Is PDFgear Safe? Virus Test and Social Proofs

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Find out whether PDFgear’s software, app, and online tools are safe to use. We’ve run a thorough virus check and have included a variety of social proofs.

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Is PDFgear Safe?

Is PDFgear Safe?

PDFgear is a software provider that focuses on delivering free and helpful PDF utilities to the masses. While its free service is commendable, the trustworthiness of the brand and the safety of the products are certainly on the table.

On this page, you’ll learn whether PDFgear is safe from our thorough assessments. With different proofs and tests, I believe you’ll find out the correct answer.

Quick Answer

✅The short answer is, yes, PDFgear is safe.

After thoroughly assessing PDFgear’s array of security measures, privacy protocols, and user experiences, it’s evident that PDFgear is trustworthy and reliable.

The PDFgear website, software, and app are clean and safe.

Safety on Different Platforms

Currently, PDFgear is officially available as:

We’ll take a look at PDFgear’s safety on different platforms separately, considering the different accessing approaches.

Bear in mind that PDFgear can only guarantee the safety of their software and app from official sources. Unofficial versions of PDFgear from third-party sources may contain malicious programs and can be dangerous.

PDFgear for Windows

We’ll focus more on the safety of PDFgear software on Windows as it comes as a standalone installation package.

We’ll first check its publisher certificate and run a software virus test for PDFgear’s installation file for Windows to see if it’s clean and safe.

PDFgear Setup file is published by PDF GEAR TECH PTE. LTD., an approved PDF Association member.

PDFgear Verified Publisher

PDFgear Verified Publisher

Certificate Information

PDFgear is issued by EV Code Signing Intermediate CA RSA R3, an intermediate certificate authority used by

PDFgear Publisher Certificate

PDFgear Publisher Certificate

Software Virus Test

For this, we’ll be using VirusTotal, a popular online service that analyzes files and URLs for potential malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats.

The platform leverages a combination of antivirus engines (including Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec), website scanners, file and URL analysis tools, and user contributions to provide a comprehensive assessment of the submitted content.

I’ve uploaded the PDFgear installation file pdfgear_setup.exe and submitted it to VirusTotal.

According to VirusTotal’s report, there are no security vendors and no sandboxes flagged the PDFgear setup file as malicious.

The program details are as follows:

PDFgear for Mac and iOS

The Apple App Store is known for its rigorous app review process, the fact that PDFgear is approved by and available from the Apple App Store shows that PDFgear is safe and secure.

Apple has a stringent review process where each app and its updates are reviewed before being allowed on the App Store.

This review includes checks for compliance with Apple’s guidelines, which cover privacy, security, and content standards.

Moreover, apps are scanned for potential security issues, such as vulnerabilities or malware, and they will run in a “sandbox” environment, which restricts the app from accessing data from other apps or making changes to the device without the user’s permission.

App Store Trusted

App Store Trusted

PDFgear for the Web

It’s worth mentioning that PDFgear also provides a collection of online tools for PDF management to be conducted in a web browser. Since cloud-based tools rely heavily on the uploading of users’ files to the internet, their safety matters as well.

PDFgear’s online PDF tools are meticulously designed with advanced security measures in place to guarantee the protection of user data at all times.

One of the key reasons PDFgear is safe to use is the implementation of end-to-end encryption. This ensures that files are encrypted during transmission and can only be accessed by authorized parties.

Additionally, the secure servers are equipped with industry-leading firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized access.

PDFgear also employs a strict data retention policy, which means that files are automatically deleted from the servers after a short period. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures that information is not stored indefinitely.

Furthermore, PDFgear respects user privacy and adheres to stringent data protection regulations, ensuring that personal information is never shared or sold to third parties.

You can learn more from PDFgear’s Privacy Policy.

Real Customer Reviews

While PDFgear has showcased user reviews on its website, we’ll take authentic customer reviews on third-party customer review platforms for real signals of the public’s trust.

PDFgear on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a renowned online review platform that takes several measures to ensure its user reviews are unbiased and reliable, such as strict guidelines, user verification, review monitoring, diversity encouragement, flagging system, etc.

PDFgear Review on Trustpilot

PDFgear Review on Trustpilot

PDFgear has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Trustpilot, boasting an “Excellent” rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 222 reviews. The majority of users, 92%, have given it a 5-star rating, indicating high satisfaction, and there aren’t any security or scam complaints.

More PDFgear Reviews on TrustPilot >>

PDFgear in Apple App Store

User reviews for PDFgear on the App Store are from a long period of time and from different users. And the feedbacks are quite positive.

PDFgear App Store Reviews

PDFgear App Store Reviews

There are no concerns about issues like data security, privacy, and the risk of malware.

More PDFgear User Reviews on App Store 

Scam Reports

A website’s scam reports also reflect the reliability of a brand, so it is also worth taking into consideration.

ScamAdviser is a popular online service designed to help internet users determine the legitimacy and trustworthiness of websites, and identify fraudulent or scam websites.

ScanAdviser is an unbiased platform that uses a complete set of algorithms, and it includes user reviews and ratings.

PDFgear has earned a 100/100 Trustscore on ScamAdvisor, with over 150 fairly positive reviews from actual users worldwide.

PDFgear Scam Report

PDFgear Scam Report

According to ScamAdviser, is legit and safe to use and is not a scam website. The following are positive highlights, and there are no negative highlights.

  • PDFgear is receiving a lot of traffic according to Tranco
  • They found several positive reviews for PDFgear
  • According to the SSL check the certificate is valid
  • The owner of the site has claimed the domain name for a long time
  • PDFgear has existed for quite some years
  • DNSFilter considers the PDFgear website safe
  • Flashstart did not find any malware or phishing activities

See PDFgear Website Check on ScamAdviser

Media Remarks

Endorsements from other big names are also a positive sign.

Major media websites like 9to5Mac, PCWorld, AppleInsider, MacWorld, Digitaltrends, and Lifewire have indicated that PDFgear is a well-received and worthy PDF editing tool.

For more information, check PDFgear’s Media Remarks.

The Conclusion

For individuals and businesses seeking a secure way to handle PDFs, PDFgear offers an exceptional blend of safety and privacy, making it an excellent choice for secure document management.

The overwhelmingly positive user feedback, coupled with endorsements from cybersecurity experts, further solidifies PDFgear’s reputation as a trustworthy choice.

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