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PDFgear PDF Merger Software

Uncover higher levels of PDF merger features such as custom page ranges and page rearrangements. PDFgear is also completely free.

For any problems during use, or insights to help us improve the service, please contact us.

Trusted company

Trusted company

PDFgear is a well-received brand in the PDF industry. Your files or data won’t be saved, they will be completely deleted once you leave the website. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Free and no sign-up

Free and no sign-up

PDFgear is a 100% free PDF merger online service. You won’t be asked to sign up for an account whatsoever, and your email address or credit card information is never required.

Powerful PDF merger

Powerful PDF merger

PDFgear helps seamlessly combine two or more PDF documents into one. Single-page PDFs, multi-page PDFs, large PDFs, and small PDF files are all supported.

Works on any device

Works on any device

PDFgear is a cloud-based and cross-platform PDF combiner that works on all mainstream devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebook, etc.

Easy to use

Easy to use

PDFgear is made as user-friendly as possible. From PDFgear’s intuitive workplace, you can effortlessly check imported PDF files, and insert additional or delete unwanted files.

PDF merger with no limit

PDF merger with no limit

PDFgear is free to use and it doesn’t have any limitations. The number of PDF files used for combining is unlimited, and the output PDF file is watermark-free.

How to Combine PDFs Online for Free Using PDFgear

1. Upload PDF Files

Hit the Select PDF files button to upload two or more PDF files into PDFgear.

2. Merge PDF Files

You can then check the uploaded files to see if you need to add another PDF or remove a specific uploaded PDF. When ready, hit Merge PDF to start combining.

3. Download the combined PDF

Lastly, click on the Download button to save the joint PDF file on your device.

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Your Questions Are Answered

Is PDFgear really free?

Unlike many other online PDF services, PDFgear doesn’t hide anything behind a paywall, and all features can be freely accessed by anyone using our online PDF tools.

Is the merged PDF file searchable?

When using our PDF merger tool, the searchability of PDF pages will be preserved during the combining process. And you can possibly get an output PDF file with both selectable and unselectable PDF pages.

Can I merge PDF pages with another PDF?

To merge specific PDF pages with another PDF file, you need our offline PDF Merger. Alternatively, you can also try another online tool of ours to add pages to PDF.

Is there a file size limitation?

Given the enormous amount of traffic we receive and the limited server capacity, there is indeed a file size cap when using PDFgear. The maximum size of uploaded PDF files for merging is 50MB.

Are there any downsides to merging PDF files online?

One potential downside to merging PDF files online is that it requires a stable internet connection. Another issue is that the PDFgear online PDF merging service is not as feature-rich compared to the PDFgear software and app.

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