simply hit Send.

Insert a Table in Gmail Using the Extension

There are quite a few extensions that are available that ensure that you can make a table on Gmail and also do it with time efficiency. Though you are free to use any extension you want.

In this piece, I will inform you about the Cloud HQ extension, ‘Gmail Tables’. I will break down the steps in detail that will help you to insert a table on your mail body.

Insert Table to Gmail Message with Cloud HQ Extension

Insert Table to Gmail Message with Cloud HQ Extension

Step 1: Access to Cloud HQ extension, and add it to your extension listing.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option.

Step 3: You will receive a prompt window, click on ‘Add extension’.

Step 4: Wait for the extension to get installed. It will download on your download bar below. You can pin it from the plugin icon.

Step 5: From the top menu, you need to click on the icon first and then click on the table on your Gmail email body.

Step 6: After that, the Gmail buttons and tables will open. Here you can customize the way in which you would like the table to look. You can set a number of rows, and columns. You can also choose the padding, spacing, and width of the table. You can customize Headers and Footers also through this table.

Insert Table to Gmail: FAQs

How to insert a table into Gmail Compose?

First of all, go to Google Sheets, create a table there, and copy that by selecting the whole table, and using the command Ctrl C. Now, go to Gmail, and click Compose to write an email. In that compose area, just paste the table by pressing Ctrl V. Your table will be pasted in the compose area.

How do I insert a table into the body of an email?

It is very easy, all you need to do is open a blank spreadsheet file on Google Sheets. Fill in your data manually or import your data from another spreadsheet. Now copy all the contents and paste them onto your new mail body.

How do I insert a table from Word into Gmail?

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is where you can open the newest version of MS Word. You need to create a table first of all. Open a new Word document, now click on ‘insert’, look below there will be an option called ‘tables’ Click it and then choose the boxes on the MS Word doc file. Organise and insert data.

Once it’s done, move to Gmail, and open a new mail by clicking on ‘compose’. Fill in the receiver’s address, CC (if there is any), and subject, and then paste the table. And now click on ‘send’. 


Emails have now become excruciatingly descriptive. Nowadays, much of your office work requires beyond opening a file with a table. With the help of Google Sheets and Google Tables extension, you can feed in a table on your own. You can even manipulate the size and spacing of the table with the Google Tables extension.

In this piece, in succinct sequential-ordered steps, I help you in making you understand the process of How to make a Table and then copy that table to your Gmail’s new email body. Overall, the process is simple, just requires a tad bit of concentration on the details.

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