How to Convert HEIC to PDF with Online2PDF

Piers Zoew Wednesday February 15, 2023 9:42 AM

Converting HEIC to PDF files can not only solve the compatibility problem between different systems but also make people transfer files more smoothly across platforms. This post will introduce PDF users to how to use Online2PDF to change HEIC to PDF.

Since Apple’s iOS 11 update, iPhone 7 and later hardware store photos in HEIC format by default. Compared to JPG, the HEIC format pics take up less space and are more lossless.

However, this format cannot be opened directly in Windows using the built-in picture viewing software. To successfully open and check a HEIC image on Windows, you must depend on expert HEIC converters.

PDF, as a convenient file format, is popular among most staff members. It is also well-known for its convenience of sharing and formatting lossless.

Online2PDF is a tool for PDF converting that can realize the conversion from HEIC to PDF.

  • It is entirely free for all its customers.
  • It is more convenient and accessible as an online converter than other desktop tools.
  • Support turning HEIC pictures to PDF anywhere and anytime, regardless of your device.

As an all-featured PDF tool, Online2PDF also allows you to merge, split, edit, compress PDF files, etc. It will not store your uploaded file, and after the conversion, it eliminates the uploaded and edited file directly.

Same as the rest online converters you can find in the market. Online2PDF also limits the number of your uploaded files.  And all files you upload must be within 150M. For each file, the maximum file size is limited to 100M.

The method of converting HEIC to PDF is quite easy, only 3 steps are needed.

Step 1. Open Online2PDF HEIC to PDF Converter

Open the Onlin2PDF Converter page, then select the Image to PDF category.

Open Online2PDF HEIC to PDF Converter

Open Online2PDF HEIC to PDF Converter

Step 2. Select HEIC File to Upload

Hit Select File or drag and drop your pictures to upload. Click File 2 to add more files if you need to batch-convert HIEC files. Set the page layout, margin, size, orientation, and other parameters on this page.

Select HEIC File to Upload to Online2PDF

Select HEIC File to Upload to Online2PDF

Step 3. Convert and Save the PDF

After adjusting the style of the PDF page, hit Convert to start the process, and then it will directly save the converted PDF to your computer.

Convert and Save the PDF

Convert and Save the PDF

The Onlin2PDF can efficiently and quickly track PDF issues. However, a flaw in an apparently perfect thing is that there are many limits to it. And the user interface layout is relatively not friendly for new users. It takes you time to navigate what you want.

If these are cumbersome for you, you can try the best alternative tool for Online2PDF mentioned below, which has no limits to use while easy and fast to operate.

The Best Free Online2PDF Alternative You May Be Interested in.

PDFgear is one of the best free Online2PDF alternatives in the market.

It is also a free online PDF converter that performs the conversion from HEIC to PDF, PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, HEIC, etc.

Unlike Online2PDF, it provides no limits on the imported files, regardless of file size or the converting times.

PDFgear Online HEIC to PDF Converter

PDFgear Online HEIC to PDF Converter

Directly go to the PDFgear HEIC to PDF online webpage, then select your HEIC pictures to import. > After uploading, it will directly start converting. The download page will pop up within a few seconds. > Hit the download button to save the converted PDF to your local folder.

In these steps, you can effortlessly get a PDF file from a HEIC picture. At the same time, PDFgear also offers more PDF functions like compression and editing, here is a guide on how PDFgear works online for you to get more information.

Final Thoughts

If you refer to the above instructions, I’m convinced you have tracked your problem. Both Onlin2PDF and its alternative PDFgear can quickly convert HEIC to PDF. Choose the tool you like, and achieve your goal now!