How to Quickly Download ChatGPT and GPT-4o on Any Device

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The latest model, GPT-4o takes a step further into deep learning. You can now enjoy it on your Mac and mobile. The detailed app download guide is below.

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How to Download ChatGPT on Any Device

How to Download ChatGPT on Any Device

The GPT-4o model rolled out recently has brought ChatGPT into the limelight again. It promises to perform faster and offer more versatile interactions, including vision, audio, and text. With life being permeated by AI, many people are waiting to experience the upgrade.

The macOS desk app is now accessible to a few users, but sooner or later, we can see how this new model fully leverages its enhanced capabilities when combined with a computer or mobile hardware.

If you can’t access GPT-4o yet, don’t worry, you can first try the existing apps of ChatGPT. It saves you the hassle of switching to a browser and benefits you with more features than the web version. You can read PDFs, summarize long text, or chat with these apps, and let’s see how to download and install them.

Short Answer

❓ Can I download the GPT-4o app?

🙋 GPT-4o is a variant model of GPT-4. It is integrated with ChatGPT and other third-party services. GPT-4o is not a standalone downloadable app. You can utilize it by downloading the ChatGPT app.

The officially launched ChatGPT apps are currently available only for iOS and Android. For your data safety, please verify the authenticity of any unofficial apps before downloading them.

How to Download ChatGPT on Windows

Unfortunately, there’s no official ChatGPT app for Windows so far. However, according to the OpenAI team, the Windows version is planned to be launched later this year.

If you prefer a more stable way to work with AI than using ChatGPT on the web, Bree AI is a perfect ChatGPT alternative. It uses the latest Microsoft Copilot API for human-like text understanding and generating, performing well for writing and PDF translation. And it’s safe to obtain this handy chatbot in Microsoft App with just a click.

Free your hands from typing the lengthy prompts. Bree AI got you by offering over 100 resourceful prompts, leading to a more precise answer. For valuable conversations, you can export them as text files for further editing or printing.

Besides, Bree AI’s floating window operates across all screens and apps, significantly conserving your time and energy while multitasking.

How to Download GPT-4o Desktop App for macOS

Along with OpenAI’s Spring Update, the macOS version of ChatGPT is reaching more users. It is now available on your MacBook or iMac, greatly easing your work in multimedia content creation, coding, file analysis, and more.

You can obtain the ChatGPT Desktop app from the ChatGPT page: log in to ChatGPT and locate the diamond icon. Choose “Download the macOS app” to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, open the installation folder in your browser. Follow the instructions to drag and drop the ChatGPT icon into the Applications folder. Then, run the app from there, and enjoy the 4o model within.

Download ChatGPT on Mac

Download ChatGPT on Mac

How to Download ChatGPT on Linux

A smaller market share has always been overlooked by application developers. Compared with Windows and macOS users, Linux users may wait for an even longer time to have an official ChatGPT app on their device. Same, you can get open-source ChatGPT from other places, but bear in mind that not all of them are reliable and safe.

How to Download ChatGPT with 4o Model for Mobile

The ChatGPT app is more accessible for mobile users. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can download the app from OpenAI’s official website:

Step 1. Visit OpenAI’s download ChatGPT page.

Step 2. Choose the download button to tap based on your mobile system. Select App Store if you are an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch user, and select Google Play if you’re an Android user.

Step 3. Download and install ChatGPT in the official app stores.

Download ChatGPT for Mobile from OpenAI

Download ChatGPT for Mobile from OpenAI

Compared with the website app, the chat history viewing feature of ChatGPT for iPhone allows you to access previous conversations offline.

The astonishing voice chat is feasible on mobile even without upgrading to the 4 or GPT-4o, which frees your hands from entering long text and serves the visually impaired with natural conversation.

Despite being popular worldwide, OpenAI services are inaccessible in certain areas, such as Hong Kong, mainland China, and Iran. Users in these places need to seek other AI tools, like Bree AI, to meet their needs.


Can I use ChatGPT for free?

Yes, you can ChatGPT for free with its 3.5 and 4 models on the web, iOS app, or Android app. But notice that the ChatGPT-4 is free with a limit to the amount of queries you can perform within a certain timeframe.

Does ChatGPT have an app?

Yes, ChatGPT has the official apps for iOS and Android users. You can get them from OpenAI’s official website, App Store, and Google Play.

Is ChatGPT free in App Store?

ChaGPT is free in App Store for installation, but with an in-app purchase because some of the models in it demand payment.

Is it safe to install ChatGPT on Android?

Yes, it is safe to install ChatGPT on Android if you obtain it from OpenAI’s official website or reliable app stores. ChatGPT from other unknown sources may lead to data leaks or device damage.


Download ChatGPT onto your devices efficiently with the methods above, and experience a more intuitive and versatile ChatGPT than on the web.

You can obtain the iOS and Android versions directly from OpenAI’s official website. For PC users, GitHub has you covered. If you prefer a simpler ChatGPT tool with prepared prompts, Bree AI is a better option.

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