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Last updated on November 2, 2023

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Learn about how to rotate PDFs online for free using the 3 best free online PDF rotators, temporarily or permanently. Completely free, no registration, no installation, safe to use.

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How to Rotate PDF Online for Free

How to Rotate PDF Online for Free

Cross-platform sending/sharing of PDF documents or electronic submissions may result in the incorrect orientation of PDF documents, which is certainly a bummer for business document viewing, reviewing, and signing.

By rotating PDF, you get to change the orientation of your PDF documents, and even change between landscape PDF documents and portrait PDF documents. And the best route is rotating PDFs online.

This page covers the detailed steps of 3 methods to rotate .pdf documents online for free, respectively using the best free online PDF rotator PDFgear, Google Chrome, and Google Drive. The three methods are free, working, and efficient.

Follow the tutorial and get started using solely a web browser, on whatever device. Now let’s read on to get started.

How to Rotate PDF Online for Free Using PDFgear

In the first method, we’ll be using the best online PDF rotator tool, PDFgear. PDFgear is a web-based PDF management tool that offers a variety of features such as PDF conversion, compression, editing, annotation, etc.

It’s free, safe, and easy to use, and it works on both PC and mobile phones. And with the PDFgear PDF Editor tool, you can drag and drop to rotate PDF, sign PDF, add notes to PDF, etc.

In the following tutorial, I’ll show you how to permanently rotate a PDF using PDFgear, in 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Go to PDFgear PDF Rotator

Use a web browser application on your computer to navigate to PDFgear PDF Editor. Drag and drop the file or hit the Choose files button to import our PDF to PDFgear.

Go to PDFgear PDF Rotator

Go to PDFgear PDF Rotator

Step 2. Rotate PDF Using PDFgear

Select the pages of the PDF document you intend to rotate from Page thumbnails window, and hit the rotate button to rotate the PDF pages.

Rotate PDF Document in PDFgear PDF Editor

Rotate PDF Document in PDFgear PDF Editor

Step 3. Download the Rotated PDF

When you’re satisfied with your work, go to the upper-right corner and hit Download or Print button to download or print the rotated PDF.

Download Rotated PDF from PDFgear

Download Rotated PDF from PDFgear

How to Rotate PDF Online for Free Using Google Drive

We use Google Drive as an additional storage space for our working documents, for the ease of accessing on multiple devices, and for the reliability of Google services – which actually explains the popularity of which.

But do you know that Google Drive is not only an online file storage application, it can even serve as a practical online PDF rotator? Google Drive helps to permanently spin your PDF in simple steps, and it works best with the PDF documents you’ve already uploaded to Google Drive for storage.

To get started, all you need is the PDF document in your Google Drive, or upload it if it’s not. For more detailed instructions, you can also check our complete guide on how to rotate PDF in Google Drive.

Rotate PDF in Google Drive

Rotate PDF in Google Drive

Step 1. Upload the PDF you intend to rotate on Google Drive, if it’s not there already.

Step 2. Open the PDF file in Google Drive.

Step 3. Click the Print button from the upper-right side of the Google Drive UI

Step 3. From the Print window, right-click on the empty space of the page, and select to rotate the opened PDF clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Step 4. Lastly, hit the corresponding buttons in Google Drive to save and download the rotated PDF to your computer.

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How to Rotate PDF in Google Chrome for Viewing

In need of viewing a PDF document in rotating view, instead of rotating the PDF permanently? There’s a small trick that helps you rotate your PDF document for viewing.

I believe you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, since it’s arguably the most-used web browser application across Windows and Mac devices globally. In an earlier update, Google Chrome has been added with basic but practical PDF viewing features, and we can use it to read PDFs in revolved views.

Rotate PDF in Chrome Browser

Rotate PDF in Chrome Browser

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer (and I believe most of you have it on your Windows and Mac computer)

Step 2. Drag and drop the PDF into the web browser application Chrome, so it will be loaded and displayed in Chrome

Step 3. The keyboard shortcut is also available. Use ctrl+] to Rotate the PDF clockwise and Use ctrl+[ to Rotate the PDF anticlockwise

Yet please note that this method is only for reading a PDF document in a rotated view, if you download the rotated PDF document, the downloaded document is not rotated. you should still go with PDFgear.

Additionally, Google Drive allows you to rotate PDFs for a temporary view as well, in a like manner.

Rotate PDF Temporarily or Permanently?

There are two different scenarios where you need to rotate your PDF documents. One is when you need to spin the PDF in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat reader, so that the loaded PDF will be in the correct orientation and good for reading.

In that case, you don’t need a web service that rotates the PDF, all you need to do is use the rotating view function, which can be found in most of today’s PDF reader applications, to temporarily revolve PDF for viewing.

On the other hand, sometimes you may receive a working document, (in a group signing process, for instance) and you find the file sender incorrectly set up the orientation of which, making it inappropriate for you to send the incorrectly displayed PDF to other people after reviewing. In that case, you do need a solid online PDF rotator to fix the problem and permanently rotate the PDF.

Try PDFgear Now

Since you’re already here, hope you’ve benefited from this guide and learned the 3 best ways to rotate PDFs for temporary view or permanent usage! As mentioned, these methods are free to use, practical, and efficient for your business.

And after learning about PDFgear, the free yet powerful PDF rotator that does a lot more than rotating PDF documents, I believe you’ll find it useful and worth your trial. So hesitate no more, give PDFgear a try right away!