Top 9 Writing Apps for iPhone: Enhance Your Book Writing Experience

Last updated on August 24, 2023

Summary :

There are some practical writing applications for iPhone can enhance your writing experience, enabling better focus and creating logical, readable documents.

Best Writing Apps for iPhone

Are you looking for a good writing app for your iPhone? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to 9 amazing book writing apps specifically designed for iPhone users, including both free and paid solutions.

Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting your writing journey, these apps offer a range of features and tools to help you write, organize, and bring your stories to life.

# 1. Notes – Take note of almost anything

The pre-installed Notes app on iPhone offers a user-friendly interface to create, organize, and manage text-based notes effortlessly. Think of it as a digital notebook for capturing ideas, creating to-do lists, and even sketching.

Customize the look of your notes and attach photos and documents to enhance them. The best part is that your notes sync automatically across all your Apple devices, ensuring access wherever and whenever you need them.

Notes App for iPhone

Notes App for iPhone


  • The app is built into the iPhone device
  • Automatically sync notes across all Apple devices for seamless access and updates.
  • Collaborate with others, and invite them to edit and share notes effortlessly.

Price:  Free

Download the Notes app for your iPhone

# 2. Notion – notes, docs, tasks

Notion is a flexible note-taking app designed for iPhone, allowing you to create, edit, and share your work effortlessly. With the help of Notion AI, you can enhance your content, generate summaries, gain insights, and draft new text. It offers convenient features such as customizable templates, collaboration tools, and seamless syncing across different platforms, ensuring a productive and enjoyable writing experience.

Notion App for iPhone

Notion App for iPhone


  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Create beautiful docs with images, to-do’s, and 20+ more content type
  • Sync with Browser, Mac, and Windows app

Price: free plan, $8/Month for Plus plan, $15/Month for Business plan,

Download the Notion app for your iPhone

# 3. Google Docs – Sync, Edit, Share

Using Google Docs as a writing app on your iPhone is a total game-changer. It’s like having a portable writing studio right in your pocket. You can create, edit, and collaborate on your documents with ease. The best part? Real-time collaboration! You and your crew can work together, making changes and adding ideas in real-time.

And let’s not forget the flexibility—it works offline too! So even if you’re stuck in a Wi-Fi dead zone, your writing mojo won’t suffer. Besides, it integrated Google search, just like having a research assistant right there with you.

Google Docs for iPhone

Google Docs for iPhone


  • Support for real-time editing
  • Directly access other third-party applications
  • Automatically store the editing history of all articles
  • Supports writing texts offline

Price: Free

Download the Google Docs app for your iPhone

# 4. Scrivener – Literature & Latte

Scrivener is a writing program that combines various tools for crafting your first draft. It allows you to write in any order and organize your text into sections of any size. You can outline your manuscript or write a complete draft and restructure it later.

It also provides easy access to background materials and allows you to reference research while writing. When you’re ready to share your work, you can compile it into a single document or export it to PDF, Word, Final Draft, or plain text.

Scrivener for iPhone

Scrivener for iPhone


  • Detail the writing plan on the corkboard
  • Organize your ideas with digital note cards
  • Easily check the coherence of the text
  • Access all materials in a multitasking split-screen mode

Price:   One-time payment of $49

Download Scrivenerapp for your iPhone

# 5. Storyist 4 – A powerful writing environment

Storyist 4 is a writing app designed for creating submission-ready manuscripts and screenplays. It provides a rich text editor with formatting options and templates for easy manuscript and screenplay creation. You can outline your story using index cards, customize plot and character sheets, and view your index cards alongside your manuscript.

The app allows you to review and revise your work on the go, making it convenient for quick edits and note-taking. Storyist 4 also helps you stay organized by organizing your projects and supporting file storage and editing through the Files app.

Storyist 4 for iPhone

Storyist 4 for iPhone


  • Select character, action, dialog, and other options to build a new text
  • Available for Mac and iOS
  • Combine the pictures and words to create the text
  • Suitable for scripts, novels, and stage game project creation.

Price: $59.99, offers a 15-day free trial

Download Storyist 4 app for your iPhone

# 6. iA Writer – Laser-focused writing

iA Writer is a simple writing app with a distraction-free environment. It has Focus Mode to keep you focused and supports plain text writing and HTML preview. Organizing and switching between documents is easy, and you can customize the keyboard layout and use Quick Search. iA Writer also offers an inverted light-on-dark mode and helps clean your text.

It allows customization and exporting to various formats like WordPress, Medium, HTML, Word, and PDF. You can embed links, pictures, tables, and text files in plain text with a preview. With its user-friendly interface and practical features, iA Writer is a reliable tool for writers who seek simplicity, customization, and efficient organization in their writing process.

iA Writer for iPhone

iA Writer for iPhone


  • Carefully check your grammar
  • Powerful project focus mode to deal with the sentences
  • Flexible text building block
  • Newly designed typeface
  • Real-time PDF mode to review the current text

Price: $29.99 for iOS, $ 19.99 for Windows, provides a 14-day free trial

Download the iA Writer app for your iPhone

# 7. 1Writer – Note taking, writing app

1Writer is a writing app with features like creating and editing plain text or Markdown files, previewing with syntax highlighting, and using an extended keyboard for navigation and formatting. It allows you to insert photos, use text snippets, and customize URL actions with JavaScript.

Importing and syncing files with iCloud, Dropbox, and WebDAV is easy. The app has a share extension, supporting you to create, append, prepend, or replace text using the 1Writer URL scheme. For exporting, you can generate links to share via CloudApp or Dropbox, send work to Evernote, or copy HTML to the clipboard. Custom actions like web searches are available.

1Writer for iPhone

1Writer for iPhone


  • Good for writing with the Markdown method
  • Supports pure text, PDF, and HTML inputting
  • Easily create and edit files on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Highlight the current typed words

Price: $4.99 per download

Download the 1Writer app for your iPhone

# 8. Evernote – Note pad, to-do list, planner

Evernote is a versatile writing app that helps you capture ideas and stay organized. It allows you to write, collect searchable notes, clip articles, and add various types of content. You can also scan and organize paper documents using your camera.

To stay organized, Evernote offers task management, integration with Google Calendar, and a Home dashboard. It’s easy for you to create separate notebooks for organizing documents and the search feature can find text in images and handwritten notes.

Evernote  for iPhone

Evernote  for iPhone


  1. Supports sharing with anyone you like
  2. Clear and customized toolbar
  3. Supports discussing and chatting with friends
  4. Form data mode according to the text

Price: $16.5 per month

Download the Evernote app for your iPhone

# 9. Ulysses – Write a book, note, journal

Ulysses is a powerful writing app with a clean interface that boosts productivity. It covers the entire writing process and stores your texts in a unified library, syncing across macOS and iOS for easy access.

The app has a built-in proofreader and editing assistant for grammar and style suggestions in multiple languages. You can export your writing to PDFs, Word documents, eBooks, and HTML with customizable formatting. Ulysses also offers seamless publishing to platforms like WordPress, Ghost, Medium, and Micro. blog.

Ulysses for iPhone

Ulysses for iPhone

Key features:

  • Supports up to 20 kinds of languages
  • Available for iOS and Mac
  • Integrated words polishing function
  • Quickly edit text

Price: $4.99 per month

Download the Ulysses app for your iPhone


In this post, we provide detailed information to help you choose writing apps for iPhones. We researched and compared 9 powerful and useful writing programs for iPhone, such as Notes, Notion, and Google Docs. Each app has its own advantages, so go ahead and try your favorite apps.

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