How to Permanently Rotate PDFs Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Last updated on July 19, 2023

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Permanently rotating PDFs on Adobe can be a bit tricky. No more worries, there are easy-to-understand guides on how to rotate individual pages of PDFs and bundles of PDFs on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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The PDF document is one of the most important and widely used document formats across the world. It makes document sharing work easier than it would be. Well, besides some of these great features it offers, here in this post, we will focus on the pages-rotation stuff in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

There is a possibility that PDF pages can be scanned and rotated incorrectly. In such a scenario, you would find that there are a few tools that can prove to be handy in how to rotate a page of a PDF document permanently in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

4 Steps to Rotate a Page of PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC makes it extremely easy and simple to use options to help you arrange pages, crop unnecessary pages of a PDF file, reduce PDF file size, or remove a single page or a range of pages on any PDF document.

You can even rotate the pages that have been scanned or merged. Some features that you would find helpful in how to rotate PDF in Adobe can be summed up as

  • Rotate your pages from anywhere with a browser-based functionality.
  • Arrange your pages in any order of your preferences.
  • The intuitive drag and drop functionality.
  • Handles a wide range of documents.

Step 1. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Assuming you have installed Adobe Acrobat on your device, launch it on your device. Select the page that you want to rotate. You can select multiple pages if you want to. Double-click on a PDF file to open it.

Open PDF Files in Adobe Reader

Open PDF Files in Adobe Reader

Step 2. Pick the Organise Tools option

Go to Tools > Organise Pages option

You can also choose Organize Pages option on the right pane.

Use the Organize Pages Tool

Use the Organize Pages Tool

Step 3. Rotate the page

Click on the pages that you want to rotate. The rotation is based on 90-degree increments. You will be shown the page rotation in the Preview bar.

Rotate PDF Page in Adobe Reader

Rotate PDF Page in Adobe Reader


You can rotate all PDF pages when you select All Pages in the selection area. But also, you can hit the page you want to rotate, and click on the turning icon to rotate it.

Step 4. Save the file

Click on Save, and the file will be saved. You can also decide to save it in another folder.

Well, the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC tool for rotating the PDF file comes with a pricing option. That would perhaps make you look for alternatives for the best free options to assist you in rotating the PDF files.

Bonus Method: Permanently Rotate PDF Files with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Alternative

Since there are quite a lot of online and offline PDF tools out there, you can easily find a great free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC alternative to rotate PDFs permanently. Here let’s meet PDFgear which can offer you one of the easiest and simplest methods to full-fledged functionality with an effective PDF rotation.

Upload the PDF file into the PDFgear rotation tool > Rotate pages of a PDF file on the tool > Download the rotated file.

Or you can directly learn how to rotate a page of a PDF document from this video tutorial.

That’s it, that is how you rotate a page of a pdf document permanently with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC alternative – PDFgear.

PDFgear online rotation tool makes the work much easier as it won’t ask for registration or any software download and installation. Any chance you may want to use PDF toolkits, some of its features that you would come across

  • Completely free tool to organize your files, even without registration.
  • An enhanced security level for your files. No files are saved on the servers and are deleted instantly.
  • You can rotate your files in just a few seconds.
  • Unlimited PDF resizing and PDF organization options.
  • Works across any device and provides you with a full-fledged PDF management option.

Generally Asked Questions Be Answered Here Below

Adobe is definitely asking for your payments, that’s no doubt. And it costs a lot. To make the payment worthy, some questions you should get answered like

How do you rotate a PDF in Adobe Mac?

You can use the same account on Windows or Mac.

So to use Adobe Acrobat Reader on Mac can just be completed by clicking on the View tab on the toolbar and then hovering over Rotate view button.

Then Choose either a clockwise or anticlockwise option to rotate your PDF document.

Which is the best software to rotate PDFs?

There are several tools that can be handy in rotating PDFs with ease. Adobe Acrobat has been one of the most powerful tools that have been used by several professionals for rotating PDF files. If you think you cannot afford the Adobe tool, it would be advisable to use a free online tool such as PDFgear.

How do I permanently rotate a PDF without Acrobat?

There are several alternatives to Acrobat that can help you rotate a PDF file permanently. One option is to use an online PDF editing tool. PDFgear website offers free PDF editing services where you can upload your PDF file and rotate it as needed.

How do I rotate a PDF and save it in Chrome?

Open your PDF file in Chrome by dragging and dropping it into a new tab > choose “Rotate clockwise” or “Rotate counterclockwise” from the menu >then click the download icon to save the rotated PDF.

The Concluding Thoughts

PDF files have been one of the most popular document formats that have been used for effective sharing. The format offers a complete no loss in formatting when sharing with your friends and colleagues.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has been a powerful tool for handling PDF files, and rotating the PDF file on Adobe is quite simple and easy. You can also check out the free and easy-to-use tools such as PDFgear for a more powerful experience.

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