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In the PDF landscape, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is primarily used to make scanned PDFs editable or extract text from unselectable documents. Given the technical threshold, the OCR feature is usually behind a paywall in most PDF editor software like Adobe Acrobat. But now, PDFgear brings the OCR feature to worldwide users for free.

A Free OCR Tool

PDFgear is one of the not many PDF software on the market that provides accurate and multi-language OCR features for completely free. What conventionally could cost a fortune for users with stacks of scanned PDF documents is now available at PDFgear for free.

A Free OCR Tool
Turn PDF into Editable Documents

Turn PDF into Editable Documents

Convert scanned PDF documents into fully editable documents such as Word, TXT, RTF, etc. using our PDF OCR converters. Transforming scanned PDFs into selectable/editable PDFs is also viable by further converting the editable documents into the PDF format.

Copy Text from Scanned PDF

Another handy and quick approach for acquiring text from scanned PDFs and images is also offered by the area OCR feature, allowing you to perform a quick scan on a specific PDF area to extract and copy partial text with simply the drag of your mouse.

Copy Text from Scanned PDF
Extensive Language Support

Extensive Language Support

PDFgear provides helpful document tools for global users, whatever language your document is in, PDFgear will precisely recognize the text. 30+ languages are supported in the OCR feature during PDF conversions and 10+ languages for area extraction OCR.

Make PDF Editable Make PDF Editable

We’re strenuously working on the support for directly turning scanned PDFs into searchable, selectable, and editable PDF documents, just like the automatic OCR feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro. It will be rolling out any time soon. Stay tuned!


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Your Questions are

Your Questions are Answered

What is OCR and how does it work?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that recognizes text in scanned PDFs and converts them into editable and searchable formats by converting the image-based text into machine-readable text.

OCR works by analyzing the scanned image and identifying characters and patterns to create a digital version of the text.

Can I convert scanned PDF to editable PDF?

To make scanned PDFs editable, you need the automatic OCR feature in the Edit PDF feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro, which transforms uneditable PDF documents into editable text and image fields.

How to edit PDF in Microsoft Word?

The Microsoft Word program allows you to directly open .pdf files, yet there could be formatting issues like text gibberish or line breaks during the process. It’s recommended to convert PDF to Word using PDFgear for results without formatting loss.

Can all scanned PDF documents be made editable using OCR?

PDFgear can recognize most standard fonts and text from scanned PDFs, but it may not be able to recognize handwriting, unusual fonts (learn how to check PDF fonts), or graphics. In addition, the quality of the scanned PDF may affect how well PDFgear can accurately recognize text.

Will the formatting of PDF be preserved after OCR conversions?

The formatting of the original PDF may not always be preserved when using PDFgear OCR. The process of converting an image-based PDF into an editable text format can introduce errors, especially if the PDF contains advanced formatting like tables, columns, or graphics.

Is PDFgear OCR free?

While most online and offline OCR tools out there work at a price, we are stirring to tell you that PDFgear Desktop OCR is completely free to use. So hesitate no more and give it a whirl!