Is PDFgear Really Free – And Why is that

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PDFgear, the free and AI-powered PDF editor, is a newcomer in the PDF editing fields. Here you’ll learn whether PDFgear is actually free, and why is it free to use.

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Is PDFgear Free

Is PDFgear Free

Curious about why PDFgear is completely free, its safety, and how we sustain it without charging? We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about PDFgear on our detailed Q&A page. Here you can explore why PDFgear is trustworthy.

Why is PDFgear free?

PDF editor software is a competitive field with big names like Adobe. To set PDFgear apart as a newcomer, we’ve decided to make it a completely free PDF editor. This strategic decision expanded our user base quickly and gathered ingenious feedback, which laid a strong groundwork for PDFgear to become a top-notch PDF software.

In the future, most features will remain free, but there will be a fee for some advanced options. Paid options may include AI-driven tools requiring cloud computing and special PDF conversion features. This balanced approach will allow PDFgear to remain widely accessible while meeting users’ evolving needs with advanced solutions.

We’re committed to transparent and affordable pricing. Before introducing any paid features, we’ll ensure users have all the necessary information to see that the pricing is fair and competitive.

However, charging for advanced features is still under consideration, the timeline has not been set yet.

How does PDFgear sustain its operations without charging users?

PDFgear is free of charge, and we don’t generate income through any hidden means. We Do NOT misuse or sell user data and we Do Not display ads. Here’s how we keep operations running:

We’ve secured investment to cover operational costs, including team expenses and technology like the ChatGPT API. We’re also experienced in optimizing technology usage to manage costs more effectively.

Our development approach prioritizes creating a lightweight product that addresses the core needs of PDF tasks. Focusing on core functionalities enables us to keep a small but efficient development team, which ultimately supports PDFgear’s freemium model and makes it accessible to a broader audience.

Unlike vendors with large marketing teams and advertising budgets, we leverage social media and practical content for organic brand growth. This too, allows us to allocate resources to refining the product rather than spending much on paid marketing/advertising.

Is PDFgear safe to use?

Yes, PDFgear is absolutely safe to use, especially when you download it from our official website. Some users who downloaded PDFgear from third-party sites reported encountering security alerts.

⚠️If this happens to you, please contact our support team immediately.

Throughout our development process, we follow strict processes and use advanced tools to ensure our code is secure and free from malware, we’ve also run a thorough software test with VirusTotal.

See VirusTotal report for PDFgear

The security of PDF has also been widely proven. As we know, reading user reviews and testimonials from reliable sources like tech blogs, forums, or industry experts is a good way to steer away from malicious programs, and PDFgear has already won quite positive feedback from leading media magnates like 9to5Mac, PCWorld and TechRadar, and user review platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit.

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No leading anti-virus software has reported any issues with PDFgear, attesting to its safety.

Regarding user privacy, your personal information is safe with us. We don’t collect any personal data. Like many other software providers, we gather some anonymous usage data to enhance PDFgear, but this doesn’t compromise user privacy. For certain advanced PDF conversion features, user PDF files may be processed on our Amazon Cloud computing server.

This transmission is secure, and we immediately delete the files post-processing, eliminating any risk of data leakage. However, if you still have concerns, you can opt not to use the advanced conversion feature.