4 Methods To Summarize PDFs With AI Effectively

Last updated on August 25, 2023

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In the post, we introduce 4 free methods on how to use AI to summarize PDF documents effectively.

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4 Methods To Summarize PDFs With AI

4 Methods To Summarize PDFs With AI

In the past years, we could only read a PDF document sentence by sentence and highlight the key points manually. Thanks to the improvement of AI, it is now able to streamline our reading by summarizing PDFs.

You might have doubts if AI can generate a good summary and if your PDF is safe with AI. The truth is, AI is quite powerful when dealing with words. Most AI summary generators can give you the gist of a document without missing any key information. As for data safety, it depends on the AI tool. Formal AI summarizers don’t send or sell your PDF documents to third parties.

If you are ready to read ten lines at one glance with the help of AI, check out the four easy and safe methods to summarize PDFs with AI. Even if you are not a tech fan, you can easily catch up with them. Let’s dive in!

How To Summarize an Article PDF With AI Chatbot

PDFgear is your almighty PDF processing software integrated with GPT-3.5. When used as a PDF summarizer, the Chatbot analyzes your PDF file and returns you a summary that contains all important information without distorting the original paragraphs.

You can even ask a question about your PDF content so that your summary is more targeted than others. All conversations you have with the chatbot will be stored in a PDF document unless you want to delete them.

Now, follow the steps below to summarize your PDF with PDFgear Chatbot.

Step 1. Download PDFgear Chatbot

Download PDFgear Chatbot for free to your computer by clicking the Download button below. Install and launch it in clicks.

100% Clean & Safe

PDFgear Chatbot is available on Windows, Mac, and iPhone now.

Step 2. Upload the PDF file

Click the Open File button and import a PDF document to PDFgear Chatbot, then your PDF will be opened in the editor. You can open multiple PDF files in PDFgear, then chat with the chatbot in multiple windows simultaneously.

Upload the PDF to PDFgear Chatbot

Upload the PDF to PDFgear Chatbot

Step 3. Summarize PDF with chatbot

Go to the right side of the interface and click on the Chat Now button. You will soon get a simple summary with all the key points. To get a more detailed summary, ask any questions about your PDF document.

Summarize a PDF With PDFgear Chatbot

Summarize a PDF With PDFgear Chatbot

How To Summarize a PDF File Online Free with ChatPDF

ChatPDF allows you to chat with your PDF from your computer or online in any language. It quickly identifies your question, helps you find the most relevant paragraphs, and then generates an answer with ChatGPT 3.5 in several seconds. Use it for free with up to three PDFs, 120 pages maximum per day.

Step 1. Upload your PDF

Input ChatPDF in the search box of any browser and then visit ChatPDF’s interface. Drag and drop your PDF to upload. You can also choose a PDF in a local folder or an online PDF to upload.

Upload a PDF to ChatPDF Interface

Upload a PDF to ChatPDF Interface

Step 2. Ask for a summary of your PDF

After uploading and analyzing, ChatPDF will give you a brief summary of your PDF and some sample questions. Input any question you feel like asking to get a more detailed summary.

Summarize a PDF with ChatPDF Online

Summarize a PDF with ChatPDF Online

ChatPDF can’t understand images in PDF, including images with text. ChatPDF can only process one PDF file in one chat.

How To Summarize a Text PDF With Bing Chat

Microsoft Edge is a competitor of Google as a search engine. To improve its services, Microsoft Edge has incorporated Bing Chat for users to access, read, and summarize academic research with AI in the browser window.

Compared with other summarizing tools, it is easier to access, and you can even summarize the content you are browsing. Currently, the Bing Chat feature is only available in the development versions of Microsoft’s Edge browser. Follow the steps below to start using Bing to summarize your PDF document.

Step 1. Open up a PDF file

Bing Chat cannot access local PDF files on your computer. You can upload the PDF file to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link with Bing Chat so that it can access it and summarize it for you.

Summarize a PDF With Bing

Summarize a PDF With Bing

If this is the first time you use Bing Chat to summarize a PDF document, it will ask you for permission to access the web page or document.

Step 2. Ask New Bing to summarize the PDF

Click the Bing icon in the top right corner of the Edge Dev browser. This will open the Discover sidebar. A chat window will pop up. Give a command like “Can you help me summarize the PDF? ” and Bing Chat will start to summarize in seconds.

How To Summarize a Passage PDF With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the most powerful and largest language model so far, and it can understand your query and hold natural conversations. Even though it has only been developed for a few months, ChatGPT has shown its marvelous power in reading, writing, summarizing, conversations, and more. Let’s see how it can help you summarize a PDF.

Step 1. Access to ChatGPT

Directly go to the ChatGPT page on Google, create an account for ChatGPT, and log in to create a new session.

Step 2. Insert your Query

Type something like “Can you summarize the following content?” and paste the text from the PDF files below. Click Enter, and you will get the answer in seconds.

Summarize a PDF with ChatGPT

Summarize a PDF with ChatGPT

If the PDF you want to summarize is online, you can type “TLDR” plus the link of the PDF (with a space in between) in the chat box and click to get the answer.

ChatGPT has a hidden 500-word/4000-character limit for each input and output. That means you can only copy several paragraphs of your PDF to ChatGPT and ask it to summarize.


The above four AI tools can help you summarize PDFs easily and effectively. Bing Chat is currently only available for Microsoft Edge, and can only access and summarize an online PDF document. ChatGPT and ChatPDF have limitations. So, we recommend trying the boundary-free PDFgear Chatbot! It summarizes your PDFs with the highest accuracy and allows you to ask unlimited questions. Remember to give it a try!

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