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Freely annotate, mark up, draw, and highlight PDFs without any sign-up, completely unrestricted.

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Your one-stop free solution for adding annotations, text comments, lines, shapes, highlights, and stamps on PDFs on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Leveraging cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, our PDF chatbot streamlines your workflow by intelligently analyzing and organizing your documents.

Rich Annotation Features

Utilize a diverse range of markup options on your PDF documents with annotations, comments, or signatures, text or area highlights, shape additions, and hand or typewriter input.

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Annotation Creation and Editing

The annotation functionality within PDFgear permits the insertion of sticky notes anywhere within your digital PDF document. Once a note is selected on your document, you can effortlessly edit or remove it.

Line and Shape Drawing

Visual elements like graphics and symbols are crucial for enhanced visual feedback. Employ fine lines, rectangles, ovals, and ink within the PDFgear PDF Annotator app to convey your point clearly.

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Form Elements

Simplified Stamp Insertion

Employ markup symbol stamps to garner attention from key individuals. The elegant stamp presets and image stamp support in PDFgear software make this task a breeze.

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PDF Annotator Online, Still Free

PDFgear presents to you a PDF annotator online tool, allowing instant annotation of your PDF files without the necessity of signing up or creating an account, remaining 100% free.

PDFgear Form Features

Key Features

  • Markup your PDFs with lines, shapes, and stamps.
  • Highlight, underline, or strikethrough text in PDFs.
  • Insert text and comments within your PDF documents.
  • Sign PDF forms with signatures or initials online.
  • Personalize forms with text boxes, check boxes, dropdowns.
  • Absolutely free, no sign-up required, no watermark.
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Tips and Tricks about Annotating PDFs

Annotate PDF on Windows

How To Annotate a PDF on Windows PC

This post offers four easy ways to help you annotate PDFs with notes, highlights, and more on your Windows 10/11 PC.

How to Highlight PDF on Mac

How to Highlight a PDF on Mac

Discover 5 simplest ways to highlight PDFs on a Mac, complete with step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots.

How to Add Notes to PDF Online with PDFgear

How to Add Notes to PDF Online for Free

This article guides you on how to append notes to PDFs online through text insertion, sticky notes, comment boxes, and drawing markups.

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Your Questions are Answered

How to annotate PDF using PDFgear software?

To add annotations and comments to PDF in PDFgear software, you should use the PDF annotator tool. Import your PDF document, go to the Annotate section, and you’ll find options for adding annotations and markups to PDF.

Is PDFgear PDF Annotator safe?

Apart from being free to use, PDFgear PDF Annotator is completely safe, clean, and secure. There won’t be advertisements or foisting software, and PDFgear has passed the Microsoft Store’s app validation and safety tests.

How to annotate a PDF on mobile phones & tablets?

If you are using an iPhone or iPad and are seeking more comprehensive PDF editing features, PDFgear for iOS is likely your best option. To annotate on Android phones, you can use an our free online PDF annotator, which allows you to add annotatio in a web browser.

How to annotate a PDF on Mac?

There are various ways to annotate a PDF on Mac, and the most used methods are using Preview, which has a markup tool, and an online PDF annotator like for you to annotate PDFs in a web browser.

How to annotate a PDF in Chrome?

No, you cannot directly annotate a PDF file in Chrome. However, there are numerous extensions available that can help you annotate PDFs with ease. For more detailed steps, please refer to a guide on annotating PDF content in Chrome.